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Actual Techniques for Deepening Empathy
What is the essences of the various empathy lesson plans?


  • Salman Khan: Let's use video to reinvent education - an inspiration of how to teach a subject online with video. Breaking the task down into small learnable steps that one can follow at ones own pace.

  • Empathy starting with Self-empathy - connecting with your own feelings.

  • Advanced Empathy Training for Visionaries John Marshall Roberts gives a brief introduction to his new web based learning experience "Igniting Inspiration 101: Advanced Empathy Training for Business and Social Visionaries."

  • Role Playing - imagination

    Course: Empathy for parents: raising empathic children, teaching empathy
    Description: Empathy for parents: raising empathic children defines Empathy, shows you the fundamental approaches to foster empathy by inspiring you children by example.

  • Compassionate Mind Foundation  "Compassion focused therapy is based on cognitive behavioural therapy, although it integrates work from other therapies, particularly mindfulness, attachment based therapies and mentalizing. Tony Roth and colleagues have been doing excellent work on trying to identify core competencies and for the most part, I think, these are absolutely key for CFT too."


Sub headings

  • Reflective Listening

  • Active Listening

  • Compassionate Listening

  • Mediation

  • E.A.R.S - Empathies, Ask Questions, Rephrase, Summaries

  • Restorative Justice

  • Self-compassion

  • Self-empathy

  • Experiential

  • Role Playing

  • Meditation - Mindfulness

  • Arts



Let's Find Organizations that Already Have Empathy Curriculums
The start of a directory of Empathy Activities and Curriculums
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  • Mind Mapping (pictorial brainstorming)

    • Mind Mapping on Empathy

      • draw everything that comes to mind

      • write up your outline

      • discuss with your group

    • Mind Mapping on your values


  • Drawing

    • Metaphors

      • Metaphor of Empathy


      • Metaphor of Opposite of Empathy


      • Dialogue between the Two


      • Dialog between peoples Metaphors


    • Your Value

      • Draw metaphor of your value


      • Relationship of your value to empathy


  • Listening activities (broken down into small steps)

    • Empathic listening

    • Talk - listen

    • Reflect

    • Presence

    • Non Empathy

      • Judgments

      • Analysis

      • Fixing

      • Me too

      • Withdrawing presence


  • Simulating the life of others

  • Types of Empathy

    • One on one

    • Group empathy


  • Story of empathy

  • Do a drawing of scenes from the story

  • Go around the table and tell a story of empathy

  • When was it experienced

  • When was it not experienced

  • Definition of empathy

  • the synonyms of empathy

  • Values Circle

    • your most important value

  • Acting out a metaphor

  • Mirroring

    • Carolyn's - imitating activity

  • Develop an activity

  • Listening activities

  • The feeling of empathy - the visceral sensation

  • Acting out Empathy

  • some task ideas, let me know your task list ideas

  • Maybe create a team of people that want to do this, Like an empathy curriculum wiki

  •  send out an email to my 25,000 list and see if others would like to help

  • can we get funding for this project?

  • Create a structure where we can have continuous improvement


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