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Culture of Empathy Builder:  Eve Ekman

Eve Ekman
" Eve Ekman, MSW, Ph.D., is an emotion, stress and empathy researcher at UCSF, a Greater Good Fellow, and trainer in Cultivating Emotional Balance (CEB), an international evidenced based emotion regulation and mindfulness training.

Based out of her hometown San Francisco, Eve teaches emotional skills workshops to people around the world, including Australia, Mexico, Singapore, and, of course, the San Francisco Bay Area."




10 December 2015 TALK - Canvas Askew Series. The Alchemy Of Empathy....


  • Background

  • Empathy, Meaning, Burnout

  • Past Studies

  • Present Studies

Transforming Stress into Meaning at Work

Eve Ekman looks at the areas of meaning, empathy and burnout and how to manage stress in a work environment. Recorded on 06/09/2016. Series: "UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine presents Mini Medical School for the Public"

Professional Empathy
Dr. Eve Ekman deconstructs empathy and explains how being empathetic can better you personally and professionally.


Workshop: The Science of Empathy at Work
Can we move from burnout to connection?
"Build your emotional awareness and empathy skills in this science-based session with Eve Ekman. First learn the signals and science of chronic stress and burnout and build skills for prevention and coping through developing attention of your emotions. Building on these skills of self awareness you will learn how to preform and sustain the highest form of emotional intelligence in the workplace: empathy."



2012-12-06 - Researcher takes on ‘empathy fatigue’ in the workplace

"Ekman hypothesizes that clinical empathy, instead of emotional distancing, can help alleviate job burnout and energize caregivers to act with compassion. Instead of being discouraged at claims of growing ‘compassion fatigue,’ which refers to the emotional numbing that caregivers can experience, she has found herself heartened by how many continue to demonstrate compassion in their jobs despite the daily suffering they encounter"


2012-01-01 - Empathy as an antidote for job burnout

"New research suggests empathy and curiosity increase job satisfaction. Ekman is among a vanguard of researchers taking decades of studies on job burnout in a new direction.
Instead of looking only at external factors causing burnout, such as heavy workloads, inadequate resources and difficult work relationships, they're focusing how workers can develop empathy to spark and sustain enthusiasm for their work. In doing so, they increase their effectiveness, even in daunting work conditions."



2012-01-12 - Empathy burnout: when caregivers care too much NPR - KALW - Audio

"Most of us have experienced job burnout – when we get bored with our work or sick of our colleagues, for example. But what happens when your work is all about other people? If you’re a doctor, or a nurse, or a teacher? This is what Berkeley PhD student Eve Ekman calls “empathy burnout.” Holly Kernan spoke with Ekman about her research."

TEDx Hayward May 2013 Eve Ekman