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Culture of Empathy Builder:  Riane Eisler

Riane Eisler and Edwin Rutsch: How to Build a Culture of Empathy and Caring

 Riane Eisler is a social scientist, attorney, and author whose work on cultural transformation has inspired both scholars and social activists. Her research has impacted many fields, including history, economics, psychology, sociology, and education. She has been a leader in the movement for peace, sustainability, and economic equity, and her pioneering work in human rights has expanded the focus of international organizations to include the rights of women and children.

In her newest book, The Real Wealth of Nations: Creating a Caring Economics,  Riane says;  "When children are taught the “normality” of domination and submission - and society doesn't offer alternatives - they often learn to go into denial and inhibit their capacity for empathy and consciousness,. They then build family, educational, religious, economic, and political institutions based on the these principles when they grow up. And so the cycle repeats itself generation after generation." "Ridged top-down rankings, weather family or state, are artificial barriers to trust, empathy, and caring."



(Video Transcriptions: If you would like to take empathic action and create a transcription of this video, check the volunteers page.  The transcriptions will make it easier for other viewers to quickly see the content of this video.)



  • meditation on compassion - I prefer Empathy

  • compassion has become "I feel sorry for you"

  • empathy is feeling with the other

  • we can change our brains - (neuro plasticity)

  • consciousness that is part of empathy - empathic consciousness

  • creating the conditions that facilitate that, as well as working, on ourselves that's my passion.