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Culture of Empathy Builder:  Ike Lasater




  • 00:00 Introduction

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Ike Lasater on Empathy (1 of 3)  



 Ike Lasater on Empathy (2 of 3)



Ike Lasater - Empathy is like a Reflecting Mountain Lake (3 of 3)

What's your personal metaphor of what empathy is like?

It's about people being heard to their satisfaction. Being heard the way that they want to be heard. So their need for empathy is being met.

Then the metaphors like Marshall's surfing come in.

Following, is a metaphor my friend John Kinyon and I use in our training. Can I follow, just half a step behind.
I'm not analyzing, just following "is it this, are your needing respect?" I'm guessing. 'tell me what going on inside you?" Trying to get it the
best I can.

If empathy was a type of land, what type of land would it be? Is it a mountaintop, a valley, is it Yosemite?

Someone might have the image that is tranquil, it's peaceful. It's not necessarily that. Its whatever a persons state it. Peace and harmony
something come out of being gotten. They're done. There's a kind of flowing out that takes place.

the metaphors not working for me.

Something that come up for me is a maintain lake. If you look at a mountain lake, you can see the forest and the mountains reflected, It  a  storm you'll see that reflected. If a bird fly's over, your see that reflected.

I like that.