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Benefits of Empathy > Doing an Interview on  the Benefits of Empathy

I invite you to do a Benefits of Empathy interview..
I will be interviewing people about what they see as the benefits of empathy. I invite you to do an interview..



A Promotional Resource for Empathy

I see this as a way to foster or 'market' empathy. We need to share with people why they should cultivate empathy in their lives. We need to inspire people to cultivate their empathy. I imagine this will be a resource for all people working with empathy. It will help them promote their empathy based services; Empathy Trainers, Therapists, Mediators, Restorative Justice Community, Peace Activists, Compassion Community, NVC Trainers, Educators, Teachers, Human-Centered Designers, etc, etc.



Send Me Your Bullet Point List of Benefits

For the interview, would you send me a bullet point list of some (3, 4, 5+) of the benefits you see or have experienced? It would be good to share the ways that you have benefited personally.

  • The title can be up to 60 characters.

  • Just one line each that would help guide the conversation.

  • We want a version of the benefit title to be short and catchy enough so that it can be a title on a Youtube video.

  • A short 2 or 3 sentence blurb about each benefit would be helpful.

Interview/Dialog Format

In the interview.

  • Show Slide: To begin with I will show a slide with the benefit written out.

  • State Benefit: We state the benefit.

  • Articulate Benefit: Then go into what it is, (with stories, anecdotes, insights, explanation,  etc.)

  • Receive Reflection:  I could empathically reflect a bit what Iím hearing you say until you feel fully heard,

  • Dialog about Benefit:  We could do some back and forth dialog about it,

  • Next Benefit and Repeat:  And then move on to the next benefit using the same format.

Would that format work? If you have better ideas let me know.

Iím imagining that I would later download the video and make separate short video clips of each individual benefit as well. Then add them to the Benefits of Empathy webpage and make it more comprehensive.

Hereís my Bullet Points for Example

Besides going over your favorite benefits, we can also dialog about these;

Benefits of Empathy are that it;

  • Fosters Good, Pleasurable and Positive Feelings

  • Fosters Health and Well-Being

  • Keeps you from Having Negative Feelings.

  • Is a Healing Antidote to Negative Feelings

  • Is the key Active Ingredient for Conflict Resolution.

  • Is a Foundation of Morality and a Way of Being in Life.

  • Supports Socially Desirable Values.

  • Helps Us Find, Address and Meet Our Needs, Values and Aspirations.

  • Is a Source of Creativity, Innovation and Action.

  • Is a way of knowing. Empathy gives us the benefit of what others are thinking and have learned and constitutes a way of knowing about things that is somewhat independent of the usual modes of knowing: perception, memory, and inference. the 'epistemic' benefits are considerable.

  • Has Many Benefits in Specific Contexts of;

    •  Self-Connection,

    • Personal Relationships,

    • Family,

    • Education,

    • Work,

    • Healthcare,

    • Society,

    • etc. etc

  • Add yours to the list.

Here's a webpage with some sample interviews and titles.:


Describe Your Benefits

If you want to write it up a couple of sentence blurb about each of the benefits would be helpful.

  • What is a personal story of the benefit?

  • What is the underlying feeling of the benefit of empathy?

  • What are the sensations, the taste, color, smell, texture?

  • What is a metaphor of the benefit?

  • etc

Benefits of Empathy Panel or Round Table

Besides one on one interviews we can also do panel or round table discussions with multiple people. Iím imagining someone would state the benefit and then we could dialog about as a panel.  Once weíve thoroughly discussed the benefit we would move on to the next.  Iím imagining that I would later download the video and make separate video clips of each individual benefit as well. Then add them to the webpage and make it more comprehensive.



Google Hangouts for the Call

We use Google hangouts for dialog..   Here are instructions for setting that up.