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 (Empathy Experts)  Culture of Empathy Builders

This is a growing list of 'empathy experts' and people contributing to building a culture of empathy.   I would like to interview as many of these experts as possible for my documentary. These are people that are doing academic, social and scientific work or have written books, etc. on the theme. The real experts are, of course, the people in every day life that manifest empathy in their personal lives. Let me know if there's someone I should add. Also, who is the most empathic person you know, I'd like to interview them.


Scientists, Mirror Neurons, Psychology
Environment and Nature
Nonviolent Communication (NVC) - Compassionate Communication
Humanities - Politics
Law - Justice
Anti Empathy
or Personality Disorders:  Narcissism, Sociopathy, Psychopathy, etv
Self-Empathy and Self-Compassion
In History
Others -
- Empathy research interest
     Interview Series


Scientists, Mirror Neurons, Psychology


Stephanie D. Preston   Empathy Builder Page


Department of Psychology, University of Michigan

More articles


V. S. Ramachandran      Empathy Builder Page

Director of the Center for Brain and Cognition, Professor in the Psychology Department and Neurosciences Program at the University of California, San Diego,
Cognitive neuroscience - say mirror neurons could be for imitation, learning and language acquisition
Author: A Brief Tour of Human Consciousness
Video: TED talk on mirror neurons.

C. Daniel Batson   Empathy Builder Page


Professor Social Psychology, University of Kansas
Argued that the mirror neuron system is involved in empathy.
 "research interests are in prosocial emotion, motivation, and behavior. He has conducted a number of experiments on empathy - articles

Formulated: 'empathy-altruism hypothesis'  - "If we feel empathy towards a person, we are likely to help them (in proportion to the empathy felt) without any selfish thoughts. Otherwise, we will help them only if the rewards of helping them outweigh the costs."

The Empathy-Altruism Hypothesis: Issues and Implications

Frans de Waal Empathy Expert Page

Professor of Primate Behavior at Emory University.
Director of Living Links Center at the
Yerkes National Primate Research Center in Atlanta.

Author: The Age of Empathy (preview)
Argued that the mirror neuron system is involved in empathy

Interview with American University Radio. Read it here or listen with Real Player.

Putting the Altruism Back into Altruism: The Evolution of Empathy

Article : Bodies in Sync - Contagious laughter, yawns, and moods offer insight into empathy's origins.

Nancy Eisenberg Empathy Builder Page

Regents Professor Psychology,  Arizona State University
Empathy research - causes of altruism and what motivates people to care for others. Articles
empathy and children
The Caring Child
           Empathy and its development
Video: Relations of Children’s Empathy-related Responding to Their Regulation and Social Functioning
Mark Davis   Empathy Builder Page

  Professor Psychology, Eckerd College
Multidimensional approach to empathy
Studying empathy, helping behavior, and interpersonal conflict.
Adrian Raine   Empathy Builder Page

  Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience Program, University of Southern California.
Was interviewed in documentary on the Brain on psychopaths having no empathy
Kent A. Kiehl   Empathy Builder Page

  Psychology Faculty, University of New Mexico
Was interviewed in documentary on the Brain on psychopaths having no empathy.
Clinical neuroscience of major mental illnesses, with special focus on criminal psychopathy.
William Ickes   Empathy Builder Page

  Professor of Psychology, University of Texas at Arlington
Studied empathic accuracy.
Antonio Damasio    Empathy Builder Page

Professor of Neuroscience, University of Southern California
Author: Descartes' Error: Emotion, Reason and the Human Brain



Giacomo Rizzolatti -     Empathy Builder Page

  Lead team that discovered mirror neurons at the University of Parma, Italy.
Leonardo Fogassi, Luciano Fadiga, Vittorio Gallese, Giuseppe Di Pellegrino

Luciano Fadiga   Empathy Builder Page

  Was on team that discovered mirror neurons at the University of Parma, Italy.
Vittorio Gallese Empathy Builder Page

  Was on team that discovered mirror neurons at the University of Parma, Italy.
Argued that the mirror neuron system is involved in empathy
Tania Singer   Empathy Builder Page
  Psychology and Neuroscience - University of Zurich
Research investigates the foundations of human social behavior - social and moral emotions such as empathy

Tania Singer and her team showed that a basis for empathy can be identified in the brain.
video: Social Emotions in Social Neuroscience: From Emotion Contagion to Empathy and Fairness

Emile Bruneau Empathy Builder Page
AT MIT, Research on the psychological biases that exist between members of conflict groups using behavioral measures and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI).
Peggy Mason   Empathy Builder Page

  Department of Neurobiology, University of Chicago,   Chicago, Ill.
Article: Empathy is a Pain. So Why Bother?

 Mason lab uncovers empathy-driven helping behavior in rodents

Kevin Ochsner   Empathy Builder Page

Associate Professor of Psychology at Columbia University
Video: In Monkey See, Monkey Yawn: Hard-Wired for Empathy by WSJ

Jamil Zaki   Empathy Builder Page
  Graduate student in the Department of Psychology at Columbia University,
Research focuses on human empathy and empathic accuracy
Article: Empathy Fatigue and What the Press Can Do About It
Arthur P. Ciaramicoli     Empathy Builder Page
Clinical Psychologist
Author: Power of Empathy
Power of Empathy shows how people can use empathy as an assessment tool in all their relationships.


Oxytocin receptor genetic variation relates to empathy and stress

         Sciencedaily - Proceedings National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)

Paul J. Zak Empathy Builder Page
Paul J. Zak is Professor of Economics and Department Chair, as well as the founding Director of the Center for Neuroeconomics Studies at Claremont Graduate University.
Work on Oxytocin.


Dacher Keltner   Empathy Builder Page
  Professor of Psychology - UC Berkeley
Greater Good Science Center - List of Fellows
Compassionate Instinct
CoAEditor: Compassionate Instinct
Is empathy in our genes? A new study sponsored by the Greater Good Science Center suggests that our tendency to feel the emotions of others may be influenced by a single gene.
Laura R. Saslow   Empathy Builder Page
  Graduate student in the Social/Personality Psychology - UC Berkeley
Greater Good Science Center
Oxytocin Study
Sarina Rodrigues   Empathy Builder Page
  Assistant Professor, Oregon State, Psychology Dept.
Oxytocin Study
Greater Good Science Center


Oliver P. John Empathy Builder Page
    UC Berkeley
Greater Good Science Center
Oxytocin Study
Natalia Garcia   Empathy Builder Page
    UC Berkeley
Greater Good Science Center
Oxytocin Study


Daniel Goleman Empathy Expert Page

Writes and Talks about empathy and Social Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence
TED Video: Daniel Goleman on Compassion

Talks about empathic concern.
Audio Interview: Neuroscience of Getting Along
Dev Patnaik Empathy Builder Page

Author and Website: Wired to Care
Using empathy in business


Bill Drayton   Empathy Builder Page

  Social entrepreneur has organization Ashoka
grasp empathy
"This is the most fundamental revolution that we have to get through!"
 Tom Ward Empathy Builder Page
 Author: The Empathy Effect: Build Your Business-and Your Wealth- By Putting Yourself in Other People’s Shoes
The ability to put yourself in other people's shoes is an extremely valuable resource. Empathy minimizes conflict and promotes prosperity. In business, it creates a better experience for everyone involved -- customers, employees, and management. Customers feel taken care of. Employees feel appreciated and become more loyal and efficient, strengthening the company and making it more profitable. Empathy improves every situation it touches, setting off a chain reaction of positive events that Tom Ward calls The Empathy Effect.
Stephen Covey Empathy Builder Page
Author: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Empathic Listening- Video Series
"Empathic listening takes time, but it doesn't take anywhere near as much time as it takes to back up and correct misunderstandings when you're already miles down the road; to redo; to live with unexpressed and unsolved problems; to deal with the results of not giving people psychological air."
 Marie Miyashiro Empathy Builder Page

Author: The Empathy Factor at Work
Marie has been a communication and organization consultant for more than 22 years working with businesses, nonprofits, universities and government agencies and professional associations in strategic planning, organization communication and development, employee and manager training and, marketing.
Video: The Empathy Factor at Work:





Helen Riess M.D         Empathy Builder Page

Helen Riess, M.D. is Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School and Director of the Empathy and Relational Science Program at Massachusetts General Hospital.  The mission of the Program is to enhance empathy and interpersonal relationships in healthcare.  


Florence. Gelo MD Empathy Builder Page

"The Heart of Empathy"  video, Teaching empathy to med students with viewing and discussing art in museums.


Jodi Halpern, M.D., Empathy Builder Page


Associate Professor of Community Health and Human Development, UC Berkeley
Author: From Detached Concern to Empathy: Humanizing Medical Practice

UC Berkeley

Video: Challenges to Clinical Empathy

Francis V. Adams Empathy Builder Page
Pulmonologist in private practice in New York City
Dr. Adams describes the role of empathy in this vital relationship and illustrates how a physician's emotional response to his patient's illness may educate him rather than blur his thinking.



Environment and Nature

 Paul R. Ehrlich Empathy Builder Page
Biologist and educator, Professor of Population Studies in Biological Sciences at Stanford University and president of Stanford's Center for Conservation Biology.
The Population Bomb.
Author: Humanity on a Tightrope: Thoughts on Empathy, Family, and Big Changes for a Viable Future,


Biology And Ecology


Marc Bekoff  Empathy Builder Page

Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and is a Fellow of the Animal Behavior Society
Article - Expanding Our Compassion Footprint
 Empathic Civilization': Why Animals Deserve Our Empathy Too
The Emotional Lives of Animals: A Leading Scientist Explores Animal Joy, Sorrow, and Empathy - and Why They Matter
The Animal Manifesto: Six Reasons for Expanding Our Compassion Footprint
"written about goodness and empathy and its relationship to fairness and moral behavior from the nonhuman animal’s point of view"




Carl Rogers Empathy Builder Page

Clinical psychologist and therapist
Very influential in the exploration of empathy
Was Prominent Psychologist. Much of the empathy work in psychology and psychotherapy is based on his work on empathy.
Author: Client Centered Therapy
Author: On Becoming a Person
 and others
Article: Empathic: An Unappreciated Way Of Being
Experiences in Communication
Heinz Kohut Empathy Builder Page

1913 -1981
Clinical psychologist - Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis
Main person to Introduce empathy in psychoanalysis. He considered empathy as a form of internal scientific inquiry.
Video: Heinz Kohut - Reflections on Empathy
Another reason to go back to empathy I have a responsibility about the abuse of this concept.
Other's claim that empathy cures, I don't believe that at all.
Introspection and empathy as an informer of appropriate action.
Empathy can be used for kindness or hostility.
Analysis cures and empathy plays a role.
Empathy: Abstract & Operational

Peter R. Breggin Empathy Builder Page
Peter R. Breggin, MD, has been opposing the overuse of biopsychiatric treatments and promoting empathic therapy for decades.
His new reform organization, his professional site.
Author: The Heart of Being Helpful: Empathy and the Creation of a Healing Presence


Nonviolent Communication (NVC) - Compassionate Communication


Marshall Rosenberg    Empathy Builder Page

Author: Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life
 Center for Nonviolent Communication (NVC)
 (student of Carl Rogers)
Many NVC trainers have a great deal of hands on experience with empathy and how to embody and live it. There is a large  international network of these trainers.

Empathy Builder Page Marshall Rosenberg


Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Trainers
There are many trainers for the NVC process that have deep insights and stories into lived and applied empathy. We will be interviewing as many of the trainers as we can.
Empathy Documentary: Dominic Barter on Empathy (1 of 4)  Dominic Barters - Restorative Circles
 One of the things I experience when empathy is present, is that the blocks to action, which does not exclude are removed. So one of the ways that I can identify that empathy is present, is that whatever is impeding action is gone, and that the quality that that action has is that it tends to include, it connects, it brings pieces together, it resolve what appears to be knotted and bond.
Empathy Documentary Project: Insights into Empathy - Inbal Kashtan Inbal Kashtan
Bay Area Nonviolent Communication
Empathy Documentary Project: Insights into Empathy - Miki Kashtan Miki Kashtan
Bay Area Nonviolent Communication
Empathy Documentary - Ike Lasater on Empathy (1 of 3) Ike Lasater
Jean Morrison
Empathy is a quiet place.
Santa Cruz Nonviolent Communication
Empathy Documentary Project: Insights into Empathy - John Kinyon John Kinyon


Katy Dawson
Story of dealing with angry child with empathy.
Empathy Documentary Project: Insights into Empathy - Kathy Simon Kathy Simon
Empathy Documentary Project:   Insights into Empathy  -  Lynda Smith Lynda Smith
Empathy Documentary Project: Insights into Empathy - Newt Bailey Newt Bailey
Bay Area Nonviolent Communication
Empathy Documentary: Meganwind Eoyang on Empathy 1 of 4 Meganwind Eoyang
Bay Area Nonviolent Communication


Rita Marie Johnson,
Founder of the Rasur Foundation and BePeace, talking about the nature and importance of empathy. Empathy is like traveling down a beautiful path to a friends house, I arrive at my finds house and we go into a hot tub.
Scott Catamas
I try to have compassion and not judgment.
Shantigarbha Warren
I’ve recently finished my book on empathy ‘Empathy: the art of compassionate presence’ and I’m currently negotiating with a US publisher. In the meantime, over the summer I was keen to get on the road and share what I’d learned in writing it. So I gave a talk in several locations called ‘Empathy: what, why and how?’
Sura Hart
Teachers and parents need empathy.
Christy Michaels
Desiree Banzhaf
Kit Miller
Nora Hoffman
Nancy Kahn
Oren J Sofer



Education -  (Empathy Conference: Education)

David A. Levine Empathy Builder Page
Is a teacher, trainer, facilitator, author, and musician.
Author Teaching Empathy: A Blueprint for Caring, Compassion, and Community,
 Look inside: The four sections of this resource set will help you build a culture of caring in your school:


Andrew N. Meltzoff     Empathy Builder Page
Co-Director, UW Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences
Expert on infant and child development
CoAuthor: The imitative mind: Development, evolution, and brain bases.
(was told he gave excellent speech on empathy and childhood development)
Video: The Scientific Basis for Compassion
Mary Gordon Empathy Builder Page

Heads program for teaching empathy to children.
Roots of Empathy: Changing the World, Child by Child
Zoe Weil Empathy Builder Page
President of the Institute for Humane Education.
Interviewed on the relationship between Humane Education and empathy.

To build a culture of empathy, we have to make sure the systems in place, food systems, transportation systems, clothing, product systems are humane and sustainable.

Carolyn Zahn-Waxler Empathy Builder Page
Child Development
"Throughout her career Carolyn has studied the origins and development of empathy and caring behaviors beginning in the first years of life. These longitudinal studies have focused on the role of genes, temperament, family life and socialization experiences that foster or impede compassion and altruism in children. She has also conducted longitudinal studies on (a) the role of emotion in the development of psychopathology in adolescents and (b) risk and protective factors in the development of conduct problems."
Center for Investigating Healthy Minds 
Empathy TED Talk
Karen Gerdes Empathy Builder Page
Arizona State U. - Assoc Professor - School Of Social Work

Many Empathy Articles:
- Empathy, sympathy and pity:
- 21st century conceptualizations of empathy:
- Conceptualizing and measuring empathy: The need for clarity and consistency.
Elizabeth Segal Empathy Builder Page
Dr. Elizabeth A. Segal is a social policy analyst with a background in professional social work. She currently holds the position of Professor in the School of Social Work at Arizona State University.
Dr. Segal’s current research is on social empathy, the application of empathic insights into creating better social welfare policies and programs.
Bridget Cooper          Empathy Builder Page
Professor Bridget Cooper is Professor of Education at the University of Sunderland. Bridget has taught for 31 years in schools, adult education and Higher Education in various capacities across the age and attainment range. 

Author: Empathy in Education: Engagement, values and achievement

Humanities - Politics

Barack Obama Empathy Builder Page
  USA President
Barack Obama ran for U.S. President saying that the country had an 'empathy deficit' that needed to be filled. His 'value system' is build on the value of empathy.
Author: Audacity of Hope

Obama On Empathy Video


George Lakoff Empathy Expert Page

  Professor of Linguistics, UC Berkeley
Author: The Political Mind

Says Empathy is the foundation of progressive values.

Article: Empathy, Sotomayor, and Democracy: The Conservative Stealth Strategy

Jeremy Rifkin Empathy Expert Page

Economist, writer, public speaker and activist
The Empathic Civilization: Rethinking Human Nature in the Biosphere Era
Self interest versus Empathy and the
development of empathetic consciousness.
Video Intro
KQED Radio interview
Lynn A. Hunt Empathy Builder Page

Professor of Modern European History at the UCLA
Makes the link between novel reading, empathy, human rights and democracy.
Author:  Inventing Human Rights
In this video she talks about empathy.
Michael Slote  Empathy Builder Page

Professor of Ethics, University of Miami
Author: The Ethics of Care and Empathy
Philosopher has theory of care-based ethics grounded in empathy



Martha Nussbaum   Empathy Builder Page

  Philosopher - Professor of Law and Ethics at the University of Chicago
suggest that novel reading cultivates readers' empathy
Martin L. Hoffman    Empathy Builder Page
   Professor of Psychology - New York University - Articles
Author: Empathy and Moral Development: Implications for Caring and Justice
interest is social and emotional development, especially empathy, moral development, and the relation between the two
Article: Empathy and Moral Development: Implications for Caring and Justice  pdf
Jakob Eklund          Empathy Builder Page

This page and Centre seems defunct
Director of The Swedish Empathy Centre

Sweden, Stockholm University

Dissertation: Exploring the phenomenon of Empathy

Jakob Eklund received his Ph.D. on empathy for Henry Montgomery at Department of Psychology, Stockholm University, 2003. Jakob then did Post-doc research with Dan Batson in Kansas. Is currently doing research about empathy and teaches psychology at Mälardalen University.

List of People in the Empathy field  from Swedish Empathy Center

People in Philosophy

Evan Thompson, York University, Canada articles


Kathleen Haney, University of Houston, Downtown, U.S.A

Susan Verducci, San Jose State University, U.S.A. article


J.D. Trout  Empathy Builder Page

Professor of Philosophy
Author: The Empathy Gap

Author: Why Empathy Matters: The Science and Psychology of Better Judgment
Audio interview  30 min

Empathy in the court


Paul Ekman

Empathy Builder Page

Psychologist worked at UCSF
Author or many books.
Studies emotion and facial expressions
Says there's 3 types of empathy:
    - cognitive
    - emotional
    - compassionate empathy.
Riane Tennenhaus Eisler  - Empathy Builder Page

Scholar, writer, and social activist
President of the Center for Partnership Studies, Pacific Grove, CA

Author: The Real Wealth of Nations: Creating a Caring Economics
"To maintain rankings of domination, caring and empathy have to be suppressed and devalued."

Audio: "Evil is the absence of empathy."
Richard B. Miller   Empathy Builder Page
  Professor of religious studies and director of the the Poynter Center for the Study of Ethics and American Institutions,

An interdisciplinary team of Indiana University researchers from the humanities, life sciences, information sciences, and social sciences has received a $199,617 grant from the University of Chicago to study the virtue of empathy.
The Participants List



Suzanne Keen  Empathy Builder Page

Professor of English, Washington and Lee University
Author: Empathy and the Novel
"She particularly notes that readers of narratives, such as novels, are altered by the experience of reading, and that the experience can contribute to the building of the basic human senses of mutuality and communality."




Ervin Laszlo Empathy Builder Page

Systems philosopher, integral theorist, and classical pianist.

Video: Do We Have The Ability To Feel Others?

That's the mark of a higher consciousness, to have empathy. To actually enter into another personas feelings, another persons mind. Not to invade it, but to feel empathy. To feel that we are indeed one, together. We are not separate."



Law   (Sub Conference: Justice)

Charles Halpern Empathy Builder Page 
Scholar in Residence at Boalt Hall School of Law, University of California at Berkeley, is a public interest entrepreneur, an innovator in legal education, a pioneer in the public interest law movement, and a long-time mediator.
Video: Charles Halpern on Empathy, Meditation, and the Practice of Law

Peter Gabel Empathy Builder Page 
  Empathy and Restorative Justice  "A co-founder of the Network of Spiritual Progressives, Peter was instrumental in creating the Project for Integrating Spirituality, Law, and Politics, a nationwide group that seeks to bring together law teachers, lawyers, and law students who seek to connect the inner and the outer in a fundamental transformation of legal culture. "
An editor at Tikkun Magazine
John Paul Rollert Empathy Builder Page
Lecturer in Business Ethics and Leadership, Harvard Extension School
Doctoral student at the Committee on Social Thought at the University of Chicago
The Uncertain Future of President Obama's "Empathy Standard"
Obama's Empathy for the Supreme Court
Sam Alito: Setting the "Empathy Standard" for the Supreme Court

Kim Wright Empathy Builder Page
Publisher/Managing Editor at Cutting Edge
LawStudied Law at University of Florida - What if Lawyers were Peacemakers, Problem Solvers, and Healers of Conflicts?
Emily Gould Empathy Builder Page

Article: Empathic Mediation and Empathic Communication
Beneath the positions and strategies of people in conflict lies a magnetic field of possibility, our common humanity, ready to invite resolution. Empathic Mediation is a structure for resolving conflict that taps into this rich source of resolution with empathy.


Empaths - On Being an Empath

Karla McLaren Empathy Builder Page 

On being an empath
Book: The Language of Emotions
Video Interview: Talking about empathy with Tami Simon
"I'm an empath, which means that I am able to read and understand emotions, You're an empath too - we all are..."



Who are artists working with a great deal of empathy or explore the topic?

Meryl Streep Empathy Builder Page  
* The great gift of human beings is that we have the power of empathy.
* I’ve thought a lot about the power of empathy. In my work, it’s the current that connects me and my actual pulse to a fictional character in a made up story.
* empathy is the engine that powers all the best in us. It is what civilizes us.

Oliver Stone

Empathy Builder Page

  Film Maker
"I'm a dramatist who is interested in people, and I have empathy for Bush as a human being, much the same as I did for Castro, Nixon, Jim Morrison, Jim Garrison and Alexander the Great. "
"I think there's a confusion between sympathy and empathy. Empathy means understanding, and as a dramatist it's my job to understand, to walk in the shoes of George W. Bush as best as I can."
"You cannot approach history unless you have empathy for the person you may hate" 
Susan Sarandon Empathy Builder Page

 - When you start to develop your powers of empathy and imagination, the whole world opens up to you.
- I think I'm an actor because I have very strong imagination and empathy. I never studied acting, but those two qualities are exactly the qualities that make for an activist.  
- About her children, “I hope they're present in their lives and feel some kind of empathy. I think a lot of the mistakes that have been made in the world have been through a lack of empathy. If you can identify with someone else and empathise with someone else, then activism is a short step away,”

Rhonda Morton Empathy Expert Page

Rhonda also leads Alligator Mouth Improv, a four-person ensemble that draws on theatre, movement, vocals, music and storytelling, all created in the moment, often from audience input and interaction.





Arianna Huffington         Empathy Builder Page 


President and editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post Media Group.   "..we need a dramatic increase in empathy. There is a race against time at the moment, between the forces and voices of fear mongering that are appealing to our worst parts, to our lizard brains, and the forces of empathy. And we've seen here so many people here who are all about empathy."


“Empathy is the one quality we most need if we’re going to survive and flourish in the twenty-first century.”


" summon our better angels, there are two essential ingredients we’ll need: innovation nurtured by an entrepreneurial spirit, and empathy nurtured by a strong civil society."





Simon Baron-Cohen  Empathy Builder Page

Professor of Developmental Psychopathology and Director of the Autism Research Centre at Cambridge University
Article: The science of empathy
Book: Zero Degrees of Empathy: a New Theory of Human Cruelty
Including research, this title presents a way of understanding what it is that leads individuals down negative paths, and challenges us to consider replacing the idea of evil with the idea of empathy-starvation.


Anti Empathy or  Personality Disorders:  Narcissism, Sociopathy, Psychopathy

Jean M. Twenge  Empathy Builder Page

Jean M. Twenge, Professor of Psychology at San Diego State University
Author: The Narcissism Epidemic: Living in the Age of Entitlement
'The Empathic Civilization": Narcissism Or Empathy? The Me Generation Or The We Generation?

  Abigail Marsh  Empathy Builder Page
  Abigail Marsh is a professor at Georgetown University. Her area of expertise includes social and affective neuroscience, particularly understanding emotions such as empathy and how they relate to aggression, altruism, violence and psychopathy. Her research is aimed at understanding aspects of human social interactions, emotional functioning, and empathy using cognitive neuroscience methods, with a particular focus on emotion and nonverbal communication. 
 Sam Vaknin Empathy Builder Page
Sam writes and speaks about psychopathy & narcissism. He's the author of Malignant Self Love: Narcissism Revisited.  He describes himself as a person devoid of empathy. "I do not possess empathy: I am a thrice-diagnosed psychopathic narcissist." Narcissists and psychopaths lack empathy.  This deficiency renders them emotionally and cognitively crippled. They exploit, manipulate, and abuse other people because they are unable to relate to them otherwise.



Tenzin Gyatso  Empathy Builder Page

14th Dalai Lama talks about the importance of Compassion
An Open Heart: Practicing Compassion in Everyday Life
"Compassion is the radicalism of our time."
"If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion."
Karen Armstrong   Empathy Builder Page

  Working on the Charter for Compassion. She talks about how compassion is the core value of all religions.
James R. Doty M.D.       Empathy Builder Page


Stanford Clinical Professor of Neurosurgery

Director, Center for the Study of Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (CCARE)


Emiliana Simon-Thomas        Empathy Builder Page
  Associate Director of CCARE, Center for the Study of Compassion and Altruism Research and Education
Senior Research Scientist, Stanford University
Matthieu Ricard Empathy Builder Page  
Buddhist monk who went from a scientific career as a molecular biologist to the study of Buddhism in the Himalayas. He has been the French interpreter for the Dalai Lama since 1989. 
Thich Nhat Hanh  Empathy Builder Page

Buddhist Monk & Author of many books on peace.
Answers from the Heart: Compassionate and Practical Responses to Life's Burning Questions
The essence of love and compassion is understanding, the ability to recognize the physical, material, and psychological suffering of others, to put ourselves "inside the skin" of the other.  We "go inside" their body, feelings, and mental formations, and witness for ourselves their suffering. Shallow observation as an outsider is not enough to see their suffering. We must become one with the subject of our observation. When we are in contact with another's suffering, a feeling of compassion is born in us. Compassion means, literally, "to suffer with."
Erika Rosenberg Empathy Builder Page
 is an emotions researcher, educator, health psychologist,
Video: Interview on empathy and compassion
Holds Compassion Cultivation Training 



Self-Empathy and Self-Compassion

 Kristin Neff Empathy Builder Page
Associate Professor in Human Development and Culture at the University of Texas at Austin.
Book: Self-Compassion: Stop Beating Yourself Up and Leave Insecurity Behind
Christopher Germer  Empathy Builder Page
 a clinical psychologist in private practice, specializing in mindfulness- and acceptance-based treatment
author of
The Mindful Path to Self-Compassion
Working on a curriculum with Kristin Neff
Jean Fain  Empathy Builder Page
Harvard Medical School-affiliated psychotherapist, specializing in everyday eating problems,
Author, 'The Self-Compassion Diet'
Self-Compassion: Kiss Your Inner Drill Sergeant Goodbye
Kelly McGonigal Empathy Builder Page
health psychologist at Stanford University and a leading expert on the mind-body relationship.
Stanford Continuing Studies Spring 2011 course
"The Science of the Compassionate Mind"
Paul Gilbert Empathy Builder Page
Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Derby
Author: Compassionate Mind: A New Approach to Life's Challenges
Compassion Trainings

Compassionate Mind Foundation: Foundation aims to promote wellbeing through the scientific understanding and application of compassion. 



Religion     Empathy Conference: Interfaith

 Michael Lerner Empathy Builder Page
  Editor: Tikkun Magazine

I want to be empathic toward the war maker but not toward the wars



To Sort

Richard Davidson Empathy Builder Page

   Director, Laboratory of Affective Neuroscience,  UW-Madison
Article: Empathy is associated with dynamic change in prefrontal brain electrical activity during positive emotion in children.
Spoke at Seeds of Compassion
Author: Visions of Compassion
Appleton Compassion project
Daniel Glaser   Empathy Builder Page
  Head of Special Projects in Public Engagement at the Wellcome Trust.
Was on Nova mirror neuron video: Study With Ballet and Capoeira Dancers
Dan Seigel   Empathy Builder Page
  "This mirror neuron system has since been identified in human beings and is now considered the root of empathy". (MINDSIGHT, page 59).
Sue Carter Empathy Builder Page
    Sue Carter (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Video: Oxytocin and the Neurobiology of Empathy

Allan Young   Empathy Builder Page
    Video: The Strange (Recent) History of Empathic Cruelty
Allan Young (McGill University)
Lou Agosta Empathy Builder Page
  Clinical (psychotherapy) training was at Rush University Medical College (Chicago). He practices psychotherapy in the Chicago

Author: Empathy in the Context of Philosophy

An exploration of the deep structure of empathy as a fundamentally human capability for creating possibilities of community and human relations.
Maia Szalavitz Empathy Builder Page

  Coauthor: Maia Szalavitz and Bruce D. Perry, MD, PhD

Born for Love  Empathy, the Brain, and Human Connections
Empathy Blog on
Want Empathetic Children? Take Joy in Empathy


Bruce D. Perry

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M.D., Ph.D. is the Senior Fellow of The ChildTrauma Academy
adjunct Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Northwestern University School of Medicine in Chicago.
Coauthor: Maia Szalavitz and Bruce D. Perry, MD, PhD

Born for Love
  Empathy, the Brain, and Human Connection
Alison Gopnik Empathy Builder Page
Professor of psychology and philosophy at UC Berkeley.
Leader in the study of children’s learning and development.

Article - Empathic Civilization': Amazing Empathic Babies
          What Babies Know and We Don't - book review
Marc Brackett   Empathy Builder Page
  Research Scientist - Department of Psychology at Yale University.

Interview: No More Bullying, Teaching Kids Empathy
Robert Reich Empathy Builder Page
Public lecture, "Social Justice and Social Empathy: Where Did They Go? How Can We Regain Them?"

Reich: The new economy depends upon relational skills and empathy. I hate to generalize, but women clearly have the edge.
Boyden: Would you say women have an advantage because of their empathy, relationship skills, and better instincts?
Reich: Absolutely.

Michael E. Morrell  Empathy Builder Page

Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Connecticut.
Book: Empathy and Democracy: Feeling, Thinking, and Deliberation
"He is also continuing to explore his theory of the role of empathy in democracy as it relates to topics ranging from President Barack Obama to agonistic democracy."
Thomas B. Lewis

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Assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine (UCSF), and professor at the Fromm Institute at the University of San Francisco (USF)
Authors@Google: Thomas Lewis on Empathy

Matthew Taylor Empathy Builder Page

Matthew Taylor became Chief Executive of the RSA.  Prior to this appointment, he was Chief Adviser on Political Strategy to the Prime Minister of UK.

Video on: Developing a 21st Century Enlightenment that Incorporates Empathy
Lynne Cameron Empathy Builder Page

Professor of Applied Linguistics, The Open University, UK
A research project launch - empathy and the use of metaphor in social relations. Starting from the reality of empathy in post-conflict reconciliation:
Metaphor and the Dynamics of Empathy in Discourse
   10:30 am Session 1
   12:00 pm Session 2
Lidewij Niezink Empathy Builder Page
Dissertation: Considering others in need. On altruism, empathy and perspective taking
My research is on empathy in relation to altruism, on the definition of what empathy really is and how it differs from sympathy, tenderheartedness, compassion and distress. and on the role of different type of relationships and their influence on emotional perception. I am a hardcore empathy researcher in all possible ways. Not only through science but also through training, advising, speaking and the like.

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Claus Lamm Head of the Social, Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience Unit
A major research focus is social cognition and behavior. In this domain, the SCAN-Unit has made substantial contributions to further our understanding of the neural underpinnings of empathy and understanding others, and their link to prosocial behavior, cooperation, and competition.
Marti Kheel Empathy Expert Page
Marti Kheel is a prominent writer and activist in the areas of ecofeminism, animal advocacy, and environmental ethics and author of the recently published Nature Ethics: An Ecofeminist Perspective.

"By shedding light on the root causes of social problems, ecofeminism can help us to deepen our capacity for empathy for all living beings, thereby helping to bring about a world of peace and respect for all living beings."

Kathleen Barry Empathy Expert Page
Feminist activist and sociologist,  Professor Emerita of Penn State University
UNMAKING WAR, REMAKING MEN: How Empathy Can Reshape Our Politics, Our Soldiers and Ourselves
She explores soldiers' experiences through a politics of empathy - probes the psychopathy
Sara H. Konrath Empathy Builder Page
faculty of the Research Center for Group Dynamics at the University of Michigan.
Empathy is declining over time in American college students. Presented at the Association for Psychological Science Annual Convention, Boston, May 27-30, 2010.
The Empathy Gap
Brene Brown Empathy Expert Page
Discusses the destructive nature of shame and the healing power of empathy.
A research professor at the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work. She has spent the past ten years studying vulnerability, courage, authenticity, and shame. Brene spent the first five years of her decade-long study focusing on shame and empathy,

Video: Shame & Empathy

 Daniel H. Pink Empathy Expert Page

Author of four provocative books about the changing world of work.

A Whole New Mind: Why Right Brainers Will Rule The Future
Chapter Seven: Empathy
Empathy is the ability to imagine yourself in some else's position and to intuit what that person is feeling. It is the ability to stand in others' shoes, to see with their eyes, and to feel with their hearts.

Mitch Hall Empathy Builder Page Mitch Hall
Did a presentation on empathy and Child development
Ruth Richards

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Ruth Richards is Professor of Psychology at Saybrook University in San Francisco, Lecturer, Dept. of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School, on the AHIMSA Advisory Board, and is also a longtime Buddhist practitioner and enthusiast for interfaith understanding. 
Presentation. AGE OF EMPATHY? New Views of Health, Human Nature, and Relational Creativity

Alfred W. Kaszniak       Empathy Builder Page

Professor and Head, Department of Psychology, University of Arizona. My research program is aimed at increasing our understanding of human brain systems involved in both cognition and emotion. Specifically, my laboratory and clinic research currently involves four different, although related, domains of interest:  Slide show and presentation: Empathy & Compassion: Contemplative and Neuroscience Perspectives




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