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Culture of Empathy Builder:  Robert Sapolsky


The Uniqueness of Humans: TED Talk by Robert Sapolsky
Empathy is demonstrated by others in the animal kingdom, but humans have extended capacity to apply empathy. We can extend empathy across species, across time and apply to abstract areas.

  • 15:50  Theory of Mind

    • other people have other thoughts than you

    • chimpanzees have some of it as well

    • secondary theory of mind

  • 18:20 Golden Rule

    • in all cultures

    • animals that have this as well. tit for tat revenge

  • Empathy

    • other animals show elements of empathy

    • humans feel empathy for other animals.

    • empathy for images and animals in paintings

  • Culture - social atmosphere

    • story of baboons - the aggressive top hierarchy died and this changed the culture




Book Review: Robert Sapolsky's "The Trouble with Testosterone"
the author addresses the importance of empathy. He says that empathy is almost always grounded in a face, in individual stories. This is why we sometimes witness a lack of empathy towards a group of people who have been exploited. We often prefer news stories in the media that convey individual lives and problems that people experience on their own in society. There seems to be a pattern which shows that the deliverance of empathy is generally adopted and limited toward individuals.


A Summary of 'The Trouble with Testosterone' by Robert Sapolsky 

  • Reviews Stress

  • Starts talking about empathy at 4min?

  • Stress

  • testosterone

  • adrenaline

  • rethink our society - to reduce stress