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Culture of Empathy Builder: Yotam Heineberg



 "Dr. Heineberg is a clinical supervisor for therapists in training and lecturer for Palo Alto University, as well as Applied Psychological Interventions Associate at CCARE. His work is informed by his training in Compassion Focused Therapy and evidence based principles to explore new routes towards healing via compassion practices. Dr. Heineberg's passion has been finding effective methods for healing the cycle of violence with compassion. With collaborators Drs. Rony Berger and Philip Zimbardo, he has been implementing "ERASE-Stress-Pro-Social", a school-based, teacher mediated program that reduces post traumatic distress and increases pro social engagement in warzones and inner cities. "




The future of psychology: Compassion-Focused Outcomes: Yotam Heineberg at TEDxHayward 

03/29/2012 - Tracking Values and Behaviors Online, Dr. Yotam Heineberg 

  • 00:00 Post Doc with CCARE

    • trained as psychotherapist

    • people with trauma

    • psychotherapy is difficult to do it with many people - scalable

    • how to scale it on the internet?

  • Overview

    • make connect with what's alive with themselves

    • facilitating compassion for self and others.

  • 3:00 - Three part intervention

    • 1. create a narrative about what they care about

    • 2. tracking caring experiences

    • 3. self-awareness

  • 3:49 - Compassion Driven interventions

    • many cultures value this

    • Definition

      • Attunement to the suffering of Self

      • Attunement to the suffering of Others

      • Desire, motivation, interest in relieving the suffering

    • Present interventions focus on relieving your own suffering

      • less on reducing suffering of others

  • Game - Mario metaphor - a bubble of resilience

    • Compassionate Action

    • compassionate meditation

  • 7:30 - want to use evidence based principles

    • engage and track caring behavior

  • Tracking Values and Behaviors

    • 1. values clarification and narrative journaling

    • 2. Behavior salience ranking

    • 3. daily behavior and wellbeing logging

    • 4. Feedback graphs

  • 1. values clarification and narrative journaling

    • make contact with what is important to them

    • connect with what's alive with them

  • 2. Behavior salience ranking

    • Altruism - volunteerism -

    • Compassion Behaviors

    • engaging in caring activities

  • 14:50 : 3. daily behavior and wellbeing logging

    • self monitoring, self awareness, mindfulness

    • monitor your behavior with graphs

    • relate behaviors with measurements 

    • heart rate, happiness etc.

  • 4. Feedback graphs

  • 22:00 On website, smart phone

  • Pilot projects

Slides: Compassion Focused Therapy: Methods and Scaling Applications- Yotam Heineberg

“The Future of Psychology: Compassion-Focused Outcomes” by Dr. Yotam Heineberg
"I pledge to spend the rest of my life focused on developing and promoting ways to increase compassion among millions of people worldwide. Dr. Yotam Heineberg

Here is a recording of a short presentaiton given by Dr. Yotam Heineberg, ”The Future of Psychology: Compassion-Focused Outcomes” (May 2013). I watched it this morning and thought to myself, “What an awesome way to start the day”.  It spoke deeply to me of my own on-going sense of calling and it made me think, I’d love to have a conversation with this person."