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Empathizing With Edwin

I've been thinking of doing an empathic listening series where people could empathize with me for an hour. This could be by individuals or groups who are doing empathic listening professionally or for their own personal development. It would be a way to show and demonstrate comparative empathizing/listening styles and approaches. This would be done via Skype and I would record the sessions and place the video on Youtube.

This is similar to a 1960's video series where several prominent therapists used their counseling and listening approaches on the same person 'Gloria'. It's quite interesting because it really shows the various styles and approaches. I think this would be a good way to show and demonstrate empathy, instead of just talk about it. Let me know if any of you would like to practice on me. See the video below.

I'm imagining that it would be a way for people that are doing empathic listening as a service to get the word out about their service. It would give potential clients/customers/?/ a way to evaluate and learn about different peoples approaches. It would show the general public what empathic listening is like... and I'd get the pleasure of being heard and my deepest darkest secrets to be exposed on the internet for all to see.

The empathizers can either be an individual or a group.  The amount of time for a session would be 30-60 minutes.

Would You like to Empathize with Edwin?
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