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Let's collaboratively create; the biggest, most comprehensive, easiest to use, most useful, continually expanding, improving  and deepening, empathy and compassion curriculum! Everyone is invited to contribute, especially; educators, researchers, writers,
technophiles, etc. etc, that would like to work on this project? 

If you are interested in this project and would like to get involved, add your name to the google doc and  contact Edwin Rutsch.


  Name   Comments
  Darci Shaver    
  Alice Aird   Empathy Foundation
  Laura Madderra   I think the project is fantastic! Your outline is very in-depth and articulate. I would love to help out though I'm not sure how...
  Karen Downey-Heywood what you are doing and would love to help in any way I can!..
  Pieta De Ol   absolutely! same here!..
  Lisa Doskocil   Let me know if I can help. It's a great idea..
  Lyn Peel   absolutely ... what can I do to assist?..
  Jenna DiMaio McCracken   Dear Edwin, I would love to be a part of this project! I have a Master's in Education and a teaching credential and am looking to teach a course in empathy or compassion. I live in Ma...
  Carole Delmar    I'm Carole and I've been attending Non Violent Communication practice groups at the Center for NVC in Santa Cruz. I'm here to join in and help in any way I can. Thank you for your work...
  Renae Hoidysz    I would like to help! What are some ways I can begin?
  Susan bradley   Wonderful idea!  I'm 'in'!  Let me know where, what sort of help is needed to move your project forward!
  Alba Rosa   How can I help?
  Marcelle Kors   Looking forward to working on this project!
  Keiko Krahnke    I would like to be a part of this project.  I am a management faculty in a business school.
  Annie Whitlocke   ..from Australia. This is a huge subject and I am willing to embrace and support your action in any way I can.
  Evelyn Azbell    Id like to contribute also. I am an educational consultant in rural northern Wisconsin.
  Natalie Stevens    I  currently teach Community Services in a distance education context, present workshops on strategic campaigning and am trained to facilitate conflict transformation workshops
  Ushanda io Elima   Id like to contribute! Ive been a psychological therapist & instructor. In my present circumstances, I think I could best contribute by writing. What do you need from writers? Im so glad you are doing this, & heartened by seeing the response here from our kindred!
  Dena Patrick    I shall start going through my list this weekend to add to the resources! Thanks, Edwin
  Alec Balasescu    Hi, I will start my collecting and sharing, thank you for this wonderful initiative
  Linda McLean    I shall look out suitable material too, Edwin. I think it is a great idea. Thanks!!
  Gillian Vellet   I would be happy to image pictures and write on empathy as part of a larger process. Let me explain an idea for consideration:
  Daniela Herzog    I am a Zen teacher, have several years of experience with NVC
  Ronnie Hausheer    Great project. Looking forward to working together.
  Laurence Brown    education consultancy in Singapore.



Note to Empathy and Compassion Trainers

Many trainers are already holding classes about empathy and compassion. We hope you will join this project and share your insights and the outline of your workshop. We will post links to you trainings and hopefully that will encourage people to check out and partake in your offerings.

  • Yari Sandel - SEEDs -  Mediation Center

  • Mutima Imani - Diversity Trainer +

  • Sherry McCreedy - Restorative Circles and Justice

  • Joe Brummer  - Associate Executive Director at Community Mediation, Inc. in New Haven, CT. I currently trained youth as peer mediators using a curriculum based in NVC and empathy. Would be happy to share my materials and also would love to see what others are doing

  • Christine King - NVC Santa Cruz

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