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REC > Restorative Empathy Circle 101

This is our first full Restorative Empathy Circle with an individual conflict. In our community of people who meet regularly in Empathy Circles, we find that we can often address conflict as part of the flow of our Circle.  For those times when conflict is more painful, we have begun and are continuing to develop a Restorative Empathy Circle (REC) process as an option to address these conflicts. This REC process flows naturally from our ongoing Empathy Circle process, and adds another dimension.  


Our first REC 101 was inspired by the work of Dominic Barter's Restorative Circles in Brazil.  As we use and develop our own REC system we also want to share what we’re learning with others. In this space we offer videos of our first REC 101.This Restorative Empathy Circle was facilitated by Sherry McCreedy. Many thanks to Sherry for her excellent facilitation.


Restorative Empathy Circle 101: Pre-Circle with Edwin Rutsch and Sherry McCreedy - 2012-11-30  (Public)
Edwin talks about the act that he would like to bring into the circle.

Restorative Empathy Circle 101: Pre-Circle with Alice and Sherry McCreedy - 2012-12-01 

 (Unlisted - Permissions Pending)

Restorative Empathy Circle 101: Pre-Circle with Erika and and Sherry McCreedy - 2012-12-01
 (Participant elected to keep this video private)

Restorative Empathy Circle 101: Pre-Circle with Lidewij Niezink and Sherry McCreedy - 2012-12-04  (Public)


Restorative Empathy Circle 101: Pre-Circle with Julia and Sherry McCreedy - 2012-12-07 (Public)


Restorative Empathy Circle 101: Facilitators Pre-Circle with Sherry McCreedy and Marian McLean -
A Facilitators Pre-Circle was held with Sherry and Miriam but the recording didn't work so we don't have that video available. In the circle the facilitator talks with another facilitator about the upcoming REC. It's a way for Sherry to 'get empathy' and support.


The Restorative Empathy Circle

Restorative Empathy Circle 101 - The Circle - 2012-12-08  (Public)


 Post Circles

Restorative Empathy Circle 101: Sherry's REC Facilitator Pre-Circle - 2013-01-12  (Public) 

  • Joe facilitates a pre-circle for Sherry as she prepares for facilitation of the Post Circle.

  • Note: The video cuts out at the 15 seconds mark and then picks up at 35 seconds. So there is just a 20 seconds section missing .

  • When the video resumes, Joe had just asked Sherry, “What idea or ideas are you having about yourself, the process, or other participants that diminishes your ability to focus on the humanity of everyone involved?”


Restorative Empathy Circle 101 - Post Circle Part 1 - 2013-01-12  (Public)


Restorative Empathy Circle 101 - Post Circle Part 2 - 2013-01-19   (Public)




Saturday, March 23, 2013 - Special Empathy Circle Event: Sharing & Discussion about Restorative Empathy Circle Process (REC) to Address Conflict