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Empathy Movement Home - Empathy Circles

See this page for newly forming Empathy Circles

This is the home page for the Empathy Movement. One of the primary ways we do movement building and practice empathy is through Empathy Circles which are small groups that meet weekly via Google hangouts. We invite you to join a circle.


Empathy Circles - Schedule
There are no open circles at the moment. See the material below to start your own. Edwin Rutsch will offering new Empathy Circles shortly.  Send me an email if you'd like to be informed about new circles.

  Circles Day Date & Time Video
Docs Status Comments


   Pacific Time (PST)  


  Circle  0 Saturdays 9 am to 10 am Video Docs Drop-in Completed:
  Circle  1 Saturdays 10 to 11 am Video   Drop-in Completed:
  Circle  2 Fridays 1 to 2 pm Video Docs Full Completed: weekly group
  Circle  6 Fridays 9 to 11 am Video Docs Full Completed: weekly group
  Circle 10 Fridays 12 to 2 pm Video Docs Full Completed: weekly group: Charter for Compassion Book Club
  Circle 21 Weds 1-3 pm   Docs   Completed: Empathy Bus Project Team - planning The Empathy Bus Tour circling the country to Washington D.C. and the White House. (Every 2 weeks)
  Special Circles          
  Restorative Empathy Circles Video     Various restorative circles dealing with conflicts.
  Special Circle for Tragedies - Newtown, Boston Bombings, etc
Video     Special circles addressing the grief and tragedy of difficult events like the Newtown School Shooting, Boston Marathon bombing, etc



Project Folders on Google Docs
Many of our project files are publicly available and editable on Google docs. Here is a list of these pages.

  • Home Page

  • User Guide - Developing a guide that anyone can use to take part in, or start, a circle.

  • User Guide for Setting up Google Hangouts: Step by step guide on how to use Google Hangouts.
    This is the technology we use for the video meeting part of the circles.
    Please follow the instructions to set up Google hangouts

  • Public Empathy Circle Format

  • Email Discussion Group - This email discussion group on Google Groups is only
     for people working on the Empathy Movement and Circles.


Working Pages For Empathy Circles




Empathy Circles Prezi - A basic outline of the Empathy Circles and the stages of empathy we work with.
by Lidewij Niezink 




Empathy as a Factor for Change
Presentation by Lidewij Niezink at the 'Empathy and Compassion in Society Conference', London, November 2012.
How can we make sure that the research on empathy and compassion contributes to this changing world? By turning it into practice: Empathy Circles combine research from different scientific disciplines into one instrument which helps us to walk the talk.



Old Projects

Empathy Listening Circles

Empathy Group - Meetings