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REC > Developing the Restorative System

In our community of people who meet regularly in Empathy Circles, we find that we can often address conflict as part of the flow of our Circle. For those times when conflict is more painful, we have begun and are continuing to develop a Restorative Empathy Circle (REC) process as an option to address these conflicts. This REC process flows naturally from our ongoing Empathy Circle process, and adds another dimension. As we use and develop our own REC system we also want to share what we’re learning with others. In this space we’re documenting our experiences and discussions about this.


Restorative Empathy Circle Development Discussion: Sherry and Edwin - 2013-02-06  
Discussing the questions to ask in an Restorative Empathy Circle (REC).
Also how does empathy relate to conflict and to the questions to ask in the REC.


Discussions Before the first Circle

Planning and Discussions about using Restorative Empathy Circles for
Addressing Conflict in the Community - 2012-12-01  (Public)

  • In Empathy Circle 2, we discuss doing a Restorative Empathy Circle as one way of handling conflict resolution. Everyone agrees to try out and develop this process.


System Discussions After the first Circle

Restorative Empathy Circle 101: Post Discussion: Sherry McCreedy and Edwin Rutsch - 2012-12-10 (Public)
Edwin and Sherry talk about how developing this process is going. This is a post discussion and debrief we did about the first circle.

Empathy Circe 2 - Empathy Movement - Part 1 - 2012-12-15  (Public)
This was our regular Empathy Circle after the REC 101. In this circle we debriefed and each shared about our experience in the REC.