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Empathy and Compassion Conferences
Here are all the conferences I've found related to empathy and compassion.  Let me know of any others, past or upcoming. You can also Search for other conferences. Mind & LIfe Institute also holds many conferences.


Upcoming Conferences by Year:   2017
Past: 2003 - 20052006 - 2007 - 2008 - 2009 - 2010 -
2011 - 2012 - 2013 - 2014 - 2015 -
2016 - 2017 - 2018 -2019 - 2020


Perpetually ongoing Conference on:
How Can We  Build a Culture of Empathy and Compassion?


This  conference consists of an ongoing series of online Panel Discussions with empathy and compassion experts from all fields and walks of life. The panels take place using Skype and Google Hangouts group video conferencing and are recorded and placed on Youtube for viewing at any time.


 Patient Experience Summit, 
Online Nov 10, 2020 and Ongoing.

Every month, in-depth episodes delve into the recent impact, advancements and future implications technology has in the human-centered care experience.




Empathy Day
22 January, 2020

 What is empathy?
Empathy is our ability to understand another person and feel their emotions. It's a force for change because it makes us want to help people.

Empathy Day helps us understand each other better by using books to step into someone else's shoes. When you read, your brain reacts as it would to real events. This makes books the perfect empathy boosting vehicle. Train your brain with stories!



Empathy Week 2020 : June 1-7, 2020
Calgary Centre for Global Community


What is Empathy Week?
Empathy Week is a seven-day festival of events which promote empathy, human connection and the recognition of our shared humanity. Empathy Week is curated by Humainologie and is a community initiative with numerous Calgary partner organizations and individuals coming together to host a variety of events






 Educating with Empathy
Cultivating Kindness, Compassion,
Cooperation, and Good Behavior

February 15-17, 2019
The Historic Fairmont Hotel, Atop Nob Hill,
San Francisco, CA

Dacher Keltner, PhD
Kelly M. McGonigal, PhD
Paul Bloom, PhD
John J. Medina, PhD
Shauna L. Shapiro, PhD
Katherine Reynolds Lewis, BS
Michele Borba, EdD
Abigail Marsh, PhD
Richard W. Wrangham, PhD
Felix Warneken, PhD
Jamil Zaki, PhD
Sara H. Konrath, PhD
Inbal Ben-Ami Bartal, PhD
Erin Clabough, PhD
Robert A. Emmons, PhD
Christina M. Karns, PhD
Becky Kochenderfer-Ladd, PhD
Helen Y. Weng, PhD
Thomas E. Lickona, PhD
Karen Bluth, PhD




The Roots of Empathy Symposium
May 16 and 17, 2019
Toronto - The Globe and Mail Centre




 UTS Empathy Symposium & Workshops
Thu 5th Dec,  - Fri 6th Dec 2019, 
University of Technology Sydney

UTS Empathy Symposium & Workshops Event Banner

The UTS Empathy Symposium 2019 will be an exciting event bringing together healthcare educators, clinicians and researchers who are committed to better understanding the power of empathy to transform education and improve patient care.



Denver, CO
September 25-28, 2019


At the 2019 Festival we will convene renowned experts and leaders from throughout the Americas for four days of events, workshops and performances designed to inspire critical thinking, accelerate and transform our business and social connections and promote action. This year’s festival theme is “Empathy in Action” and will showcase the people and ideas across North and South America that are moving beyond divisions to build solutions to the most important issues we face together.



 Empathy in healthcare: Practice, teaching and design
Royal Society of Medicine : Mon 4 Nov 2019
This meeting will explore the latest evidence-based ways to practice, teach, and embed empathy within healthcare settings.

Jodi Halpern
Anya De Long
Jeremy Howick
Stewart Mercer
Parallel sessions
Research and evidence
    Training and education
    Policy and practice














Empathy Symposium
Embedding empathy in healthcare education and practice

7 December, 2018
Mercure Hotel, 818-820 George Street, Sydney

Embedding empathy in healthcare education and practice
Few healthcare interventions have as much impact on a person’s physical and emotional well-being as empathy. Yet, so often healthcare programs only pay lip service to teaching and assessing empathy. This symposium aims to start a conversation (or perhaps even a ‘movement’) that leads to empathy becoming integral to every healthcare curriculum.




"Empathy, Sympathy, Compassion: T
he Dynamics of Other-Oriented Emotions"

Image result for university of pittsburgh
University of Pittsburgh
Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences
April 13, 2018 - 1:30pm
 to April 14, 2018 - 6:00pm

Event Summary
A two-day interdisciplinary conference on the nature of other-oriented emotions.
Location and Address

Times and locations TBA




Patient Experience Empathy and Innovation Summit
JUNE 18-20 2018, CLEVELAND, OH

The Summit brings together patient experience leaders, healthcare CEOs, innovators, nursing leaders, policy makers, major stakeholders, industry experts and patients who are committed to not just the patient or caregiver experience, but also the human experience.




Empathy Week
June 1-7, 2018, Calgary Canada

What is Empathy Week?
Empathy Week is a seven day festival of events which promote empathy, human connection and the recognition of our shared humanity. Empathy Week is curated by Humainologie and is a community initiative with numerous partners and Calgarians coming together to host a variety of events.









Rediscovering Empathy; Values, Relationships and Practice in a Changing World
8th & 9th June 2017

NESCO Child and Family Research Centre 8th Biennial International Conference
Ireland - Program PDF

Across the globe, the perceived decline in empathy, care and social solidarity is a cause for concern. Empathy is the ability and/or inclination to understand and experience another’s state or condition and, where appropriate, to respond through supportive actions. Research has shown that empathy in individuals is essential to healthy social and emotional functioning and contributes to the enrichment of civic society.

Conversely, where levels of empathy are compromised, studies have found an increased propensity to engage in anti-social behavior, such as bullying, aggression and offending behaviour. For practitioners, empathy in direct relationship-based working is increasingly recognised as a cornerstone of good practice in work with children, young people and their families, while for society, there is an urgent need for empathy informed policy and action to address structural inequalities and disparities.

The biennial UCFRC conference draws on national and international expertise to explore the concepts of empathy and relationship based working as they relate to policy and practice with children, youth and families.




11th SLSAeu Conference - European Society for Literature, Science and the Arts
 Basel, 21-24 June, 2017

For a number of years now, empathy has been a central topic of public and academic debate and research. It is the subject of artistic, moral and psychological reflections and commands interest from the humanities and hard sciences alike, often being a driving motor of knowledge production. It is time to take stock and consider the heterogeneity and complexity of empathy, the values different societies and cultures have attached to it and the various approaches that frame its investigations.

The SLSAeu Conference 2017 provides a cross-disciplinary platform for the discussions of the following interrelated subthemes :

  • (1) Empathy, Morality, Ethics

  • (2) Empathy, Narrative, Imagination

  • (3) Empathy and the Nonhuman

  • (4) Collective Empathy


  • Narrative Empathy CfP - Fritz Breithaupt

  • Medical Humanities: Palliative Care - Seamus O'Mahoney 

  • Empathy, Animals, Film CfP  - Lori Gruen

  • Cultural Politics of Empathy CfP- Chris Weedon, Carolyn Pedwell







Empathy Neuroscience: Translational Relevance to Conflict Transformation
October 18-19, 2017
Rome, Italy

This conference focuses on the idea that taking the other person’s perspective is ultimately necessary to resolve conflict; and that conflicts are perpetuated by adopting a single perspective. The meeting will bring together an international panel of speakers drawn from outstanding scientists, clinicians, scholars, and peace-building organizations focusing particularly on the potential role of empathy in the Israel-Palestine conflict.
Empathy Research
Applied Empathy Research and Peacebuilding

Click here to download the summary of the conference: State of Mind Article.pdf 


Oxford Empathy Programme International Colloquium
24 October 2017
Hosted by Oxford Empathy Programme, University of Oxford,

What kind of empathy is beneficial to patients and practitioners?
A growing body of evidence suggests that when healthcare practitioners enhance the way they express empathy, that this may improve healthcare outcomes. Specifically, enhanced empathy appears to:

  • reduce patient pain, depression, anxiety

  • increase patient satisfaction

  • and improve patient well-being

  • improve medication adherence

  • reduce practitioner burnout

  • reduce patient complaints and medico-legal risk

  • reduce medication use



Past Empathy Conferences



2003-10-(16-18)  - The Promise Of Empathy
University of Iowa
"Empathy has recently emerged as a topic of critical importance: in the social sciences and
in popular political discourse we wonder about the promise of empathy in our efforts to
overcome differences of race, religion, or national culture; in the humanities and fine arts we
hope to facilitate empathy by providing an imaginative reconstruction of our own or someone
else's experience; in the natural sciences of evolutionary biology and neurophysiology we are
eager to ground empathy in human nature."







Scrippts College: The Humanities Institute
spring semester of 2005

"In the spring semester of 2005, the Scripps College Humanities Institute program will focus on Empathy. What does it mean to feel (or think) as another? When we consider the structure and obligations of social relationships, ourselves and others, justice and equality, reason, emotion, and values in politics and in social relationships, this is a topic of considerable interest."

February 10: Claudia Strauss: Is Empathy Gendered and If So, Why? A Perspective from Feminist Psychological Anthropology
January 27: Benjamin Vilhauer: Empathy and Remose
February 17: Jean Decety: The Functional Architecture of Human Empathy
February 17: Evan Thompson: Empathy and Consciousness
February 17: Dorothy Otnow Lewis: Ethical Implications of Pur Knowledge about Violence: Biopsychosocial Characteristics of Condemned Juveniles
February 28: Stephen Darwall: Empathy, Respect, and the Second-Person Standpoint
March 2: Jennifer Goltz: Finding the Piece: How a Performer Prepares
March 3: Alison Landsberg: Spectatorial Engagements: Empathy and the Politics of Identification
March 3: Dominic Lopes: Empathy through Art
March 3: Marion Guck: What Music Elicits: Empathy, Antipathy, and Other Modes of Response
March 31: William Reddy: Empathizing with What? The Emergent Character of Emotions
March 31: Jacqueline Stevens: Empathy Research in the 1950s and 1960s
March 31: George Lakoff: Keynote Address
April 1: Norma Feschbach: "Children's Empathy: Its Potential for Social Development and Education"
April 1: Virginia Held: "The Caring Person"
April 1: Colin Allen: "From Observation to Empathy for Animals: Is This Moral Progress?"
April 1: Kenneth Reinhard: "Otherwise than Empathy: The Ethics of the Neighbor in Lacan and Levinas"
April 7: Christian Hubert: Outside/in: Frank Gehry and Empathy
April 7: Juliet Koss: Thoroughly Modern Empathy




2005-01-15 - International Conference on Neuroesthetics
Empathy in the Brain and in Art
- UC Berkeley
"Empathy, one of the most extraordinary feats of the human brain, plays a major role in social and artistic communication. We empathize with others and often respond with emotion to their condition. Artists, photographers, actors and film directors use our capacity to empathize to give their works heightened emotional appeal. But what are the neurological foundations of empathy, and on what specialized brain cells and systems does it depend?" Speakers:

  • Vittorio Gallese

  • Ray Dolan

  • Leonard Pitt

  • Aina Puce

  • Judy Dater

  • Alice O'Toole

  • Frans De Waal

  • Paul Ekman



2005-10-(25-27) Symposium on Empathy and fairness, held at the Novartis Foundation, London,
 Empathy is the process that allows us to share the feelings and emotions of others, in the absence of any direct emotional stimulation to the self. Humans can feel empathy for other people in a wide array of contexts: for basic emotions and sensation such as anger, fear, sadness, joy, pain and lust as well as for more complex emotions such as guilt, embarrassment and love. It has been proposed that, for most people, empathy is the process that prevents us doing harm to others. This symposium is based on a proposal made by Chris Frith, Uta Frith, Tania Singer and Sarah-Jayne Blakemore

  • Chris Frith - Introduction

  • Vittorio Gallese - Embodied simulation: from mirror neuron systems to interpersonal relations

  • Tania Singer - The neuronal basis of empathy and fairness

  • Marc Hauser - What’s fair? The unconscious calculus of our moral faculty

  • Josep Call and Keith Jensen - Chimpanzees may recognize motives and goals, but may not reckon on them

  • Nancy Eisenberg - Empathy-related responding and prosocial behaviour

  • Paul A. M. Van Lange, Marcello Gallucci, Johan C. Karremans, Anthon
    Klapwijk and Chris Reinders Folmer A social interaction analysis of empathy and fairness

  • Raymond A. Mar and C. Neil Macrae Triggering the intentional stance

  • R. James R. Blair Dissociable systems for empathy

  • Ralph Adolphs Looking at other people: mechanisms for social perception revealed in subjects with focal amygdala damage

  • Jonathan Wolff Models of distributive justice

  • Frédérique de Vignemont When do we empathize?

  • Robert Frank Cooperation through moral commitment




2005-11-05 - Stanford School of Medicine Presents the 14th Dalai Lama

Dalai Lama and a group of scientists and Buddhist scholars in dialogue. Talking about spiritual and scientific explorations of human experience in the areas of craving, suffering and choice.


Video: Morning Session : Craving and Choice (1:55)


  • Dr. Carl Bielefeldt , Professor of Religious Studies, Stanford University

  • Dr. Paul Ekman , Professor of Psychlogy, Department of Psychiatry, University of California , San Francisco

  • Dr. Howard Fields , Professor of Neurology, Physiology, and Psychiatry and Director, Wheeler Center for the Neurobiology of Addiction, University of California, San Francisco

  • Philippe Goldin, Postdoctoral Scholar, Department of Psychology, Stanford University

  • Dr. Janet Gyatso , Hershey Professor of Buddhist Studies, Harvard Divinity School

  • Dr. Anne C. Klein , Professor of Religious Studies, Rice University


Video:  Afternoon Session : Suffering and Choice  (2:31)

  • Dr. Brian Knutson , Assistant Professor of Psychology, Stanford University

  • Dr. Helen Mayberg, Professor of Psychiatry and Neurology, Emory University

  • Dr. William Newsome , Professor of Neurobiology, Stanford University

  • Dr. Mathieu Ricard, Buddhist scholar and monk, French translator for His Holiness

  • Dr. David Spiegel , The Jack, Lulu and Sam Willson Professor in Medicine, Stanford University

  • Ven. Karma Lekshe Tsomo , Assistant Professor of Theology and Religious Studies, University of San Diego

  • Dr. Alan Wallace , Founder & President, Santa Barbara Institute for Consciousness Studies

  • Brian Wandell , Isaac and Madeline Stein Family Professor of Psychology, Stanford University


2005  Greater Good Science Center - Symposium on Empathy
UC Berkeley - Their magazine has a section on empathy.
" Like many pieces of advice, the age-old adages to "put yourself in someone else's shoes" or "see the world from someone else's perspective" can sound painfully naïve. Indeed, they seem to go against human nature, serving as moralistic attempts to rein in our tendencies toward self-interest. Can we truly understand what other people are thinking or feeling—and if so, how? Those are the questions at the heart of four essays in this issue of Greater Good, which homes in on the human capacity for empathy."





2006-01-00 - Empathy and the Greater Good
 A Greater Good Science Center event on the science and practice of empathy, featuring Arlie Hochschild, Phil & Carolyn Cowan, Lyssa Mudd, and Jason Marsh. Introductions by Deirdre English and Dacher Keltner.

  • Audio is a bit messed up

  • About Greater Good Center; compassion, forgiveness, science, etc,

  • Times of stress due to lack of resources

  • Studies of family stress

  • Empathy is a trait - some can be more empathic - depends on the conditions

  • Stress, depression, more difficult to be empathic

  • Some have poor examples from family examples

  • How work is divided

  • Stress outside of family and in society

  • Childhood development is important

  • Social Circumstances

  • Politicians manipulate social stresses

    • why do people agree with this?

    • why do people consent?

    • contraction of the boundaries of empathy

  • Bad news can make us more empathic sometimes

  • What can people do?

    • we don't quite know what empathy is?

  • In-group and out-groups.

  • Definition of empathy -

    • being able to feel the feelings of another

    • I feel your pain and doing something consistently about it.

  • How can we arrange life to facilitate empathy in our family

  • How to learn family empathy skills and then on to the political level

  • There are a lot of levels

  • Need to start in the formative years

  • A fake morality is being used - scapegoating

  • Q and A

    • Many demands on your empathy?

      • To great of expectations for relationships

      • mass media is creating a market of love

      • families more isolated

    • Empathy and zero sum?

      • preoccupied with your own stress.

      • are constrained

    • Doctors and empathy?

    • A culture of humiliation?

    • Stress and its negative empathy effects?

    • Importance of nurture and the long term positive effects




2006-06-(22-23) - An International Interdisciplinary Conference
  California State University, Fullerton
The goal of this international interdisciplinary conference is to provide a forum for interdisciplinary scholarly collaboration addressing the following questions regarding empathy:

  • What kind of process is empathy?,

  • How does empathy differ from related psychological processes?

  • What role does empathy play in our engagement with fiction?

  • How do we determine whether or not attempts to empathize are successful?

  • What role does empathy play in social and moral life?

  • Presenters

    • Derek Matravers - Empathy and Knowledge

    • Heather Battaly - Empathy: Virtue or Skill?

    • Noel Carroll - Solidarity

    • Amy Coplan - Understanding Empathy: Its Features and Effects

    • Peter Goldie -  Anti-empathy

    • Martin L. Hoffman -  Empathy, Justice, and the Law

    • Jesse Prinz - Is Empathy Necessary for Morality?

    • Murray Smith - Five Problems for Empathy

    • Kendall Walton - In Alien Shoes

    • Stephen Davies - Infectious Music: Music-Listener Emotional Contagion

    • Paul L. Harris - The Intersection of Empathy and Testimony in Child Development

    • Gregory Currie - Empathy, Imitation and Joint Attention

    • E. Ann Kaplan -  Vicarious Trauma or 'Empty' Empathy?--Images of Catastrophe in the Public Sphere



2006-2009 - Autonomy Singularity Creativity (ASC) Conference - National Humanities Center
  "A small but growing number of philosophers, literary scholars, and other humanistic thinkers has turned to the work of computational scientists, primatologists, cognitive scientists, biologists, neuroscientists, and others in their attempts to gain a contemporary understanding of human attributes that have traditionally been described in abstract, philosophical, or spiritual terms."

 (Follow links to video of each speakers presentation).

Dan Batson delivers an address on empathy


 Frans de Waal



 Martha Nussbaum



2007-04-12 - Empathy and Ethics in Film and Literature
  The theme may be interpreted broadly, from the portrayal of empathy and/or ethics in literature and film to the way these works encourage an empathetic reaction in readers or viewers.




2008-03-27 - Drivers of Our Shifting Culture  

 A Panel Discussion on Empathy and Ethics (audio)
Bill Drayton, Jill Vialet, Mary Gordon, Keith Hammonds, Kirk Hanson
Technology has increased the flow of information and made our decision-making more transparent. In this panel discussion on empathy and ethics, Bill Drayton, Mary Gordon, Keith Hammonds, Kirk Hanson and Jill Vialet consider how empathetic ethics has to begin with individuals and can only then move into the organizations we lead and the societies we serve."

2008-04-15 - Seeds of Compassion Gathering,
Seattle WA
"Anchored by the deep wisdom of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, this community–focused event celebrated and explored the relationships, programs and tools that nurture and empower children, families and communities to be compassionate members of society. Each of the five days provided parents, educators, business and community leaders with an opportunity to better understand the real benefits of compassion, and concrete steps on how to bring compassion into their lives."


 (Follow links to video of each speakers presentation).

 The Scientific Basis for Compassion, Part 1,


 The Scientific Basis for Compassion, Part 2
"panel of leading researchers to discuss the quantitative benefits of compassion."
Dalai Lama, Daniel Goleman, Andrew Meltzoff, Richard Davidson, Daniel Siege, Alicia Lieberman


 From Knowledge to Compassion Action, Part 1

  From Knowledge to Compassion Action, Part 2



Varieties of Empathy in Science, Art and Culture
OCTOBER 10-12, 2008

Varieties of Empathy in Science, Art, and Culture (VOE), a workshop held at the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies on 10-12 October, 2009, brought together twenty-two scholars, scientists, and artists from nine disciplines, working in six different countries, to consider the recent research into empathy, mirror neurons, autism and related phenomena and several historical antecedents and social implications of this research






2009-09-30 - How the social brain experiences empathy
Center for Cognitive and Social Neuroscience, University of Chicago
"A one-day conference in Downtown Chicago
The Center for Cognitive and Social Neuroscience will be hosting a one-day conference led by Dr. Jean Decety entitled, "How the social brain experiences empathy."  Presentations will provide up-to-date knowledge on empathy ranging from brain circuits to patient-physician relationships, and will emphasize how many academic areas and applications, such as clinical psychology, education, psychotherapies, and others, can benefit from this new knowledge about the social brain. The conference will showcase some of the most important researchers in empathy today."


 (Follow links to video of each speakers presentation)

Daniel Batson

   Professor of Social Psychology,
   University of Kansas

   The Empathy-Altruism Hypothesis: Issues and Implications

 Sue Carter 

   Professor of Psychiatry,
   University of Illinois at Chicago

    Oxytocin and the Neurobiology of Empathy

 Jean Decety

   Irving B. Harris Professor of Psychology & Psychiatry,
    University of Chicago

    The Benefits and the Costs of Empathy:
             the Price of Being Human

Frans de Waal

   Professor of Psychology, Emory University

 Nancy Eisenberg

   Regents’ Professor of Psychology, Arizona State University

   Relations of Children’s Empathy-related Responding
             to Their Regulation and Social Functioning

Jodi Halpern

   Associate Professor of Bioethics & Medical Humanities,
    UC Berkeley

   Book: detached Concern to Empathy: Humanizing Medical Practice,

   Challenges to Clinical Empathy

Allan Young

   Marjorie Bronfman Professor of Social Sciences in Medicine,
    McGill University

   The Strange (Recent) History of Empathic Cruelty

 Attendee report  from conference by Jim Milles

     How the social brain experiences empathy, Part 1

    How the social brain experiences empathy, Part 2

    How the social brain experiences empathy, Part 3


2009-10-1 - Varieties of Empathy in Science, Art and Culture
"Varieties of Empathy in Science, Art, and Culture (VOE), a workshop held at the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies on 10-12 October, 2009, brought together twenty-two scholars, scientists, and artists from nine disciplines, working in six different countries, to consider the recent research into empathy, mirror neurons, autism and related phenomena and several historical antecedents and social implications of this research."

  • Einfühlung and its Aesthetic Origins

  • Einfühlung/Empathy in Psychology, Phenomenology and Psychoanalysis

  • “Translating Empathy in the Psychological Laboratory”

  • Empathy & Hermeneutics in the Philosophy of the Social Sciences

  • Empathy and Evolution

  • Mirror Neurons & Empathy in Cognitive Neuroscience

  • Empathy and its Limits: Transmission of Affect at Cultural Boundaries

  • Empathy and Aesthetics in Film and Literature

  • etc.

2009-10-09 - Mind Life Institute -
XIX: Educating World Citizens

Session Three: Compassion and Empathy Compassion and empathy are fundamental to moral and character development and to any vision of a kinder, more just, and more caring society and world.


2009-10-01 - Living with Empathy


A research project launch - empathy and the use of metaphor in social relations. Starting from the reality of empathy in post-conflict reconciliation:
   10:30 am Session 1
   12:00 pm Session 2



2009-11-(12-15) - "Engaging The Other:" The Power of Compassion
  San Mateo, CA  - Common Bond Institute
Advancing the consciousness of peace and healing by raising the capacity of the individual in society to compassionately transform conflict in their daily lives. Interviews of some participants.


Empathy Documentary: Joseph McCormick on Empathy (1 of 4)

Empathy Documentary: Chip Baggett - Empathy is like Jazz Players (1 of 4)

Empathy Documentary: Kirk J Schneider - Empathy and Presence (1 of 4)

Empathy Documentary: Aftab Omer on Empathy (1 of 3)

Empathy Documentary: Meganwind Eoyang on Empathy 1 of 4

Empathy Documentary: Skip Robinson Empathy is like Moccasins v Reptile Brain

Empathy Documentary: David Belden on Empathy (1 of 2)

Empathy Documentary: Devi Gursahaney on Empathy and Cooking (2 of 3)



2009-11-13 - 92Y Wonderplay Early Childhood Learning
at the 92nd Street Y  in New York City. The theme of the conference was Building Empathy and Resilience: The Role of the Early Educator.  Article: Empathy and What It Teaches Us



2009-03-(04-05) - Compassion Definitions Conference at Stanford University (see video)


CCARE proposes that its inaugural conference focus on the challenges posed by the diverse perspectives of the different disciplines including philosophy, neuroscience, neuroeconomics, psychology and contemplative traditions that are engaged in the study of compassion and altruistic behavior.

  • Session One: Empathy, Compassion and Altruism in Psychology.

    • James Doty, MD,

    •  Thupten Jinpa, PhD,

    • Jeanne Tsai, PhD.,

    • Paul Ekman, PhD.,

    • Tracy Spinrad, PhD.,

    •  Robert Sapolsky, PhD.

  • Session Two:  The Contemplative Perspective

    • Bill Mobley, MD, PhD.,

    • Wendy Farley, PhD.,

    • Hone Dunne, PhD.,

    • Scotty McLennan, PhD..

  • Session Three:  Compassion Research in Neuroscience.

    • Brian Knutson, PhD,

    • Richard Davidson, PhD,

    • Tania Singer, PhD,

    • Bill Mobley, MD, PhD..

    Session Four: Perspectives from Evolution and Philosophy.

    • Phillipe Golden, PhD,

    •  Felix Warneken, PhD,

    • Owen Flanagan, PhD,

    • Bill Newsome, PhD.

  • Session Five: Altruistic Behavior research and Neuroeconomics.

    • Gary Steinberg, MD, PhD,

    • Jim Andreoni, PhD,

    • Ulrich Mayr, PhD,

    •  Bill Harbaugh, PhD,

    •  Brian Knutson, PhD.

  • Session Six: Open discussion held by

    • James Doty, MD,

    • Jennifer Altman, PhD

    •  Tenzin Tethong.



2010-04-11 - Altruism and Compassion in Economic Systems:
  A Dialogue at the Interface of Economics, Neuroscience and Contemplative Sciences Zurich, Switzerland. By Mind and Life.

  • Compassion, Empathy, Altruism and Pro-social Behavior

  • Altruism: Evolutionary Origins and Modern Expressions

  • Economic Research on Altruistic/Pro-social Behavior

  • Introducing Prosociality into Economic Systems

  • Reflections, Integration and Future Directions for Research and Policy


2010-04-22- Kinesthetic Empathy: Concepts and Contexts
"This peer-reviewed conference will be held on 22 and 23 April 2010 and will bring together researchers and practitioners in fields including neuroscience, dance, film, music, and contemporary embodied practices, to explore the nature and role of kinesthetic empathy. The conference aimed to provide a focus for the growing body of research and the increasing number of scholars and practitioners who are engaging with kinesthesia, empathy and kinesthetic empathy as pivotal concepts across different disciplines and media. This impetus  is connected with current concern with ‘affect’ as an object of enquiry, interrogation of notions of presence, embodiment and the senses, re-examination of phenomenology, and widespread interest in neuroscientific investigation (notably in the 'mirror neuron' system)."   


 Program - All Videos



Christian Keysers
PART 1 - From Mirror Neurons to Kinesthetic Empathy: Keynote
PART 2: From Mirror Neurons to Kinesthetic Empathy

  • has video of monkey reacting with motor neurons to his grasping and to human grasping

  • use test with MRIs to see if humans have the same reaction.

  • motor neurons test with sounds, motion, vision, with human and animals

  • motor neurons is a very fast process

  • the brain process of empathy

  • etc


Glenna Batson
The Embodied Brain – Facilitating Movement Learning through Mirror Neurons



Susan Foster
Dancing with the 'Mind's Muscles': A Brief History of Kinesthesia and Empathy



Brian Knoth
Embodied Mediation: Interactive Media Environments and the Audience Experience of Kinesthetic Empathy


Marianne Eberhard-Kaechele
Modalities of Kinesthetic Empathy in Dance Therapy


Bonnie Meekums
Mirroring and Embodied Subjectivity


Gayle Milburn
Empathy and Presence in the Performance of ‘ Open’ Improvisational Dance


Tal-Chen Rabinowitch, Ian Cross and Pamela Burnard
Musical Group Interaction and empathy - a mutual cognitive pathway?



2010-04-24 - Compassionate Seattle 
The Compassionate Action Network, Seeds of Compassion and the Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education create an event on compassion . Event flyer in pdf


2009-2010 - Interdisciplinary Seminar on Empathy  - Participants
Indiana University invites applications for a post-doctoral residential fellow on the topic of empathy and virtue as part of a research team exploring, “Virtuous Empathy: Scientific and Humanistic Perspectives,”

2010-07-16 -
2010 - Empathy and Innovation Summit
With a capacity crowd of physicians, hospital executives, nurses and other healthcare professionals, the conference focused on innovations to improve the clinical, physical and emotional experience of patients.


2010-07-(08-09) - Exploring The Language of Mental Life -Telluride, CO



The Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (CCARE) at Stanford University has announced a conference on the Language of Mental Life scheduled for July 7-9, 2010 during which western scientists will meet with Buddhist scholars to create a lexicon for better understanding the key terms of mental life.



Erika Rosenberg Interview on empathy and compassion












2010-10-(07-09) - 29th annual Spindel Conference: Empathy and Ethics.


The 29th annual Spindel Conference will take place October 7–9, 2010 at the University of Memphis. The topic of this year's conference is "Empathy and Ethics." The opening keynote address will be delivered by Stephen Darwall. John Deighand Peter Goldie will also deliver keynote talks.

  • Opening Keynote: Stephen Darwall, Yale

  • “Will the Real Empathy Please Stand Up?  - Amy Coplan, Cal State Fullerton 

  • “Empathy, Justice, and Jurisprudence”  - John Deigh, UT Austin

  • “Psychopathy, Responsibility, and the Moral–Conventional Distinction” - David Shoemaker, Tulane

  • Moral Sentimentalism  Author: Michael Slote, U. Miami

  •  “Imagination, Empathy, and Ethics: The Case of Imaginative Resistance” Speaker: Karsten Stueber, Holy Cross

  • “Empathizing with Yourself”  -  Peter Goldie, Manchester, U.K.

  • “Against Empathy” - Jesse Prinz, CUN




Dalai Lama North America Visit   (I'll post videos as they become public)

2010-10-(14-15)  - Stanford, CA  The Centrality of Compassion in Human Life and Society
at Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education, Stanford, CA

The Dalai Lama will be at Stanford for two days in October, returning to the university to  discuss compassion, altruism and what it means to lead a meaningful life. 
       15th - Session Schedule: Scientific Explorations of Compassion and Altruism

2010-10-14 - Centrality of Compassion in Human Life and Society (9:30 - 11 am) 1hr 30m




2010-10-14 -  Harry's Last Lecture on a Meaningful Life: The Dalai Lama (2-3:30 pm)
1hr 30m



2010-10-14 - Karen Armstrong
Training the Mind for Compassion: How the World Religions Did It  (5:30-7:30pm)

2010-10-15 - Conference: Scientific Explorations of Compassion and Altruism (9:00am–4:00pm)


2010-10-(17-19) - Emory University


International Conference on Tibetan Buddhism

INTERFAITH SUMMIT ON HAPPINESS: Understanding and Promoting Happiness in Today’s Society

2010-10-(22-24) -Toronto Visit

Friday, October 22, 2010 - Rogers Centre
         * Public Talk, “Human Approaches to World Peace”

Saturday, October 23, 2010 - Invitation Only with His Holiness
         * Grand Opening Ceremony of the Tibetan Canadian Cultural Centre

Sunday, October 24, 2010 - Tibetan Canadian Cultural Centre

         * Long Life Empowerment and Long Life Ceremony
         * Buddhist Teaching, “Eight Verses of Training the Mind”

08  - Pain and Empathy: 1st International Symposium  (in French)
First international symposium on the theme of "PAIN" and "Empathy". This interdisciplinary dialogue open to all is organized by ED3C. During the two-day conference will succeed philosophers, scientists, sociologists, with whom you can discuss

(29-31) - The Mindful Lawyer: Practices & Prospects for Law School, Bench, and Bar
A remarkable gathering will take place at Berkeley’s law school, where 150 lawyers, professors, judges, and law students will come together to review the progress we’ve made. Over the ensuing weekend, they’ll meditate together and discuss the opportunities and challenges facing this movement and the legal profession as a whole. University of California at Berkeley School of Law, Contact Doug Chermak, Conference Coordinator and Law Program Director, or 510-821-3474.


2010-11-05 -  Building Compassion, Trust, and Happiness, (Seattle, WA)
Greater Good Science Center - Seminar


2010-11-(19–21) - Mind & LIfe XXII:  New Delhi, India
Contemplative Science: The Scientific Investigation of the Effects of Contemplative Practices on Human Biology and Behavior

2010-11-18 -  Creating a Compassionate World
Celebrating the One-Year Anniversary of the Charter for Compassion.
In partnership with the Fetzer Institute, Co-Hosted by the United Nations Office for Partnerships
Program Schedule

  • Rev. Dr. Joan Brown Campbell: "This IS a compassionate world!"

  • Dr. Fred Luskin: Talks About Having Compassion For Our Vulnerability

  • Chris Anderson: Our Compassion Experiment

  • Krista's Final; Definition of Compassion

  • Chade-Meng Tan: Compassion at Google

  • Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf: on Compassion

  • Karen Armstrong: Charter for Compassion

  • Salman Ahmad: Wraps Up The TEDPrize@UN Event

  • Chris Anderson: Concludes



2010-11-(19-21) - 5th Annual International Conference - Engaging The Other: Power of Compassion
Sonoma State University, Sonoma , California USA

At a time when polarization is the true culprit, a multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary conference addressing fear-based belief systems, negative stereotypes, polarization, enemy images, scapegoating, and artificial barriers of distrust that divide us.

Dec 03, 2010 - Seed of Compassion - Roots of Empathy (Berkeley, CA)
Greater Good Science Center - Seminar,  UC Berkeley - Dacher Keltner, Mary Gordon
Day long seminar will offer strategies for cultivating compassion, empathy, and resilience in yourself and others.


Your quest for an empathic culture, or a Culture of Empathy as you call it, I think is a great quest. I don't think it's ever to late to develop empathy. It starts so naturally... I think we should do everything that we can to cultivate empathy and we can do it at every level. So why would we not.

Mary Gordon founder of 'Roots of Empathy' talks about the Importance of Empathy




2011-03-(26-24) - The Master Mediator Institute presents
 Wired for Empathy: Understanding Human Connection, Trust and Effective Decision Making


2011-03-(08-10) - Center for the Study of Empathic Therapy, Education & Living
Syracuse, New York - Dr. Peter Breggin's new Center for the Study of Empathic Therapy, Education and Living is sponsoring an exciting, informative, fresh and inspiring conference.

Best Selling Authors: Peter Breggin MD, Charles Whitefield MD, Howard Glasser, Melanie Sears, Wendy West Pidkaminy, Pamela Glasner, Hemant Thakur MD
International Experts: Alberto Fergusson, MD, Bart Billings, PhD, Peter Breggin MD
Professors and Educators: Gerald Porter PhD, Adrianne Johnson PhD, Barbara Streets, PhD, Rosemary Barnes, PhD
Innovative Practitioners: Douglas Smith MD, Deborah Denome, Cindy Perlin, Daniel Mackler, Michael Shaw MD, Sarton Weinraub PhD
Advocates: Sharon Hoffman, Mathy Downing, Attorney Karl Protil, Susan Schellenberg


2011-05-11 - A Course on Compassion Empathy in the Face of Chronic Pain
Most physicians are empathetic by nature and are drawn to medicine because they want to “make a difference.” But the rigors of training and practice often cause us to disconnect from our compassionate selves. The goal of the course is to increase the attendee’s awareness of how this lack of connection interferes with their own quality of life and ability to be effective healers. Compassion is a trait that must be nurtured over time.

2011-05-(22-24) - 2011 Empathy and Innovation Summit - Cleveland OH

The conference focuses on innovations to improve the clinical, physical and emotional experience of patients.
"The Empathy and Innovation Summit is a three-day, multidisciplinary conference devoted to exploring patient experience as a key differentiator essential to the future of healthcare delivery. Click here to see the complete agenda. "

2011-06-(02-03) - From Sympathy to Empathy: Hume and Beyond Antwerp University
This two day conference will be devoted to Hume’s concept of sympathy and to contemporary accounts of empathy. The aim of the conference is threefold: a) to address various issues related to Hume’s conception of sympathy as brought forward in his Treatise of Human Nature; b) to confront Hume’s account of sympathy with contemporary research on empathy and the emotions...


2011-06-11 - TEDXGodenGateED:Theme: Teach Compassion: Making Change Happen (Richmond, CA)
Join us to explore humanity's stickiest idea: Compassion. In true TED fashion, we promise a full day of inspiration, insight, interaction, and delight as we learn about the new science of compassion, and see how compassion helps transform schools and communities.

2011-07-(01-02) - Empathy and the Blocking of Empathy
International conference to be held at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development Berlin, July 1-2, 2011 Hosted by Aleida Assmann (Konstanz), Steven Aschheim (Jerusalem) and Ute Frevert (Berlin)

PANEL 1: Neuroscience
PANEL 2: Cultural Concepts
PANEL 3: Empathy and the Holocaust
PANEL 4: Cases of Empathy Past and Present
PANEL 5: Empathy and the Disciplines
PANEL 6: Concluding Remarks

The Science of Compassion:
National Institute of Nursing Research presents. Future Directions in End-of-Life and Palliative Care, at the Hyatt Regency in Bethesda, Maryland. The entire program is free and open to the public.
Overall Summit objectives include.

  • Examine the current status of end-of-life and palliative care research, practice and policy

  • Propose strategies to overcome barriers and ensure scientific and methodological rigor in research

  • Delineate new action items that galvanize progress in this vital area of science

  • Envision and map pathways to ensure a future rich with scientific endeavor and achievements


2011-08-10 - Telluride Institute - Compassion for a World in Crisis

 Aiming for an exploration which is neither New Age nor overly academic, we will tackle the interesting practical questions around compassion for our time: Can compassion be taught, can it be learned, and how? What is the potential for compassion as a secular protocol? Can the practice of compassion and mindfulness be scaled up from a personal to a societal level? How can we move beyond preaching to the choir and make use of compassion in the most difficult and contentious situations?

2011-08-(26-28)  Beyond the Brain IX The Science of Empathy and the Spirit of Compassion
University of Winchester, UK
The conference will be focusing on empathy and compassion through the lens of the emerging science of empathy, which is demonstrating that we are actually wired for empathy and compassion. Rather than seeing human beings as an outcome of the selfish gene, knowing that empathy potential exists at a neurophysiological level gives us a completely different understanding of human nature. To explore this reality we have brought together a distinguished panel of presenters.  The well-known writer Karen Armstrong has been a leading proponent of the Charter for Compassion, which she will introduce. Iain McGilchrist will explore the neurophysiology underpinning empathy –the social brain - and its association with the right hemisphere.


2011-09-07 - Our Way -  Design Academy Eindhoven - Holland  (Empathy in Design)
We will discuss how empathy can play a role in the future of design education with lectures, debates, more then 10 workshops

Facing complex global issues; designers need to “be in tune” to create interdisciplinary solutions. In a
world full ideas, endless technical possibilities as well as urgent needs for smart, sustainable and creative products and services; empathy seems to be a key word.  The ability to feel and understand emotions of other human beings or animals is a very old achievement that is settled both in our body and mind. In fact, according to word respected Dutch primatologist and ethnologist Frans de Waal, empathy and not the survival of the fittest made it possible for human beings to survive. Therefore it should play a key role in politics, commercial  institutes and society in general.  How much empathy is needed for designers?

Empathy 2.0 - Edwin Rutsch and Darci Shaver
With a focus on where compassionate communication and mediation are headed as they pertain to the current and future states of the online world, Darci Shaver and Edwin Rutsch explore concepts of connecting with others in cutting edge and empathic ways. This workshop will delve into current comprehensions of apathy, anonymity, empathy, compassion, and altruism as they apply to online living. Expect a short story or two, some Q &A, a few interesting empathy ʻtestsʼ to participate in and lots of interesting discussion.


2011-09-16 The Neuroscience of Compassion

Sponsored by Stony Brook University's Center for Medical Humanities, Compassionate Care, and Bioethics

Several independent lines of scientific inquiry that suggest humans are compassionate by nature, and that those who are compassionate have better heath and live longer compared to those who do not help others. Some efforts to understand the health effects of compassion have turned to neurobiology for answers, as way to study and understand how compassionate behavior involves bodily processes that influence morbidity and mortality.

  • Trends in Social Science and Medicine -  Stephanie Brown & David Reinhard

  • Measuring Oxytocin and Progesterone - Dylan Smith

  • How Genetic Testing Can inform the Science of Compassion - Michael Poulin

  • Studying Compassion in the Scanner - Shaun Ho

  • Parental Brain informs Compassionate Motivation and Behavior  - James Swain

  • Declining Empathy in the United States - Sara Konrath

  • Neuroscience and Health: Relevance of Oxytocin, Progesterone and Stress Regulation - Heather Cameron

  • Evolutionary Theories of Altruism .. - Stephanie Brown

  • Linking Compassionate Behavior to Physical and Mental Health - Sara Konrath, Michael Poulin & James Swain



2011-09-30 - Creating a Mindful Society - Omega Institute

Whether your interest is applying mindfulness at home, in your work, for better health, or simply to make your life more joyful and awake, you will benefit from this groundbreaking conference on changing lives and creating a mindful society.


2011-11-(11-12) - Empathy, Self, Society, Culture

Growing out of a two-year grant-supported project on "Virtuous Empathy: Scientific and Humanistic Investigations," this symposium aims to explore theories and practices of empathy. For more information about the Virtuous Empathy project, see We invite papers to explore both virtuous and vicious forms of empathy, and to do so from a variety of perspectives. Proposals for papers are invited in three broad categories: Empathy and Psychology; Empathy and Ethics; and Empathy in Culture, History, and Society. 

  • Abstracts

  • Keynotes

    • Carolyn Dean - (History, International Studies, Brown University), "The Longing for Human Dignity and its Relation to 'Virtuous' Empathy"

    • Nancy Eisenberg - (Psychology, Arizona State University), "Empathy-Related Responding in Children: Relations with Positive Moral and Social Development"

    • Nancy Sherman -  (Philosophy, Georgetown University), "Recovering Lost Goodness: Self-Empathy and Self-Forgiveness"

    • Jason Endacott & Joseph O’Brien - “Historical Empathy: Lost in the Shuffle of History Education”

    •  Marilyn Edelstein  -  “Empathy, Ethics, and Race: American Multicultural Fiction and the Development of Cross-Racial Understanding”

  • Keith Brown  -  “Empathy-work in Wartime: Memoirs and Civilian-Military Relations in Iraq, Afghanistan
    and the U. S.”

  • Anelise Shrout  -  “Distant Sufferers: Empathy and the Origins of Transnational Humanitarianism”

  • Ariel Knafo, Salomen Israel, Florina Uzefovsky  -  “Empathy as a Core Temperamental Dimension: Theoretical Considerations and Empirical Evidence” 

  • Alicia Hofelich & Stephanie Preston - “Personal Representations for Emotion Mediate Empathy and Altruism”

  • Fritz Breithaupt “The Dark Side of Empathy”

  • Kevin Houser “Reasons, Suffering, and Ethical Empathy

  • Sara Konrath “Temporal Trends in Empathy and Related Traits”

  • Jessica Tooker “Processing Pain and the Cognitive Awareness of Shared Humanity: Empathy and/in the

  • Heather Curtis “Picturing Pain: Evangelical Humanitarianism & the Politics of Empathy in the Progressive Era”

  • Malika Maskarinec - “To Feel at Home in Space: Empathy Among German Expressionist Painters”

  • John Bodnar  -  “The Rosenbergs, Empathy and American Identity”

  • Noam Schimmel   -  “The Role of Empathy in Barack Obama’s Political Rhetoric and Vision of Social Solidarity”

  • Simon Calder  -  “Empathy, Casuistry, and Novel Reading”

  • Mary-Catherine Harrison“Empathic Bias in Interpersonal and Narrative Empathy”

  • Meghan Meyer  -  “The Independent Self is an Empathizing Self: Self-Other Overlap in Chinese Participants Increases Empathy for Social Suffering”

  • Marianne Noble   -  “Walt Whitman, J.G. Herder, and the Ethics of Empathy

  • Michelle Brown  -  “Empathy, Law, and the Living Dead”

  • Jody Madeira  -  “The Family Capital of Capital Families: Investigating Empathic Connections
    Between Jurors and Defendants’ Families in Death Penalty Cases”


2011-10–12 - The Science of Compassion: Future Directions in End-of-Life and Palliative Care

This Summit will bring together scientists, researchers, palliative and end-of-life care health professionals, educators, policy makers, members of professional organizations and individuals with life-limiting illnesses as well as their caregivers.


2011-07–12 - Compassion Research Day at Facebook


At Facebook we understand the importance of research and practice around how people perceive, relate, and engage with each other. In this spirit, Facebook is hosting researchers and practitioners who work to improve our understanding of the driving forces and benefits of compassion.  This event is open to the public and will be streaming live.
Location:Facebook Building 2, 1050 Page Mill Road, Palo Alto, CA 9430

  • Arturo Bejar

  • Dacher Keltner

  • Kathryn Lee and Mark Basnage ...

  • Marc Brackett

  • Rodolfo Mendoza-Dento

  • Jeffrey Szilagyi and Dave Talamo








Public Lectures: Virtuous Empathy: Scientific and Humanistic Investigations

"Indiana University received a grant from the University of Chicago (sponsored by the John Templeton Foundation) to study "Virtuous Empathy: Scientific and Humanistic Investigations" from fall 2010 to spring 2012. Richard B. Miller, Poynter Center director, is the PI for the project. Additional support came from the IU Institute for Advanced Studies, directed by John Bodnar, the IU Office for the Vice Provost for Research, and the College of Arts and Sciences."

2012-02-20 - Novel Readers and the Empathetic Angel of our Nature
Suzanne Keen, Washington and Lee University


2011-04-19 - Empathy and Imagination

Eva-Maria Engelen, University of Konstanz


2011-02-24 - Rethinking Clinical Empathy

Jodi Halpern, University of California, Berkeley


2010-10-27 - Unmasking the Criminal Psychopath: Clinical Assessment, Legal Relevance, and Cognitive Neuroscience
"Dr. Kent Kiehl, who is Director of the Mobile Imaging Core and Clinical Cognitive Neuroscience at the Mind Research Network and Associate Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of New Mexico"


2012-02-(10-11) - Ashoka U Exchange
Empathy in Education - Arizona State University - Tempe, Arizona


2012-02-(23-26) - Wisdom 2.0 Exploring living with Awareness, Wisdom and Compassion in the Technology Age.   (Event was livecast on livestream)

The Wisdom 2.0 Conference is a one-of-a-kind event in Silicon Valley that brings together people from a variety of disciplines, including technology leaders, Zen teachers, neuroscientists, and academics, to explore how we can live with deeper meaning and wisdom in our technology-rich age.


2012-03-(1-2)  HAPPINESS & ITS CAUSES 2012, Sydney, Australia


2012-03-23 - The Science of a Meaningful Life: Self-Compassion and Emotional Resilience
International House, UC Berkeley Campus - 9 am-4:30 pm

"This day-long seminar will offer strategies for cultivating self-compassion and reducing stress in yourself and others. It will be led by Dr. Kristin Neff, a pioneer in the study of self-compassion. Will be webcast live! Self-compassion is a skill that can be learned by anyone. It involves generating feelings of kindness and care toward ourselves as imperfect human beings, and learning to be present with greater ease during life’s inevitable struggles. "


2012-04-26-29 - International Symposia for Contemplate Studies, Denver, CO

The International Symposia for Contemplative Studies grew out of discussion among contemplative research center and laboratory directors, at a meeting convened by the Mind & Life Institute in the Summer of 2010.


2012-04-(13-15)  The Power of Empathic Relationship

Dr. Peter Breggin's Second Annual Empathic Therapy Conference for International Counselors, Social Workers, Psychiatrists, Psychologists & Educators. The theme of  the Power of Empathic Relationship relates both to individual growth and life improvement as well as specifically addressing ways that counselors, social workers, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, psychologists, teachers, and others can be their very best professionally with their clients, patients and students.


2012-04-(18-19) Dali Lama - Compassion without Boarders

San Diego State University, UC San Diego, and the University of San Diego are honored to host His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama’s first visit to America’s finest city. The two-day symposium will provide a thought-provoking forum to inspire new discoveries and expand our understanding of humanity. His Holiness will share his views on upholding ethics, practicing forgiveness and tolerance, and coping with the challenges found in today’s society

  • 'The Global Impact of Climate'.

  • 'Cultivating Peace and Justice'.

  • "Upholding Universal Ethics and Compassion in Challenging Times'.


2012-04-(20-21) - Creativity and Compassion: How They Come Together
Western Connecticut State University

A Conference & Conversation with Buddhist Scholars, Distinguished Faculty, Students, and Creativity Experts

This two-day gathering of Buddhist scholars, writers, faculty and students will focus on understanding how these two powerful concepts are related.


2012-04-(20-21) - 5th Annual Meeting of the Social & Affective Neuroscience Society,  New York City.

  • Symposium Session A: Empathy

    • Shihui Han, Peking University

    • Sylvia Morelli, University of California, Los Angeles

    • Jamil Zaki, Harvard University

    • Tania Singer, Max Planck Institute

  • Keynote Debate: Mirror Neurons]

    • Christian Keysers, University Medical Center Groningen, KNAW

    • Geoff Bird, University of London

  • Poster Session D (Empathy, Culture, Social Interaction, Health)

  • Session I Empathy & Choice

  • ....


2012-04-(26-29) International Symposia for Contemplative Studies

The inaugural 2012 International Symposia for Contemplative Studies, facilitated by the Mind & Life Institute, is a collaborative effort among Centers and Laboratories around the world to explore the correlates and consequences of contemplative practice. The Symposia brings together world-renowned researchers, scholars, teachers, and students in keynote addresses, concurrent master lectures, panels, workshops, and poster presentations.

View Video Presentations

  • Master Lecture Webcast: Basic Science/Neuroscience and Contemplative Practice

  • Promoting Empathy, Awareness, and Compassion with Parents, Teachers and Youth

    • Mark Greenberg, Penn State University,

    • Douglas Coatsworth, Penn State University,

    • Tamar Mendelson, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and

    • Patricia Jennings,Penn State University

  • Contemplative Science & the Relational Dimension: From Stress Regulation to Empathy and Compassion

    • Andrew Dreitcer, Claremont Lincoln University,

    • Brent Field, Princeton University,

    • Tania Singer, Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig,

    • Michael Spezio, Scripps College, California Institute of Technology

    • Cassandra Vieten, Institute for Noetic Sciences

  • Cognitively-Based Compassion Training (CBCT): Theoretical Framework, Teaching Approaches and Preliminary Findings

    • Thaddeus Pace, Emory University School of Medicine,

    • Geshe Lobsang Tenzin Negi, Department of Religion, Emory University,

    • Brendan Ozawa-deSilva, Department of Religion, Emory University, 

    • Brooke Dodson-Lavelle, Department of Religion, Emory University

  • Neural Substrates of Compassion

    • Tania Singer, Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig,

    • Tor Wager, University of Colorado,

    • Helen Weng, University of Wisconsin-Madison

    • Olga Klimecki, Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig


2012-05-11 - Fostering Empathy in Our Schools:  A free symposium on empathy education

A day-long exploration into how schools can effectively use the newly enacted Dignity for All Students Act to create emotionally safe schools. Join teachers, school administrators, students, and community members in guided dialogue focused on empathy education. A central outcome of the day will be the identification of  ideas and projects that infuse empathy education into school culture and practice.

  • “Setting the Stage” - David A. Levine

  • Little Steps Long Journey - Jim Lew

  • Panel dialogue and discussion - Empathy, bullying and The Dignity for All Act

    • Priscilla Prutzman, Director of Creative Response to Conflict, Nyack, NY

    • Panelists Robert Reidy, Executive Director, NYS Council of School Superintendents, Albany, NY

    • Nadine McDermott, Principal, Todd Elementary School, Briarcliff Manor, NY

    • Jeff Conwiser, Teacher and peer leadership advisor, Hastings on Hudson High School

  • Critical issues facilitated discussion - Aggression in schools, the Dignity for All implementation, and empathy infusion

  • Community Meeting: Where do we go from here?


2012-05-(14-16) - Roots of Empathy research symposium
Toronto, ON

Roots of Empathy will bring together 18 leading experts to present their research on neuroscience and social-emotional development, empathy and gender binary, and research on the Roots of Empathy program. The research symposium will provide a forum for experts to discuss a decade of research, and begin looking ahead to the next 10 years of study on the effects of the Roots of Empathy program on social-emotional development. Together, with Roots of Empathy, experts will determine what the new questions are, and how findings will be measured.

  • Mary Gordon, Founder/President of Roots of Empathy

  • Hon. Laurel Broten, Minister of Education

  • Daniel Batson, PhD

  • C. Sue Carter, PhD

  • Alan Fogel, PhD

  • Andrew N. Meltzoff, PhD

  • Allan Schore, PhD

  • Stuart G. Shanker, Ph


2012-05-(20-22) Patient Experience Empathy/ Innovation Summit -  Cleveland Clinic
Transforming Healthcare through Empathy and Innovation

The Patient Experience: Empathy and Innovation Summit is a three-day, multidisciplinary conference devoted to exploring patient experience as a key differentiator essential to the future of healthcare delivery. The Summit will feature expert panel discussions about the national patient experience movement, providing participants from all disciplines the opportunity to identify shared challenges and inspire innovative solutions to help transform the patient experience and elevate customer satisfaction as a competitive differentiator.


2012-05-29 -SHIFT HAPPENS # 1:COMPASSION IN THE CARE (Netherlands)

Bureaucracy, cost, disgruntled staff and patients complaining ... Is the system intended to make sick people better myself so healthy? According to a growing group of stakeholders, the diagnosis is clear: The care is suffering from a chronic lack of vitamin C. The C of Compassion that is.


2012-06-11 - The 2nd Compassion Research Day at Facebook HQ
By Facebook Engineering


See videos Compassion Research Day at Facebook HQ

Supporting the 900+ million people who use Facebook is a big challenge and we have found that understanding the science of how people relate is essential in building tools that help people.

Over the last six months we've partnered with great researchers in the field of communicating emotion and social-emotional learning. We would like to share data and discuss what we've learned, host some of the best researchers in the field of compassion research as well as a teacher and the youth he works with for our summer Compassion Research Day on July 11th.

  • Arturo Bejar and Jake Brill, Facebook Engineering

  • This Post is a Problem 

    • Marc Brackett, Deputy Director, Health, Emotion, & Behavior Laboratory, Yale University

    • Robin Stern, Psychoanalyst; Program in Communication and Education, Teachers College, Columbia University

    • Andres Richner, Instructional Technologist; Educator

  • I Am Not a Shoe 

    • Dacher Keltner, Director of Berkeley's Social Interaction Laboratory

    • Emiliana Simon-Thomas, Science Director, Greater Good Science Center, UC Berkeley

    • Paul Piff, Post-Doctoral Research Scientist, Psychology Department, UC Berkeley

  • The Social Tuning of Compassion

    • Piercarlo Valdesolo, Assistant Professor of Psychology at Claremont McKenna College in Claremont, CA.

  • The Costs of Compassion and Callousness 

    • Daryl Cameron, social psychology graduate student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  • Hope Required 

    • Jeff Duncan-Andrade, East Oakland high school teacher, Associate Professor of Raza Studies 


2012-06-11 - Researching Empathy - An academic conference

Royal Institute of British Architect - Portland Place - London  pdf flyer
This academic conference will bring together empathy researchers to discuss the new model of empathy dynamics in dialogue, and findings from the studies that support it, in the light of their own work.  A lively debate across disciplines is promised! Speakers include

  • Professor Lynne Cameron (Open University)

  • Professor Nick Wheeler (Birmingham)

  • Dr Bruna Seu (Birkbeck)

  • Dr David Ritchie (Portland, Oregon)

  • Dr Naomi Head Glasgow)


2012-06-23 - Conference on Empathy and Memory Studies

The concept of empathy has become central to the transdisciplinary field of memory studies with the rise of interest in witnessing and trauma. Trauma studies has raised the question of primary witnessing’s relations with the unrepresentable and the problems this poses for empathy. More recently with the growing attention to mediated memory and its travels a focus has emerged on the possibilities for empathy in ‘postmemory’ (Hirsch), ‘secondary witnessing’ (Apel) and ‘prosthetic memory’ (Landsberg).

This one-day conference will provide a much needed interdisciplinary forum for memory studies to engage explicitly with the question of empathy. To date, empathy has been pitted against sympathy or over-identification with victims of past injustice and violence.


2012-07-(19-22) - The Science of Compassion Origins, Measures and Interventions
The Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (CCARE)

"There has never been an international conference dedicated to scientific inquiry into compassion from multiple methodological perspectives. An adaptive pro-social emotion and a virtuous trait broadly condoned across humanistic and spiritual traditions, compassion has only recently gained the attention of science. The Science of Compassion: Origins, Measures and Interventions conference will provide an unprecedented opportunity for expert and aspiring researchers to review theoretical foundations, study approaches, data, and compassion-training approaches, to exchange and debate ideas, and to realize consensus towards conceptually aligned, synergistic approaches to demonstrating empirically how compassion can improve public health."

  • Panel 1: Origins and Conceptual Models of Compassion

  • Panel 2: Compassion-Building Interventions

  • Panel 3: Self-Report, Autonomic and Behavioral Measures of Compassion

  • Panel 4: Neurotransmitters, Neuropeptides, Genes and Compassion

  • Panel 5: Neural Indices of Compassion

  • Panel 6: Future Directions in Research on Compassion


2012-08-(16-18)  -  What is empathy and what do we need it for?
CFP, Conference, Stockholm, Södertörn University, Stockholm  Program.pdf

The last ten years we have witnessed an exploding interest in the phenomenon of empathy. The wave of empathy studies is psychology, philosophy, psychiatry and other disciplines is linked to a parallel theoretical interest in the phenomena of feeling, selfhood, inter-subjectivity and morality, but also to practical attempts to understand and improve meetings between workers and clients in different professions, such as health care professions, teaching professions, psychotherapy or social work. To be empathic is increasingly viewed as a must for any person working in cooperation with and/or helping other people, although, as is also pointed out, the empathy must be professional in character to not produce destructive intimacy or burn out.

  • Lou Agosta, University of Chicago;

  • Thomas Fuchs, University of Heidelberg;

  • Jodi Halpern, University of California Berkeley;

  • Matthew Ratcliffe, Durham University;

  • Jan Slaby, Freie Universität Berlin


2012-08-(23-25) - HAPPINESS 2012:  Happiness, Compassion & Sustainability A strategic gathering


Learn and share in an interactive and compassionate setting. This training will give you the tools, knowledge and resources to conduct a happiness initiative in your city, community, business or other organization.


2012-10-(15-17)  - 2012 NeuroLeadership Summit: "Leadership and the Collective" NY


As the momentum of the exciting new field of NeuroLeadership builds don't miss your opportunity to join the conversation with academic and corporate business presenters as they discuss the latest neuroscience and its application in an organizational context.


2012-10-08  - The Compassionate Brain: With Rick Hanson
Activating the Neural Circuits of Kindness, Caring, and Love
Practical Neuroscience for Transformation, A FREE Online Event Series, beginning Monday, October 8, 2012, 



2012-10-08  -  Art & Science of Mindfulness & Counseling: “A Revolution of the Heart”

Faces Conference: A conference for mental health professionals who want to infuse their practice with mindfulness

  • Mindfulness Skills and Dialectial Behavior Therapy (DBT)

  • Inside Compassion: Edge States, Contemplative Interventions & Social Psychology

  •  Mindfulness and Self-Compassion

  • Cultivating Empathy for Others: The Latest Science & Practice

  • The Buddha’s Bed: A Mindful Approach to Sleep

  • etc


2012-11-(1-3) - The Art and Science of Mindfulness and Counseling: “A Revolution of the Heart”

Faces Conference: Red Rock Hotel & Spa, Las Vegas, NV
Thousands of psychologists, social workers, nurses, and mental health professionals trust us to provide the best continuing education training and conference experiences.

  • Join mindfulness experts

  • Jack Kornfield

  • Marsha Linehan

  • Rick Hansen

  • Roshi Joan Halifax

    • Empathy, Altruism & Compassion: Practices & Perspectives

  • Ron Siegel, Psy.D,

  • etc


2012-11-(22-24) - The Empathy and Compassion in Society Conference & Youth Gathering

 London, UK.  "Almost 600 professionals and 300 young people gathered over three days at the first Empathy and Compassion in Society conference in London in November 2012. The conference asks what happens when we choose to put compassion at the very centre of our professional lives, and whether it is possible to cultivate compassion."
Speakers will include


2012-11-27 - Empathy-Workshop Ashoka Switzerland


"Ashoka Switzerland invited experts with different backgrounds related to empathy such as children and parents’ organizations, educational institutions, research and foundations to leverage their know-how and their networks....The commitments of the working group included communicating the models to their networks, lobbying the Department of Education, appealing to donor partners and identifying 25 teachers, who will become empathy ambassadors. They formed a core team, who will organize a follow-up event with “Roots of Empathy” in February 2013 and will work on setting up a pilot school in Switzerland."

  • Mary Gordon "Roots of Empathy"

  • Heidrun Mayer "Papilio".'




2013-01–23 - 3rd Compassion Research Day at Facebook

At Facebook we understand the importance of research and practice around how people perceive, relate, and engage with each other. In this spirit, Facebook is hosting researchers and practitioners who work to improve our understanding of the driving forces and benefits of compassion.  This event is open to the public and will be streaming live. 
Location: Facebook Building 10, 1050 Page Mill Road, Palo Alto, CA 9430
Can't join us in person? Watch the event live

  • Arturo Bejar

  • Dacher Keltner - Diff'rent Flows for Diff'rent Folks  

  • Emiliana Simon-Thomas

  • Paul Piff

  • Marc Brackett Emotionally Intelligent Bullying Prevention 

  • Robin Stern

  • Piercarlo Valdesolo - Me, and you, and everyone we know (and everything we like)

  • Emma Seppala - Beyond the Service: Veteran Healing & Empowerment through Social Media, Community & Compassion


 2012-01-(10-12) - Empathy. A neurobiological capacity and its cultural and conceptual history


 The symposium provides a site to examine the neurobiological theory of empathy and its impact on socio-psychological ideas of care-taking, altruism etc. within the cultural and conceptual history of empathy and related concepts, the latter referring to both aesthetics and moral philosophy.

  • Sigrid Weigel (ZfL): Empathy. A neurobiological capacity and its cultural and conceptual history

  • Vittorio Gallese (Parma): Embodied Simulation Theory. The body in aesthetic experience

  • Andrea Pinotti (Milan): A question of character. The empathic life of things

  • Christian G. Allesch (Salzburg): Empathy. A key concept of psychological aesthetics

  • Patrizia Manganaro (Rome): Empathy and phenomenology. The roots of intersubjectivity by Edith Stein

  • Susan Lanzoni (Harvard Univ.): Empathy in translation

  • Vanessa Lux (ZfL): Measuring the emotional quality of empathy and sympathy

  • Marianne Leuzinger-Bohleber (Frankfurt a.M.): Empathy with the primary object. Key to Winnicott’s or Klein’s baby?

  • Thomas Fuchs (Heidelberg): The Extended Body. A phenomenological and enactive account of empathy

  • Grit Hein (Zurich): Modulation of empathy and its link to altruism

  • Katja Liebal (FU Berlin): Does empathy motivate prosocial behavior in great apes?

  • Mark Solms (Cape Town): The problem of other minds. A neuropsychoanalytical perspective

  • Simon Strick (ZfL): Feeling other people's pain between 1750 and 1860. Aesthetics, politics, biopower

  • Helmut J. Schneider (Bonn): Empathy, fiction, community. Aesthetic experience and social cohesion in Enlightenment thought

  • Iris Hermann (Bamberg): Empathy in literary texts

  • Antonio Somaini (Paris): Expressive movement, regression, ecstasy. The aesthetics of empathy in Sergei M. Eisenstein’s art theory

  • etc.


2013-01-17 - Empathy: The Development and Disintegration of Human Connection  (transcripts)
Symposium by the Center for Law, Brain, and Behavior - Massachusetts General Hospital (videos)


Helen Riess discusses "Empathy Research and Education"
Helen Riess MD, is Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and Director of the Empathy and Relational Science Program in the Department of Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital.


Alice Flaherty discusses "A Neurologist's View of Empathy?"
Alice Flaherty, MD, PhD, is a joint associate professor of both neurology and psychiatry at HMS. Her practice is at MGH. ]


Judith Edersheim discusses "American Violence: The Absence of Empathy?"
Judith Edersheim, JD, MD is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, a senior consultant to the Law and Psychiatry Service at Massachusetts General Hospital, and Co-Director of the Center for Law, Brain and Behavior.



Carl Marci discusses "Neurobiology and Physiology of Empathy"
Carl D. Marci, MD, Director of Social Neuroscience for Psychotherapy Research Program, Massachusetts General Hospital; Instructor in Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

Physiology and Neurobiology of Empathy
Dr. Carl Marci will discuss aspects of empathic connection using the latest findings from hie research with peripheral measures of central nervous system activity.  Additional studies using neuroimaging to understand the latest in empathy research will also be presented.

The Look of Love - Love's many splendors begin with empathy and attachment


Empathy: Panel discussion The Development and Disintegration of Human
WBUR's Martha Bebinger moderates a conversation between the panelists on how empathy varies between individuals, the neural basis for this capacity, and whether we should steer people with more or less empathic capacity to careers based on this capacity.


2013-01-(17-22) - 26th - Mind & Life Conference - and -  Videos






Mind and Life Dialogues with the Dalai Lama examine new areas of research to be explored. Publications are created to report on the results of these dialogues and are available as a recorded history of the developments.

  • Introduction Morning: Exploring the Nature of Reality: Buddhist and Scientific Perspectives Afternoon: Session: The Sweep of Science: Knowledge and the Nature of Reality

  • Physics: Morning: Quantum Physics, Relativity, and Cosmology -
    Afternoon: The Nature of Reality

  •  Neuroscience: Morning: Changing the Brain - Afternoon: Exploring Neuroplasticity

  •  Consciousness: Morning: Consciousness in Western Science and Philosophy - Afternoon: Approaches to Consciousness

  • Applications of Contemplative Practice: Morning: Clinical and Educational Applications of Contemplative Practice - Afternoon: Promoting Human Development

  •  Future Directions: Morning: The Future of Monastic Science Education & Buddhism, Science and Modernity

  • Tenzin Gyatso:  His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

  • Michel Bitbol, PhD: Directeur de Recherche Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique

  • Khen Rinpoche Jangchup Choeden: Abbott  Gaden Shartse Monastery

  • Richard Davidson, PhD:  Founder and Chair  Center for Investigating Healthy Minds University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • Sona Dimidjian, PhD: Associate Professor Department of Psychology and Neuroscience University of Colorado at Boulder

  • James R. Doty, MD: Director Center for the Study of Compassion and Altruism Research and Education Stanford University

  • John Durant, PhD:  Adjunct Professor Science, Technology & Society Program Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Anne Harrington, PhD:  Professor Department of the History of Science Harvard University

  • Wendy Hasenkamp, PhD: Program and Research Director Mind & Life Institute

  • Thupten Jinpa, PhD:  Adjunct Professor McGill University Chairman Mind & Life Institute

  • Bryce Johnson, PhD:  Director Science for Monks Staff Scientist Exploratorium

  • Geshe Lhakdor: Director Library of Tibetan Works and Archives

  • Rajesh Kasturirangan, PhD: Associate Professor National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore

  • Christof Koch, PhD: Chief Scientific Officer Allen Institute for Brain Science

  • Geshe Dadul Namgyal: Member and Translator/Interpreter Emory-Tibet Science Initiative Emory University

  • Lobsang Tenzin Negi, PhD: Senior Lecturer Emory University

  • Vijayalakshmi Ravindranath, PhD: Professor and Chair Centre for Neuroscience at the Indian Institute of Science

  • Matthieu Ricard, PhD: Buddhist Monk Shechen Monastery

  • Geshe Ngawang Samten: Vice Chancellor Central University of Tibetan Studies

  • Tania Singer, PhD:Director:  Department of Social Neuroscience Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences

  • Aaron Stern:  Founder and President:  The Academy for the Love of Learning

  • Diana Chapman Walsh, PhD:  President Emerita:  Wellesley College Governing Board Member The Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard

  • Carol Worthman, PhD:  Professor Department of Anthropology Emory-Tibet Science Initiative Emory University

  • Arthur Zajonc, PhD:  President Mind & Life Institute


2013-02-(1-3) - Bridging the Hearts & Minds of Youth Conference –San Diego, CA


"The core focus of the Bridging conference is to connect people across disciplines, creating connections between the classroom, the laboratory, the therapy room and the living room, to support and foster the growth, study and dissemination of mindfulness for the good of the next generation"


2013-02-(21-23) - FACES Conferences - Art and Science of Mindfulness - San Diego, CA


Learn new skills and compassion techniques to work with your clients… and improve your life, too.

  • Paul Gilbert

  • Steven Hayes

  • Kristin Neff

  • Thupten Jinpa

  • Roshi Joan Halifax

  • Kelly McGonigal

  • Leah Weiss

  • Emiliana Simon-Thomas

  • John Briere

  • Chris Germer


2013-04-(12-13) - 5th Annual Meeting of the Social & Affective Neuroscience Society, San Francisco
Call for submissions


"The Social & Affective Neuroscience Society (SANS) is committed to research investigating the neural basis of social and affective processes
Major areas of interest include (but are not limited to): social cognition, emotion, motivation, social perception, intergroup relations, judgment and decision making, empathy, personal relationships, culture, and reward/punishment."



2013-03-06 - Empathy, Leadership and Social Change - University of Minnesota Duluth



The Power of Empathy, Anita Nowak, McGill Foundation
Welcome from Dr. Lisa A. Erwin, Vice Chancellor for Student Life

Empathy, Entrepreneurship, and the Liberal Arts - Dr. Olaf Kuhlke
Associate Dean, UMD College of Liberal Arts
Duluth Poet Laureate - Deborah Gordon Cooper

Imagining Empathy or its Absence
David Gore, UMD Department of Communication
Eve Browning, UMD Department of Philosophy

Neuroscience, Evolution and Empathy
Dan Glisczinski, UMD Department of Education
Noel Reynolds, UMD College of Education and Human Service Profession

Non-Violent Communication Track Workshop One
Seven Key Skills: A Map of Empathic Connection - Ann Harrington
... ..


2013-03-08 - GGSC - Day-long seminar - Mindfulness & Compassion  (Webcast)


"This day-long seminar and live webcast will explore the conceptual, biological and practical relationship between mindfulness and compassion. The goal of this conference is to explore the important connections between mindfulness and compassion by providing answers to questions such as how are they similar or distinct, how does one promote the other, which research-tested programs have been shown to boost mindfulness and/or compassion, and much more. Cognitive-Based Compassion Training (CBCT). "

  • Jon Kabat-Zinn

  • Kristin Neff

  • Dacher Keltner

  • Paul Gilbert


2013-04-(12-13) - Second Annual Compassion and Creativity Conference  - Western Connecticut State U.

"This highly interactive conference, titled “Compassion and Creativity in the Community,” will invite audience participation with featured national and local leaders in a creative exploration of how compassion is valued across the spectrum of communities.

The forum provides an opportunity to reach past barriers that too often separate the academic, business, government, spiritual and medical communities from one another. Area professionals from each of these sectors will speak, focusing on the role of compassion in daily living and inviting the audience to offer, discuss, and help develop ideas that create paths to a more compassionate society."

 "There are three central questions that will drive each panel discussion and act as the common threads through the panels:

How do you shift the focus from “me” to “we”?
How can you turn a destructive event into something constructive?
How does compassion affect the dynamics of a community?"


2013-04-(20-22) - Transdisciplinary Conference - PROCESSWORK MEETS SCIENCE - FOCUS EMPATHY

"Empathy plays a key role in global change, our relationships as well as inner and outer healing. We bring scientific, psychological and process-oriented perspectives into dialogue with each other. Speakers"

  • Drs. Amy and Arnold Mindell: „Empathy and the Universe Dance - in personal life and world situations“
    Founders of Process-oriented Psychology, Portland USA

  • Prof. Dr. Tanja Singer: „Empathy in neuroscience research“
    Neuroscience, Director of the Max-Planck-Institute Leipzig

  • Prof. Dr. Stefan Willich: „Empathy in the doctor-patient relationship in allopathic and complementary medicine“
    Medicine, Director at the CHH, Charité, Berlin

  • Dr. Alan Bern and Mr. Tcha Limberger: „Expression with and without words in Yiddish and Roma music traditions“
    Music, Director of the Yiddisch Summer in Weimar / Musician

  • Dr. Tanja Hetzer: „Empathy of the self as gateway to peace“
    Prozesswork and History, Hanuman Institut Berlin

  • Dr. Achim Goeres :  Horizontal and vertical empathy“
    Process facilitation and Physics, Hanuman Institut Berlin

  • Prof. Dr. Simone Mahrenholz:
    Chair Philosopher, University of Manitoba, Canada


  • With speakers and audience Chair: Prof. Dr. Simone Mahrenholz


2013-04-(26-27) - Empathy - An Interdisciplinary Conference -  Yale University

The Department of Comparative Literature at Yale University would like to invite submissions for the Annual Graduate Student Conference: The topic of empathy has been the recurring focus of numerous debates across a diverse range of disciplines, including literature, philosophy, political theory, theology, psychology, and cognitive science.

Topics for discussion may include, but are by no means limited to:

  • Representations of empathy in literature;

  • Genre and empathy;

  • Empathy and rhetoric;

  • Writing and theorizing alterity;

  • Empathy and aesthetic theory;

  • Empathy and history;

  • Political theories of empathy;

  • Ethics of relationality;

  • Gender and sexuality;

  • Empathy and the law;

  • Empathy and technology;

  • Theologies of alterity;

  • Other minds;

  • Empathy and the experience of nature;

  • Empathy and animals;

  • Childhood and development;

  • Empathy and psychoanalysis;

  • Pedagogies of empathy


2013-04-30  - Compassion & Business Conference

The Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education

 8:00am - 4:00pmLocation: Stanford University,  Video Archives

"The purpose of the Compassion & Business Conference, a one-day conference to be held April 30, 2013, is to present and create a dialog around cutting-edge research and best practices on compassion and business by leading research experts in the field as well as business leaders who have successfully implemented compassion-based programs in their organization.

Conference presenters will explore and discuss the neural correlates, biological bases and antecedents of compassion with regards to its application to the corporate world; the effects of compassion on behavior, physiology, physical and psychological health and well-being and the brain; and methods, techniques, and programs for cultivating compassion and promoting altruism within individuals and society-wide"


2013-05-(8-12) Mindfulness Conference in Rome, Italy

"The intention of the First International Conference on Mindfulness is to provide such a forum for clinicians, contemplatives, researchers, academics, teachers, students, politicians, communities, and practitioners to begin this process. We invite you to participate in this conference, which is intended as the first of many future conference. The conference brings together researchers and practitioners of mindfulness. The conference takes place on May 8-12, 2013 in Rome, Italy. Keynote speakers include": 

  • Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ph.D., University of Massachusetts Medical School, USA

  • J. Mark G. Williams. Ph.D., University of Oxford, United Kingdom

  • Susan Bögels, Ph.D., University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • Paul Grossman, Ph.D., University of Basel Hospital, Switzerland

  • Henk Barendregt, Ph.D., Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands

  • Giuseppe Pagnoni, Ph.D., University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy


2013-05-(16-18) - International Summit Conference on Compassionate Organizations


The “2013 International Summit Conference on Compassionate Organizations” is an exploration in which all who participate help frame the questions and explore answers that we can incorporate into the movement

Unlike many other conferences, the 2013 International Summit Conference on Compassionate Organizations has no keynote speakers, workshop presenters, or participants. The Summit Conference is a working event in which colleagues join together to engage the convening question:

What can we do to foster cultures of compassion?


2013-06-28 - Dialogues between theater and neuroscience

For the fifth consecutive year, Sapienza University of Rome will host artists, performers, filmmakers, scholars and neuroscientists from different research centers in Europe and the United States on the occasion of the International Conference Dialogues between theater and neuroscience . neuroestetica the theatrical anthropology, from studies on empathy to research on intersubjectivity, moving from studies of motor cognition, memory, emotions, on mirror neurons and alternative therapies.


2013-06-28 - 2013-07-03 - Greater Good Summer Institute for Educators - Facebook Event

The GGSC’s six-day Summer Institute will equip educators with social-emotional learning tools that will benefit both students and teachers... The Center’s first Summer Institute will provide science-based information, tools, and skills to promote the social and emotional well-being of both teachers and their students. Participants will engage in interactive workshops and discussions that will foster an in-depth exploration and practice of: mindfulness, self-compassion, empathy, gratitude, achieving and maintaining positive emotions, emotional literacy, and emotional balance.


2013-07-(20-26) - CCARE Science Of Compassion Summer Research Institute
Origins, Measures and Interventions

The purpose of the CCARE Summer Research Institute, a six-day conference to be held in Summer 2013, is to advance research on compassion and altruism through collaboration, dialog, inquiry, education, and research.

The purpose of the CCARE Summer Research Institute, a six-day conference to be held in Summer 2013, is to advance research on compassion and altruism through collaboration, dialog, inquiry, education, and research.


2013-09-(20-21) - Symposium on Empathy Education

An Evening with Linda Lantieri, MA, Director of The Inner Resilience Program and Co-founder of the Resolving Conflict Creatively Program


2013-10-(25-27) - The Empathy and Compassion in Society Conference

Empathy and Compassion in Society is a forum for professionals to explore what compassion is, how it can be cultivated, and what benefits it brings to the modern world.
Empathy and Compassion in Society aims to present universal and well researched methods for cultivating empathy and compassion, show how these methods can enhance one's personal and professional life, and share concrete examples of organizations and public institutions where these methods have been shown to be effective.

List of Videos


2013-10-(10-13) - Mind and Life Europe Symposium for Contemplative Studies - Berlin, Germany

The Mind and Life Europe Symposium for Contemplative Studies is a response to the increased need for scientific researchers and contemplative experts to interact and network with each other. This meeting is the culmination of a year-long collaborative effort between individuals and institutions. It is aimed at advancing the emerging field of contemplative studies.


 2013-10-11 - San Francisco Compassion Games

 San Francisco Compassion Games will be celebrating the 65th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Compassion Games are designed to make our communities safer, kinder, more just, and better places to live. The first year of the games saw two contenders: Seattle, WA and Louisville, KY. The 2013 Compassion Games have expanded to include Cincinnati, OH; Gurgaon, India; Houston, TX; Louisville, KY: Milwaukee, WI; Nashville, TN; New York, NY; Orange County, CA; Phoenix, AZ; San Francisco, CA; Seattle, WA; and the LGBTQ community.


2013-10-(25-26) Konferenzankündigung: Empathie und die Generation Ich
DAI Heidelberg, Germany


Darwin und seine bahnbrechende Theorie erfreuen sich nach wie vor größter Popularität, dem egoistischen Gen sind ganze Bücher und Debatten gewidmet. Doch ist Egoismus wirklich das dominante, naturwüchsige Charakteristikum des Menschen? Stehen wir uns in der Tat alle selbst am nächsten oder gibt es konkurrierende Konzepte? Jüngsten Forschungsergebnissen zufolge, ist Empathie kein von unermüdlichen Weltverbesserern postuliertes neuzeitliches Phänomen, sondern eine dem Menschen angeborene Fähigkeit. Das Bedürfnis nach sozialen Beziehungen und die Furcht vor Einsamkeit prädestinieren den Menschen dazu, anderen Geschöpfen Empathie entgegen zu bringen. Ziel der Konferenz ist es, den Begriff der Empathie neu zu füllen, Bewusstsein für diese andere uns innewohnende Eigenschaft zu schaffen und den Fokus auf unser altruistisches Potential zu legen.


2013-11-01 - FIGS Friday Forum: Empathy

This FIGS Forum will evaluate more thoroughly the idea of empathy from an interdisciplinary perspective in order to address questions of

  • human (and non-human) capabilities for empathy;

  •  the role of empathy in the construction of cultural identity;

  • the employment of empathy in the arts;

  •  the connection between empathy and communication in cyber communities;

  • and the potentially damaging effects of empathy, either in its lack or its overexploitation, in various contexts.

  • This Forum also aims to explore the relationship between empathy and action in philanthropic, medical, therapeutic, and even academic contexts.


2013-12-06  - Compassion and Technology Conference

The Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education - 8:00am - 4:00pm

CCARE is excited to announce the upcoming Compassion and Technology conference in collaboration with Facebook and the 1440 Foundation. Stay tuned to hear about our Compassion and Technology Competition and stay tuned for registration details which will be posted to our website soon.


2013-12-06 - 2nd International Conference On Compassion Focused Therapy

Prof Paul Gilbert OBE - Distinguishing between the psychology of giving and the  psychology of receiving compassion: New directions in CFT

Dr David Veale - A new therapeutic community: development of a Compassion Focused and Contextual Behavioural Environment ...

Prof Andrew Gumley - So you think you're funny? Developing an attachment based understanding of compassion and its assessments."





Mirror Neurons, Embodied Empathy and the Boundaries of the Self
The art and science of deep therapeutic connection
2014-01-(10-11) - London

The relational trend in psychotherapy, which encourages the therapist to embrace a co-created process based on two subjectivities of equal importance, is a well-theorised paradigm. It is now widely accepted that a capacity for profoundly and empathically sharing another's self-states is essential for therapeutic change. However, what is less fully conceptualised is the role of the body in this state of understanding the other's experience. 

  • Dr Jean Knox - Embodied empathy and mirror neurons- their impact on the therapist's role

  • Dr Vittorio Gallese - Empathic bodily selves in relation: from mirror neurons to embodied simulation

  • Jon Sletvold - Embodied empathy in the clinical context: Empathy, subjectivity and reflexivity

  • Dr Jean Knox - Embodied empathy in working with borderline patients - The Conversational Model developed by Russell Meares

  •  Dr Jon Sletvold - Using embodied empathy in your practice: making unconscious relational experience conscious


Empathy in Language, Literature, and Society University of Iceland, Reykjavik

"The goal of the conference is to shed light on various unexplored and contested aspects of empathy. Although the word ‘empathy’ found its way into the field of psychology just over one hundred years ago, philosophers and artists have focused on emotions related to this term for centuries. The vitality of research into this phenomenon during the past 15 years is mirrored by its increasing prominence in public discourse in the media and society. This is clearly manifested, for example, by discussion of empathy as it relates to people’s reactions towards climate change

The writings of neurologists, philosophers, psychologists and others on the relationship between empathy and mirror neurons call for a new approach to the question of how language and literature evoke empathy. Literary scholars and psychologists have worked together and put considerable effort into empathy research, but linguists have played only a minor role in that enterprise. Collaboration of researchers in these areas is important, however, if we are to understand how language, narrative, social structure, and culture may interact with one another, either to evoke empathy or suppress it."


Tanner Lectures: The Paradoxes of Empathy
 Harvard University - April 8 - 10, 2014

LECTURE 1 "The Other as Myself: Empathy and Power
LECTURE 2  "Myself as Stranger: Empathy and Loss"

  • Rowan Williams

  • Drew G. Faust

  • Homi K. Bhabha

  • David W. Tracy

  • David N. Hempton

  • Regina Schwartz

  • Jonathan L. Walton

  • Amy Hollywood

  • Richard Kearney

  • Emma Rothschild

  • Nicholas Watson


Third Annual Roots of Empathy Research Symposium
 Toronto, Ontario, Canada  (May 7-9, 2014)

The symposium will offer rich interdisciplinary presentations from expert research scientists on topics such as development of executive function skills, neurophysiological foundations of emotions, attachment, and self-regulation, neuroendocrinology and social behaviour, the psychology, neuroscience, and ethics of empathy, and social and emotional learning in the early years.

  • Gwynne Dyer

  • Eric Liu

  • Paul Thagard

  • Roman Krznaric

  • Philip Zelazo

  • Stephen Porges

  • C. Sue Carter

  • Susanne Denham

  • Michael Inzlicht

  • Leslie Atkinson

  • Raymond Mar

  • Mary Gordon


Patient Experience: Empathy + Innovation Summit
Transforming Healthcare through Empathy and Innovation
MAY 18-21, 2014 | Cleveland Convention Center | Cleveland, Ohio

.The World’s Largest, Independent Conference Devoted to Improving the Patient Experience
As caregivers entrusted with helping people, improving the patient experience is our collective responsibility. The Summit features expert speakers, panel discussions and workshops about the national patient experience movement, providing participants from all disciplines the opportunity to identify shared challenges and inspire innovative solutions


The Compassion & Wisdom Conference
May 15-17, 2014 - Washington, DC

 three days of compassion & counseling training, connect with friends, colleagues, and experts in the field.


4th Annual Seattle Compassion Conference
October 9-11 2014 - Seattle, WA

three days of compassion & counseling training, connect with friends, colleagues, and experts in the field.


22 October, 2014 - University of Sydney

"Empathy might seem a natural human emotion—but is it? Or does it have a history; is it culturally produced and regulated? Is it always positive or does it have a darker side? The speakers at this symposium explore the question of empathy from a range of disciplines— philosophy, religion, aesthetics, literature, film studies, history. They ask what role the creative arts have, and should have, in the production of empathy, how different historical cultures have viewed empathy, and whether empathy is simply a warm inner feeling or requires outward action to be effected."


Care, Compassion, and Mindfulness
November 7-9, 2014 - Cal Poly Pomona

Ahimsa Center at Cal Poly Pomona (in suburban Los Angeles) invites paper and presentation proposals for its 6th biannual conference on nonviolence: Care, Compassion, and Mindfulness (CCM). The deliberations and dialogues at the conference are expected to have significant implications not only for advancing scholarship and enriching education in the domains of care, compassion and mindfulness, but also for generating new insights for their practical applications.


1st Global Conference:
Empathy: Imagining the world from the perspective of another or others

Friday 7th November – Sunday 10th November 2014
Prague, Czech Republic

Philosophers:  The School of Athens - Raphael (Wikipedia)

Call for Presentations: The will to understand or to attempt to understand others by imagining what it might feel like to be them; how it might feel to experience the world from their shoes – from inside their skin, is arguably one of the central achievements of humankind. This is the human trait known as ‘empathy’.

It underpins much of our lives – from the ways in which people relate to and care for one another within families and in bigger groups, to the ways in which we communicate with one another through literature, art, film, advertising and digital media. Many professions – from nursing, counseling psychotherapy and medicine, to teaching, product design, architecture, advertising and stand-up comedy, depend at least partly, on empathic skill.

Proposals are invited for individual contributions and for symposia of three closely related papers that address the place that empathy has to play in any area of human life, including: ..


Compassion Week 2014 - San Francisco Bay Area

CCARE: Science of Compassion Conference 2014 (videos)


Empathy and Compassion in Society
 Changing the Way the World Works
Thursday, November 13, 2014 at 10:00 AM - Friday, November 14, 2014

A professional conference that brings together leading experts, shares the latest research, presents real-world examples from the workplace, and offers practical tools to cultivate and apply empathy and compassion successfully in your life, in all situations






Restorative Justice Extending Empathy
Canterbury Christ Church University, Longport, Canterbury, UK


The overarching theme is to explore what is state of the art in Restorative Justice (RJ), today and what are future ambitions for engagement with other disciplines.

The workshop will provide the opportunity to bring together academic researchers from the RJ, Theatre and Design professions who are concerned in their existing practice with building empathy. How empathy is built by each profession and the methods they use are likely to be the subject of lively discipline exchange.




Empathy in Architecture
Emotion and Embodied Simulation in Design
2015-04-21 - Helsinki

The third jubilee seminar organized by the Alvar Aalto Academy, the Asko Foundation and the Tapani Wirkkala and Rut Bryk Foundation.
Lectures by: (Video)



Roots of Empathy
MAY 11-13, 2015

Roots of Empathy values the lens of research as the organization continues to provide empathy-based programming to children on three continents. The Roots of Empathy Research Symposia offer engaging and thought-provoking research presentations from world renowned international scientists.


THE 6TH ANNUAL: Patient Experience: Empathy + Innovation Summit
Transforming Healthcare through Empathy and Innovation
May 17-20, 2015 | Cleveland Convention Center | Cleveland, Ohio

The World’s Largest, Independent, Inter-professional conference devoted to exploring patient experience as a key differentiator essential to healthcare delivery. 


CFS Conference: Empathy, Group Membership and We-Intentionality
University of Copenhagen, An Interdisciplinary Conference
May 21-22, 2015

How does empathy enable social or group identity? Does group membership affect interpersonal understanding, and how does it modulate empathy along in-group/out-group divides? Can groups be targets of empathy, or individuals only? Are collaborating individuals better empathizers?

Confirmed Speakers

  • Stephen Butterfill (University of Warwick)

  • Thomas Fuchs (University of Heidelberg)

  • Shaun Gallagher (University of Memphis)

  • Joel Krueger (University of Exeter)

  • Heidi L. Maibom (University of Cincinnati)

  • John Michael (Central European University/CFS)

  • Elisabeth Pacherie (Institut Jean Nicod, Paris)

  • Joanna Rączaszek-Leonardi (University of Warsaw)

  • Alessandro Salice (CFS)

  • Jan Slaby (Free University Berlin)

  • Thomas Szanto (CFS)

  • Joona Taipale (University of Jyväskylä)

  • Dan Zahavi (CFS)


The Mindfulness and Compassion:
The Art and Science of Contemplative Practice
 San Francisco (June 3-7, 2015)  (Facebook)

For thousands of years the art of contemplative practice has been used to explore the nature of mind and its potential. Today the emerging science of contemplative practice promises to shed new light on these essential human questions. Facilitating conversation between these two worlds may provide a catalytic mutual benefit, exploring how contemplative practice and scientific research can best inform each other for a greater common good.


EMPATHY: The Empathy Project: 2nd Global Meeting
Monday 7th September – Wednesday 9th September 2015
Mansfield College, Oxford, United Kingdom

Call for Presentations
"Empathy, the will to understand or to attempt to understand others by imagining what it might feel like to be them; how it might feel to experience the world from inside their skin, underpins much of our lives. For instance, it is present in the ways in which people relate to and care for one another within families and in bigger groups, to the ways in which we communicate with one another through literature, art, film, advertising and digital media. Many professions – from nursing, counselling psychotherapy and medicine, to teaching, product design, architecture, advertising and stand-up comedy, depend at least partly, on empathic skill."


Perspectives on Empathy

51st Annual Cincinnati Philosophy Colloquium:

September 11 - 12, 2015

An interdisciplinary conference on the import and centrality of empathy to human and interspecies wellbeing, legal responsibility, art appreciation, interpersonal relations, and ethics.

  • Jenefer Robinson, University of Cincinnati, Empathy through/with/for Music

  • Lori Gruen, Wesleyan University - Empathy - A Defense

  • Heidi Maibom, University of Cincinnati, Being someone else

  • Remy Debes, University of Memphis, Understanding as Respect(ing)


Creative Mornings - Theme For September: Empathy
140 Cities Around the world During the Month of September: Videos

CreativeMornings is all heart. We have an unwavering passion for face-to-face connections. Each and every day, our global community challenges us to change our perspectives and inspires us to be better humans.


Working Conference on Compassion
Thursday, 1 October – Friday, 2 October 2015 - Shropshire, UK

Keynote Speakers
Karen Armstrong – Author, TED prize winner
Ruth Padel – Poet and Author, Great-great-granddaughter of Charles Darwin

Speakers and Workshop Leads
John Ballatt 
and Penny Campling – Authors “Intelligent Kindness”
Keith Barrow – Leader, Shropshire Council
Joan Brown-Campbell 
– Chair, Charter for Compassion, USA
Clare Gerada – Past-Chair, Royal College of General Practice
Paul Gilbert – Professor of Clinical Psychology, University of Derby 
Mohamed Keshavjee – Scholar and Author
Tori McClure – President, Spalding University, USA

Mervyn Morris – Professor, Community Mental Health, Birmingham City University
Patrick Pietroni – Director, CPTPC University of Chester
Rod Thomson – Public Health Director, Shropshire



Empathy Conference - Insight Institute of Neurosurgery and Neuroscience
Flint, Michigan - October 16–17, 2015

The theme should be interpreted broadly. Topics may include, but are not limited to:
  • What is empathy? It is a cognitive process? an emotion? an attitude?
  • Is empathy a natural condition/capacity or a social condition/capacity?
  • Is it possible to verify that a person is empathetic or is feeling empathy?

Empathy: A Bridge across Species: A workshop
May 6, 2015 .Dipartimento di Filosofia




Robert Menzies College, Macquarie University,  Australia
November 4

Empathy is a widely used concept in both social and moral domains of enquire. Empathy deficits are supposed to explain both moral and social impairments. It seems self-evident that empathy is a good thing: indeed, many writers think that empathy is integral to morality.

- But what is empathy?
- The term is used to cover a wide array of cognitive and affective processes. Which of these processes is fundamental to morality and how?
- Should we be skeptical about the claims made for empathy?

Empathy workshop/conference

  • Keynote: Heidi Maibom (Cincinnati) Imagining Feelings

  • Robert Sinnerbrink (Macquarie) Empathy and film: From engagement to estrangement

  • Juanita Feros Ruys (Sydney) Compassion that Defrauds: Medieval Reservations over Fellow Feeling with Others

  • Pei-hua Huang (Monash) Empathy and Moral Enhancement

  • Tristram Oliver-Skuse (Melbourne) Why not just get away?

  • Jesse Prinz on empathy

  • Millicent Churcher (Sydney) Reflective Empathy as a Moral Resource

  • Keynote: Dan Hutto (Wollongong) Empathy: A Role for Narrative Engagement

  • Lauren Saling and Daniel Cohen (CSU) Autism, moral judgement, and the necessity for empathy. Respondent: Jeanette Kennett (Macquarie)

  •  Yuri Cath (La Trobe) Knowledge of experience and the limits of empathy

  • Marc de Rosnay (Wollongong) Empathy and child development

  • Jonathan McGuire & Robyn Langdon (NSW Mental Health Commission and Macquarie) Empathy and mental illness

  • Kate Rossmanith (Macquarie) Empathy in the Criminal Courts: Stories from the field








 Where is Empathy Needed in the 21st Century?
January 27-30, 2016: San Diego, California

  • What is the present status of Empathy?

  • What is the difference between PCA and other models' view of Empathy?

  • Where is it being applied?

  • How can it add to the world today?

  • What does the future hold for Empathy?

  • Where would we like to see it go?


Empathy Neuroscience:
Translational Relevance for Conflict Resolution
Monday 7 & Tuesday 8 March 2016,
The British Academy, London

Dr Ahmad Abu-Akel, School of Psychology, University of Birmingham, UK
Dr Cairo Arafat, Save the Children, Ramallah, Palestine
Professor Simon Baron-Cohen FBA, University of Cambridge, UK
Dr Emile Bruneau, Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
      Empathy in conflict resolution
Professor Bhismadev Chakrabart
i, Centre for Integrative Neuroscience and Neurodynamics, University of Reading
Professor Ruth Feldman, Bar-Ilan University Israel, and Yale University, USA 
Professor Dale Hay, Child Development Studies, School of Psychology, Cardiff University, Wales
Dr Talma Hendler, Tel Aviv University
Dr Ned Lazarus, Program Officer, The Israel Institute
Professor James Leckman, Child Study Center, Yale University, USA
Professor Hillel Levine, Department of Religion, Boston University, and International Center for Conciliation, Boston
Nawal Musleh-Motut, School of Communication, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Professor Sari Nusseibeh, Al-Quds University, Jerusalem
Ms Joana Osman, The Peace Factory
Dr Tawfiq Salman, Palestinian Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center, Bethlehem, Palestine
Professor Simone Shamay-Tsoory, Social and Affective Science Lab, Haifa University, Israel
Haifa Staiti, Gather Fellow, Seeds of Peace, Canada
Mr Matt Waldman, Associate Fellow Chatham House, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, UK

This conference brings together empathy neuroscience research to tackle a key translational challenge: its relevance for conflict resolution. It focuses on the idea that taking the other person’s perspective is ultimately necessary to resolve conflict; and that conflicts are perpetuated by adopting a single perspective.

The conference considers the relevance of empathy neuroscience for policy makers working in conflict resolution. The meeting brings together an international panel of speakers drawn from outstanding scientists, clinicians, scholars, and charities, focusing particularly on the potential role of empathy in the Israel-Palestine conflict. The aims are to enable dialogue and a better understanding of empathy, and to promote the development of evidence-based interventions that foster empathy in conflict zones.


Empathy and the Revolution of Human Relationships
Design Against Crime (DAC) Research Centre
Thursday, 28 April 2016
London, United Kingdom

You are invited to 'Empathy and the Revolution of Human Relationships' - a public talk by cultural thinker and writer on the art of living and social change, Roman Krznaric. 

Welcome to Edinburgh festival of Empathy 2016!
June 12 to 25th, 2016,  Edinburgh, UK

Festival of Empathy! We are very excited to announce that the Big Lottery has given us funding to hold a Festival of Empathy in June this year!  We think empathy is important because it is about trying to understand how someone else thinks and feels even if they are very different from you - it's about 'stepping into someone else's shoes'. 

We want to celebrate and promote empathy because we think it helps to create more supportive, understanding and welcoming communities.

Roots of Empathy hosts its annual Research Symposium in Toronto.
27, 28, 29 April 2016:
 Stay tuned for details.


Canadians For A Civil Society:
 Symposium on “Building Empathy and Conquering Apathy
May 13 and 14, 2016,  Edmonton, Canada

Canadians for a Civil Society, in partnership with MacEwan University and NAIT, invite you to a symposium on “Building Empathy and Conquering Apathy” that will bring together educators, policy makers, human-rights advocates, academics, non-profit and front-line service workers. We will stress the importance of empathy-based human-rights education and encourage individuals to see themselves as stakeholders in leading change
The seventh annual Patient Experience Summit takes place May 15-18, 2016, at the Cleveland Convention Center in downtown Cleveland, Ohio.

The 3rd Global Meeting of the Empathy Project
Thursday 14th July – Saturday 16th July 2016: Mansfield College, Oxford

 IDNet’s first two Global Meetings on Empathy included philosophical, ethical, neurological and psychological discussions of the meaning and origins of empathy, as well as presentations about, for example, empathy in literature, theatre, the visual arts, and cinema; about empathy in news, social media and online communication; about the ways in which considerations of empathy influence character and plot development in TV drama, and about the development of empathy in children and in professionals, including social workers and health care staff.


International Conference: The Objects of Empathy:
Perspectives from Ethics, Aesthetics and Neuroscience

University of Stuttgart - July 27-29, 2016

Interdisciplinary research into empathy has, up until now, focussed mainly on the role of empathy in mindreading and its importance for pro-social behaviour. Empathy can, however, also be directed at a variety of different objects beyond other people, such as literature, music, nature, and artefacts. What is the connection between these different forms of empathy.

The aim of this conference is to bring together top researchers in the field of empathy from philosophy, psychology, and neuroscience and to look at empathy and its various kinds of objects in different contexts, e.g., in ethics and aesthetics. By associating these strands of research which have, so far, not been properly connected, and by combining perspectives from neuroscience and psychology as well as the humanities we hope to make progress in developing a unified concept of empathy and in defining its central role in our interaction with the world and with other people.


Empathy and Compassion in Society
Oslo, Norway, Oct 13-15, 2016

Highlights this year include the latest science on empathy and compassion shared by James Doty, talks and workshops on leadership with TED speakers Scilla Elworthy and Jeremy Hunter, uncovering our capacity for self-compassion with Professor Paul Gilbert, a highly innovative programme on empathy with Mary Gordon, the streaming of a free gathering for 16 to 25 year-olds, and much more
  • The Latest Research on the Science of Compassion Dr James Doty
  • Sustainable Compassion Training for Those Who Serve Dr Brooke D. Lavelle
  • The Fears of Compassion Prof Paul Gilbert
  • The Child is the Father of the Man Dr Arild Bjørndal
  • Deepening Mindfulness with Heartfulness Frits Koster & Erik van den Brink
  • How to Cultivate the Heart and Mind of the Leader Prof Jeremy Hunter
  •  Pioneering the Possible: Awakened Leadership for a World that Works Scilla Elworthy
  • Empathy in Education Mary Gordon
  •  It All Depends on the Relationship! Dr Michael de Vibe




Empathy Symposium
Embedding empathy in healthcare education and practice

7 December, 2018
Mercure Hotel, 818-820 George Street, Sydney

Embedding empathy in healthcare education and practice
Few healthcare interventions have as much impact on a person’s physical and emotional well-being as empathy. Yet, so often healthcare programs only pay lip service to teaching and assessing empathy. This symposium aims to start a conversation (or perhaps even a ‘movement’) that leads to empathy becoming integral to every healthcare curriculum.