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Great! Welcome to the project. We're just getting started on this project and building the infrastructure for moving forward. Here are some initial steps and checklist to get started.

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  (  ) Join these two Work Groups on Linkedin. This is where we communicate, share resources, plan, work, etc,

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(  ) Introductive Yourself to the group

(  ) Add your Curriculum Feature Wish list

(  ) join the project discussions

  (  ) Connect (friend) the Project Manager; Edwin Rutsch

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  (  ) Read and 'follow' the Empathy Café Magazine;

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Add your ideas to the To Do List
To Do List.doc

  • (  ) Build a team that would like to work on this project (ongoing process)

  • (  ) Create a group team collaboration process where we have the technical infrastructure for working on this.

  • (  ) Research and Find organizations that already have empathy curriculums

    • (  ) collect all the existing empathy and compassion curriculum that are out there.

    • (  ) list them here

    • (  ) What is an outline of their process

    • (  ) study the curriculum for their structures and approaches.

    • (  ) organized and sort the material

  • (  ) Find sample online curriculum to use as a model

  • (  ) Find funding models, such as Crowd Funding or people that see the importance of such
     a project and want to support it.

  • (  ) create video to build on the curriculum

  • Add your ideas to the To Do List

Wish List

What features would you like to see in the curriculum?
Add to or modify the Wish List.Doc

  • want to be able to visually see how restorative circles work? Darci

  • how to use restorative circles work online? Darci

  • ?

  • ?


Shared Project Google Docs Folders  
 short url http://bit.ly/m97vGF

This is a public folder in Google Docs with project files that you can freely edit and update them with your ideas.

Add your name to the collaborator list.doc  - short url: http://bit.ly/iem4nV
Add your name to a role or position or create your own.doc - short url: http://bit.ly/kFxbw8

Add your ideas to the To Do List.doc   - short url: http://bit.ly/jthZot

Add to or modify the Features Wish List.doc  - short url: http://bit.ly/jqUJFe

Add Existing Empathy-Compassion Curriculum.doc  - short url: http://bit.ly/lbprbB


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Our Partners List
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Meeting at SEEDS on the empathy curriculum Project. Edwin, Will, Yari, Jamila, Harriet & Sharon.


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