Center for Building a Culture of Empathy

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Empathy Circles



How-To Host an Empathy Circle

These are basic instructions for holding an empathy circle with a group of 3 to 5 participants (4 is ideal).

This is one of the most accessible and effective ways to exercise and grow your empathy muscles.



Links to Videos of Past Online Empathy Circles.
Over the years we have held well over 100 empathy circles online. Here are links to some of the ones we recorded.


Project Folders on Google Docs
Many of our project files are publicly available and editable on Google docs. Here is a list of these pages.

  • Home Page

  • User Guide - Developing a guide that anyone can use to take part in, or start, a circle.

  • User Guide for Setting up Google Hangouts: Step by step guide on how to use Google Hangouts.
    This is the technology we use for the video meeting part of the circles.
    Please follow the instructions to set up Google hangouts

  • Public Empathy Circle Format

  • Email Discussion Group - This email discussion group on Google Groups is only
     for people working on the Empathy Movement and Circles.


Working Pages For Empathy Circles


Lidewij Niezink Empathy Circles Articles




Empathy Circles Prezi by Lidewij Niezink 

A basic outline of the Empathy Circles and the stages of empathy we work with.




Empathy as a Factor for Change  
Presentation by Lidewij Niezink at the 'Empathy and Compassion in Society Conference', London, November 2012.  How can we make sure that the research on empathy and compassion contributes to this changing world? By turning it into practice: Empathy Circles combine research from different scientific disciplines into one instrument which helps us to walk the talk.



Old Projects

Empathy Listening Circles

Empathy Group - Meetings