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Culture of Empathy Builder:   Marti Kheel
  Marti Kheel is a prominent writer and activist in the areas of ecofeminism, animal advocacy, and environmental ethics and author of the recently published Nature Ethics: An Ecofeminist Perspective.

"By shedding light on the root causes of social problems, ecofeminism can help us to deepen our capacity for empathy for all living beings, thereby helping to bring about a world of peace and respect for all living beings."


Meeting notes: dec 29

empathy is a finite resource?? the more you give away the less you have , the opposite is true



Interview with Prominent US Writer Dr. Marti Kheel

  • Empathy and Care as solution for harmonious world

  • Domination,

  • Eco-Feminism, dualisms,

  • inferior support the superior

  • Grief of animals - story of a kitten

  • Animal abuse - empathy was awakened

  • Environment -

  • Animal experimentation (does it inhibit empathy)

  • nature is not out there. our internality

  • denial of our own empathy -

    • show films to show people what's happening

    • inner connection with other beings

    • treat animals as objects

    • detachment - entertainment, education

    • focus on empathy in the schools

    • been devalued and suppress

    • reclaiming capacity to care

  • not blaming men

  • importance of empathy, compassion

  • vegan - for the planet.


Erin Scott of the Palo Alto Humane Society on empathy and the ecology of care, May 20, 2009:

  • Worked in animal rights work

  • Story of rescuing a kitten as inspiration

  • Saw connection of abuse of animals and the abuse of woman

  • Empathy brought her into the movement

  • An ethic of empathy

    • not creating rational arguments but rather how to free up empathy

  • Empathy and masculine identity

    • domination through hunting

    • factory faming

    • prototypical marriage husband dominates wife

    • interested in understanding that dynamic

    • Adam and Eve,

    • idea that woman can't control their emotions

    • men  are somehow more rational

    • critiquing that dynamic