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Join the International Conference on: How Might We Build a Culture of Empathy and Compassion?

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International Online Conference on:
How Might We Build a Culture of Empathy and Compassion?
Permanently Ongoing

Sub Conference: : Common Humanity - How Empathy Relates to Other Values?

We will be holding interviews and panel discussion about how empathy relates to each of these (and more) other values
that make up our common humanity.

Empathy and:



   Compassion is empathy applied to suffering and pain.




 Article: Depressed? Be kind, compassionate
Depressed? Be kind, compassionate | Empathy and Compassion |  
'Rather than taking anti-depressants, people suffering from depression have an inexpensive way out - practising acts of kindness and compassion, new research claims.

Acts of kindness or compassion might serve as an effective treatment for depressed people, say researchers from the University of California, Riverside, and the Duke University Medical Centre. '


 Article: Depression and Empathy in Couples
Depression and Empathy in Couples | Empathy and Compassion |  
Not surprisingly, people who suffer from depression often have difficult romantic relationships -- when they have them at all.

researchers also found that higher levels of depressive symptoms in women predicted partners’ lower empathic accuracy regarding the women’s negative moods and relationship feelings.

As the researchers note, the data suggest that a woman’s depression affects not just herself, but also her partner. Depressed women’s relationships are likely to suffer doubly as well — not only is her empathy accuracy lowered by her depression, but her partner’s empathic accuracy is also lowered. She can’t read her partner as well, and he is unable to accurately read her mood or relationship feelings either.


Beyond Forgiveness: How does Empathy relate to Forgiveness and Atonement?




If you want others to be happy, practice compassion.
If you want to be happy, practice compassion.
The Dalai Lama

Stanford University Conference: 'Happiness Within Reach 2011' from Empathy & Compassion
by Edwin Rutsch 
 A one day long conference on happiness at Stanford University. The importance of empathy, self-compassion, compassion and connecting with others to being happy was a constant theme..

"And it turns out that this fear of having compassion for yourself is strongly correlated with fear of having compassion for others, and a lack of willingness to extend compassion to others. Self compassion is not letting ourselves off the hook and being self indulgent, it's about choosing to use our own happiness and our own desire for meaning and connection with others as our primary motivation, as opposed to using guilt shame and fear as our primary motivation."

 Happy - the movie' Video: Interview with the director of 'Happy - the movie'
 The director says, "A persons values have a huge impact in their happiness, So if someone values things likeower, fame and good looks, social status - people who becomes successful at those goals o money pr not, tend to be less happy then people who value things like compassion, empathy and cooperation, wanting to make the world a better place.

Happy the movie - Director Roko Belic on how Empathy is the Foundation of Happiness
Interview with Edwin Rutsch

The core of human nature, I think, is based on empathy and compassion. It's extremely rare to find someone that does not empathize in some way or form naturally. The Dali Lama said it best, it's not a religious thing, it's not a political idea, this is the way we are born, this is in our blood.

Empathy, compassion, living by the golden rule, all of those things are so critical to, not only to your own personal happiness, but to the sustainability of our societies and of the human race. So empathy is, I think, one of the core ingredients, not only for a happy life, but of a happy world.

The Business of Happiness: Does Empathy Lead to Success?  

  • Ted Leonsis

  • The human emotion that needs to be tuned the most, and that the happiest people exhibit is empathy

  • Empathy, in it's base form, keeps the world working.

  • Basic empathy is a trait that serial murderers, have no empathy. Psychopaths show a lack of empathy

  • What is the trait that people who are treated as heroes show? high levels of empathy.

  • It's the empathy, that we feel the other person

  • The happier you are, the more empathetic you become,

    •  the more connected to communities,

    • the more you're likely to be successful













“By peace we mean the capacity to transform conflicts with empathy, without violence, and creatively -  a never-ending process”
Johan Galtung


"... peace equals ability to handle conflict, with empathy, nonviolence, and creativity..."

 Johan Galtung

 Fred Arment: Dialogs on How to Build a Culture of Empathy & Peace

Frederick Arment is President and Executive Director is International Cities of Peace, an organization dedicated to connecting, promoting, and encouraging the global Cities of Peace movement.  Author, The Elements of Peace: How Nonviolence Works.


Empathy is like opening a door and peace is like sailing in harmony with the wind. We have to learn to open the door. Here are some ways.



Shame & Empathy by Dr. Brené Brown

2008-02-02 PBS Interview 2nd of 2
How do we learn the attributes of empathy
What I found in my research is that the opposite of experiencing shame is experiencing empathy. Shame cannot survive empathy. I think empathy is tough, I think we have some natural tendencies to care for our fellow humans, but we kind of unlearn empathy, as a way to survive almost. So being empathic is about connecting with your experience,.... If I can dig deep and connect to what it is your feeling, and express that back... so you know your not alone. Empathy is hugely important, as an added plus it's highly coordinated with everything from leadership skills, family functioning, good parenting, - it's just the essential emotion...