Contribute to the Empathy Cafe Newspaper  (In development )
Be a co-curator

As you browse the internet and you find web pages and especially new articles about empathy and compassion, you can scoop them and add them to the Empathy and Compassion Newspaper. 
Thanks for your help in Curating the newspaper! Let's make this the most complete source of information about empathy and compassion on the internet! (Send me suggestions for improving these instructions.)

Here are the steps to do this.

1. Go To

Go to the page you want to suggest a link to.
Click Suggest

The following form comes up. Just fill it out.

Second method

Register with
Once you are registered the following bar is made on the top of the page.
   1. Click on the Bookmarklet tab and a window opens.

 2. BookMarklet Window Opens, Drag the Bookmarklet icon to your browser toolbar.

3. When you are browsing the internet and find a page that you'd like to add to the newspaper,
      Click the Bookmarklet on your web browsers Bookmark Bar

A page opens on the side as below. fill out the form in a readable way.