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Questions about Empathy?

Questions about Empathy2


Questions list for the Facebook questions list?


Video Interview Questions: Introduction

I'm exploring the experience of empathy. It's been in the news a lot lately and Barack Obama ran on this value, saying that the country has an empathy deficit that we need to fill. I'm working on a documentary on empathy and gathering stories and insights into the nature of empathy. Thank you for taking the time to share your stories.


  • Introduce yourself; name, where you're from and a bit about yourself?

  • If you look at the overall arch of your life, tell me about what role has empathy played, what insights did you learn along the way?

    • Starting with your parents, did you feel empathy from them?

    • When did you feel the deepest empathy?

    • When didn't you feel empathy?

  • Do you recall an incident, story or anecdote where you learned something about empathy?

  • What does empathy feel like in your body?

  • What is your most important value? And how does it relate to empathy?

  • Who's the most empathic person you know?

    • Tell any stories about them?

  • Metaphor

    • What is a metaphor of empathy? i.e. What is empathy like?

    • What is a metaphor for the opposite of empathy?

    • Create a dialogue for how the two metaphors talk to each other.

  • Definitions

    • How would you define empathy?

    • What's the difference between Empathy, sympathy, pity and compassion?

    • What is the opposite of empathy?

  • Benefits

    • How is empathy beneficial? What should we even bother cultivating empathy?

  • Your Questions

    • What questions do you have about empathy?

    • What questions would you like to ask me?

  • Building a Culture of Empathy?

    • How can we Build a Culture of Empathy?

    • What are the steps we can take?

    • How have you developed empathy in your own life?

  • Personal Empathy

    • It can be difficult to empathize sometimes. Have there been times when you've found it difficult to empathize with someone? What happened?

    • How do you try to incorporate empathy into your daily life?



  • What are the blocks to Empathy?

  • Is empathy a skill that can be learned?

  • What would you like to say about empathy?

  • What do you do to deepen empathy?

  • Have you followed the national debate on empathy?

    • What are your feelings about it?

    • What's the role of empathy and Justice?

  • There's an idea out there that people can value empathy in different parts of their life. Home, work, tribe, church, organization, etc. Do you have empathy and control in different parts of your life?

For Experts:

  • Would you give an outline of your work on empathy?

  • How did you become interested in empathy?

The Arts

  • Dance Group

    • Where do you see empathy in dance?

    • What role does empathy have in your dance?

    • How do you experience empathy in dance?

  • For Music Group

    • What role does empathy play in your music?

At the End

  • Is there anything else we didn’t cover or anything that you’d like to say to people about empathy?

  • Thank you for sharing your stories.

  • What was your experience with this interview?

    • What worked or didn't work for you?


Questions on Empathy and Health Care

  • Example of good healthcare outcomes or experiences you have had (or family members have had.)

  • Examples of bad outcomes or experiences?

  • What would empathetic healthcare look like/operate line?

  • Why is it important to share stories with others about healthcare?

  • What concrete actions can be talked in your current situation to promote high quality health care for your family?

  • What concrete action can you take to promote high quality healthcare for everyone?

  • What elements are involved in creating a system of preventative healthcare?

  • How is health of intervals connected to the health of the overall society? What problems are associated with having many uninsured?

  • If we are perpetually concerned with the stare of our own health, should we not as human beings also be concerned with the state of other peoples health?

  • People are usually concerned about the well being of family members. When we exercise empathy should we also be concerned of our extended families, i.e. neighbors, community, city, state, etc.

  • How does the current  health care system affect you as an individual: What experiences have you had?

  • Do you feel the current healthcare program you

  • What questions do you have about your current health care providers?

  • Do we heel, as a society, that everyone deserves the healthcare they need, regardless of cost?

  • Can a for profit health care industry be empathic?

  • If everyone had their healthcare needs met, would be be a more empathic society?

  • How can healthcare be realized thru the strategy of empathy?

  • How can the strategy of empathy be used to realize universal health care?

  • What roles does empathy play in your commitment to universal healthcare?

  • What is the relationship between, lack of universal healthcare and the empathy deficit in the USA?