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Empathy Forums:

Bridging the Empathy Gap
idea forum on

Empathy Now group - Forum for Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

NVC in education.

The Empathy Foundation Network group: To spread the word that practicing empathy is the most powerful action that we can take to ensure a sustainable, socially just and peaceful world.

Empath Community Are you extremely sensitive to the emotions and thoughts of others.

On the Human - a project of the National Humanities Center
A scholarly discussion lead by Dan Baston on his work with empathy and altruistic motivation.
Does empathic concern produce altruistic motivation?

Empathic Concern and Altruism in Humans
A forum on the website with Dan Baston talking about empathy.

Charter For Compassion Network
Discussing and promoting the Charter for Compassion



Teach Empathy is intended to contribute clarity around the topic of empathy for anyone interested.

World Empathy
International Day for Empathic Action (IDEA) Events and Activities

Wired To Care
Wired to Care tells the story of how companies prosper when they stop worrying about their own problems and start caring about ordinary people.

This is a fortnightly blog about empathy. It acts as a global portal for empathy news and ideas from around the world, and contains advice on how to expand your empathy, the stories of great empathetic adventurers, and interviews with key empathy activists and thinkers.

Born for Love
Empathy, the Brain, and Human Connections
by Maia Szalavitz and Bruce D. Perry, MD, PhD
 It is the goal of the Empathy Project to show all people that they are valuable, regardless of who they are, where they are from or any other extrinsic qualities.



NVC Related

NVC -Wiki on Empathy

Empathy and Surfing
 lot's of info on empathy, NVC related.

Empathy Is Like Surfboard Riding -

Mirror Neurons

Wikipedia, Mirror neurons

Cells That Read Minds
NY Times Article,

Katie Couric's Notebook: Nature Meets Nurture  (video)
USC Brain and Creativity Institute researchers claim they have found the part of the brain that controls empathy.  Katie Couric discusses how humans are wired to empathize with others.

I feel your pain, By Gordy Slack 
Nov. 5, 2007 - New proof of "mirror neurons" explains why we experience the grief and joy of others, and maybe why humans are altruistic. But don't call us Gandhi yet. (Gordy Slack is a California-based science writer.)

Seeing movies increases empathy
“Mirror neurons allow us to grasp the minds of others not through conceptual reasoning but through direct simulation. By feeling, not by thinking.”


How your brain handles love and pain
Two new brain-imaging studies describing the origins of empathy and how placebos work provide insights into the nature of pain, the mind-body connection and what it means to be human." Feb. 19, 2004

Political - Obama

Empathy Bowl '08: Palin vs. Obama:
Mark Fisher, talks about empathy. He mentions, "Colleen Shogan, a research manager at the Congressional Research Service, who very presciently has been exploring the role empathy plays in presidential leadership."

Honor, Empathy And The Limits Of Political Virtue
(an article about Obama and empathy)
John McCain, stakes his life and his nation's fate, on honor, whatever the cost. Barack Obama is a human seismometer, sensing the needs of his interlocutors--enemies and friends--before he acts.
by Paul Starobin "You cannot influence a person that you do not make an effort to understand," Robert McNamara said in an April 2005 speech at the Watson Institute for International Studies at Brown University in Rhode Island. "Today we don't do this. It's a lack of the willingness to move toward empathy."

Running on Empathy
By Charles Halpern
Article about Obama using the criteria of empathy to choose judges.

National Character
Analysis on NPR of Barack Obama's call for more empathy.

Obama & Empathy on Dailykos

George Lakoff on Barack Obama's Empathy Campaign

 Commonwealth Club of California SF, CA Jun 20th, 2008
George Lakoff attributes Barack Obama's popularity to his messages of empathy, caring, and human dignity. To Obama, the basis of human kindness is not reliant upon any political platform but on the core values of empathy and fairness. Empathy is at the center of the Obama campaign shows up in foreign policy.

Obama: 911 Attack Caused by “Lack of Empathy”

The Politics Of Empathy And Barack Obama, Beverly Darling.
Text: "In numerous interviews and books Obama talks about one of the most important and greatest characteristics that his mother instilled in him: Empathy! For Obama, empathy means putting yourself in another persons shoes, having feelings for others, and being able to understand another individuals perspective."

Rep. Chris Smith disparages Obama's 'empathy deficit'



Psychology Wikia - Empathy
"Welcome to this resource for psychologists. Started on 21st January 2006 we have had almost four million visitors in 2010....  We aim to provide an up-to-date, authoritative statement of knowledge, theory, and practice in the whole field of psychology. The site is written to serve both staff and students of our academic community, to inform professionals, both in training and in the field, and to provide information for the people we seek to help."

Mind with Heart is a European network for teachers from all backgrounds interested in practicing mindfulness and empathy in the classroom.

Greater Good:
Compassion & Empathy Wiki

Empathy and Consciousness

Empathy:  Its Ultimate and Proximate Bases Scientific Papers

An empathy group project on Care2. Has list of articles and resources.


empathogen - "coined in 1983 by Ralph Metzner to denote chemical agents inducing feelings of empathy."

 A paper on empathy.  Has list of articles and resources.

Daniel Goleman: Why aren't we all Good Samaritans?
      If preoccupied on self, we don't focus on the other.
      There's a spectrum -  self absorbed - empathy - compassion.
      Focusing on self and focusing on others. Takes noticing.
      Mirror neurons are a neural wifi.

Empathy & Beyond, Latino USA - March 13, 2009,
1. "Poverty simulations have become a growing trend among students and activists interested in working with people living in poverty."
2. "Empathy Gap: Some people are energized by empathy to act,” writes J.D. Trout in his book The Empathy Gap."
3. "Maria Hinojosa talks about how knowing other languages can help develop empathy."

Charter for Compassion, Karen Armstrong, Empathy related charter for compassion, won the 2008 TED award.

In a Helpless Baby, the Roots of Our Social Glue
By NATALIE ANGIER NY Times : March 2, 2009
“Mothers and Others: The Evolutionary Origins of Mutual Understanding,. Our capacity to cooperate in groups, to empathize with others and to wonder what others are thinking and feeling — all these traits, Dr. Hrdy argues, probably arose in response to the selective pressures of being in a cooperatively breeding social group, and the need to trust and rely on others and be deemed trustworthy and reliable in turn.

The dark lesson of Bernie Madoff,
By Robert Burton  Feb. 26, 2009
About Bernie Madoff and empathy. Did Bernie use empathy to defraud people?

And check Some More About Empathy