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Culture of Empathy Builder:  Matthew Taylor

Matthew Taylor

Matthew Taylor is Chief Executive of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA).  Prior to this appointment, he was Chief Adviser on Political Strategy to the Prime Minister of UK.


Article: Twenty first century enlightenment: something to build on?
In pursuing the goals of universalism we need to give more thought to the conditions which give rise to (and diminish) the sentiment which lies behind fellow-feeling: empathy.

2010-06-13 - Hail the 21st-century Enlightenment. Ideas don't come much bigger
We need to live very differently, argues a bold new text. And that calls for nothing less than a revolution of the mind... Empathy can save us, believes Taylor; it is vital to negotiations on how we share out natural resources, and vital to ensure harmonious co-existence on a crowded planet. But he acknowledges: "There are reasons to ask whether the process of widening human empathy has stalled, and just at the time we need to accelerate it."

Animation: Old 18th Century Enlightenment and Developing a New
 21st Century Enlightenment that is Built on Empathy


Has the Process of Widening Human Empathy Stalled


The Stock of Global Empathy Has to Grow


 Fostering Empathic Capacity is just as Important to Achieving...


Matthew Taylor - 21st century enlightenment. Full edit with the audience Q&A session.

Empathic Universalism


21st Century Enlightenment and Empathic Universalism