Empathic-Centered Design Model

Design Challenge:  How might we inspire people to cultivate their empathy?


Sub-steps Concepts Methods Notes
Setting the Challenge
Creating a Schedule
    Transactional Empathy 
Transformative Empathy
Empathic Team Building
Mirrored Empathy
Imaginative Empathy

Empathy Circles
Empathy Buddies

Empathic Listening

Imaginative Empathy

    Role Taking

Conflict Resolution

Team Needs Finding

Create a sense and culture of empathy among team members.

Role Play - infinite types of role play
Role Play: Empathy building through acting
Deepen your empathy.
NVC: Feelings and needs list
User Needs Finding
Analogs Empathy
Extreme Users

Designing Empathic Questions
Empathic Models & Maps Empathy Maps

Saturate and Group
Needs Laddering
  Personas - creating a vivid picture of the person
Actionable HMW statements
Building Prototypes Prototype for empathy    
Testing and
Empathizing with Users


  Designing Empathic Questions for testing  



 Sort Role Plays