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Join the International Conference on: How Might We Build a Culture of Empathy and Compassion?


One-To-One Empathy Guide Sessions

with Edwin Rutsch

I offer one-to-one empathy guide sessions for; wellbeing, healing, practicing to be a better listener and supporting you in creating empathic environments in your relationships, family, school, work, communities and beyond.

Maintaining Well-being
Maintain your existing well being.

Healing Personal Challenges
Empathy is the core for healing personal challenges and returning to well-being.

Practice Becoming a Better Listener and Empathizer
Sometimes we realize or are told by partners, family, friends, colleagues, etc. that we are not good listeners. You can practice and improve your listening skills will me in a supportive environment.

Support in Creating Empathic Environments
I will guide and support you in creating more empathic relationships and cultures with; romantic partners, families, colleagues, organizations, groups and communities.

My Approach

I am a companion with you on your journey, listening with presence and empathy. As an equal companion we connect with our common humanity.  I do not analyze, judge, give advice, diagnose, ask questions, pity or demand explanations. In the listening phase, I will periodically share my understanding of what I heard to confirm I and still accompanying you on your self directed and unfolding journey.

Free 30 Minute Session by Skype or phone.
Rate: $40 to $90 sliding scale per session (session is 50 minutes)
To schedule a private one-to-one session, email me:
I also offer empathy based guidance, consulting, presentations, trainings, conflict resolution, empathy circles and empathic design trainings. The empathic design (human-centered design) toolset, offers a process for translating empathy into needs finding, creativity, action and innovation.


by Edmond Aman-Jean

Empathy is saying to someone:
ďIím trying to be a companion to you in your
search and your exploration.
I want to know, am I with you?
Is this the way it seems to you?
Is this the thing youíre trying to express?
Is this the meaning it has for you?Ē
So in a sense Iím saying,
ďIím walking with you step by step,
and I want to make sure I am with you.
Am I with you?
So thatís a little bit of my understanding
 about empathy."
Carl Rogers


Empathy Guide Services
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