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Culture of Empathy Builder:  Jean Morrison

Jean Morrison on Empathy
NVC Santa Cruz Trainer


Jean Morrison on Empathy from Edwin Rutsch on Vimeo.


  • Story of Empathy

    • first grade teach

    • was first really living examples that touched me

    • honor an amazing teach - Misses Wright

    • Kids were giggling about boy with runny noise

    • had a cold and drip of snot dropping

    • caught between compassion and the hilarity of it

    • not knowing what to do

    • Misses Wright quietly lays a handkerchief on his desk

    • A magical moment, doing something so gentile

    • a gentile nature

    • the heart of it not words

  • A deep memory of empathy?

    • yes, I would have liked that to have been in my family

    • Misses Wright - that was the way to be

    • parents were wonderful but there were times that were not quite right

  • A beacon of empathy?

    • yes

  • As you went along you found the vocabulary for empathy?

    • in connection with your own heart

    • wanting love,

    • parents were verbal fighters - When little I was the scissor queen

    • cut out the paper dolls that were connected

    •  and tried to bring them together

    • connect them back

    • there is another way

    • getting excited I was going to connected them

    • a began  looking for how people relate to each other

    • judgments and criticism with yourself is just as critical

    • empathy a life long inspiration and companion

  • Other discoveries for a vocabulary?

    • In college Carl Rodgers

    • then NVC with Marshall Rosenberg

  • Any other insights on empathy?

    • empathy is a quiet place

    • harder to find empathy in noisy place

    • go slower

  • A Metaphor?

    • different ones at different times

    • something with water

    • a golden ring - solid and light

    • encircles my heart and your heart

    • precious - connecting

  • Opposite of empathy?

    • empathy and alone

    • a ice cub in the desert that takes a life time to melt

  • Dialogue between them?

    • the ring rolling in time and space into the desert

    • fall around the ice and welcome it like it is

    • the ice cub would melt knowing there is a witness

    • become with the sand and be