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Short Outlin

Title: Karen Armstrong; Book: Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life
URL:  http://bit.ly/pjLPPd
Short Outline: It has 12 Steps for deepening Compassion.

1. Learn about compassion

2. Look at your World

3. Compassion for Yourself

4. Empathy

5. Mindfulness

6. Action

7. How Little We Know

8. How Should We Speak to One Another

9. Concern for Everybody

10. Knowledge

11. Recognition: To see oneness in yourself, your community and the world.

12. Love Your Enemies


Title:  Party-Directed Mediation: Helping Others Resolve Differences - Gregorio Billikopf
URL:  http://www.cnr.berkeley.edu/ucce50/ag-labor/7conflict/
Short Outline: IConflict Management Skills: resolving interpersonal conflict through effective interpersonal negotiation skills. Free book, articles and audio seminar. Party-Directed Mediation: Helping Others Resolve Differences (2nd Edition) may be downloaded for free as a PDF file. Instructions on how to distribute this book for free are found at the bottom of this page.

Chapter 1 - Party Directed Mediation Model Overview
Chapter 2 - Empathic Listening ***
Chapter 3 - Coaching During the Pre-Caucus
Chapter 4 - Interpersonal Negotiation Skills
Chapter 5 - Mediating the Joint Session
Chapter 6 - Intoducing Nora and Rebecca
Chapter 7 - Rebecca's first pre-caucus
Chapter 8 - Nora's first pre-caucus
Chapter 9 - Rebecca's second pre-caucus
Chapter 10 - Nora's second pre-caucus
Chapter 11 - The Joint Session At Last
Chapter 12 - Negotiated Performance Appraisal
Chapter 13 - Negotiated Performance Appraisal Clips
Appendix I - Cultural Differences
Appendix II - Group Facilitation journal article



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