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Sunrise Center Compassionate Communications Trainers (2010-09-08)
Interviews of Sunrise Center Compassionate Communications Trainers talking about empathy.
Scott Catamus and Christy Michaels.

Scott Catamus and his Experiences with Empathy

  • Introduction

  • first introduced to NVC 10 years ago

  • writer producer director

  • made videos for Marshell Rosenburg  and NVC

  • Experiences with Empathy

    • With marriage -have differences but learned to listen with empathy

    • Professional stories of counseling and empathy

      • person with difficult marriage

      • each side having empathy before processing

      • starting in the heart

      • I lead with empathy

      • can process endlessly - empathy is what's alive for you

  • Empathy is compassion in actions - caring for another

  • great teachers all taught compassion

  • is not sympathy or apathy - it's in the middle

    • apathy - I don't care

    • sympathy - poor you

    • empathy - let me feel you


Scott Catamus a Story of Empathy

  • husband - with young wife

    • has narcissistic disorder

    • is addicted to pornography

    • hires prostitutes

  • therapists have judgments

  • children want more attention

  • I try to have compassion and not judgment

    • translate my judgments into compassion

    • acknowledge my judgments, access what's gong on with him with compassion

  • the practice of empathy is a practice, like yoga,

    • join practice groups

    • DVDs, books, practice in what ever way you can

  • practice empathy because it feels good



Scott Catamus - Giraffe as Metaphor of Empathy


  • Four qualities like empathy

    • 1. Tall - see the big picture

    • 2. Largest heart of land animal - see all needs

    • 3. Vegetarian , eat leaves from trees that have thorns

      • the saliva dissolves the thorns

      • is like judgments that get dissolved

    • 4. Boundaries - can defend themselves and set boundaries

      • being empathic is not about being nice

      • setting boundaries is important

      • being compassionate is not week



Christy Michaels - Empathy is Unbelievably Powerful

  • Introduction

    •  Wanted a connection with people

    • Found Nonviolent Communication

  • Empathy is Unbelievably Powerful

  • Something so simple can have such a dramatic effect

  • empathy can shift to another space, gave freedom

  • there is another way - you don't have to stay in the suffering

  • judgments seem so overwhelming

  • empathy is the greater truth

  • How did empathy become important to you?

    • difficulty of rising a daughter -

    • a wall

    • Marshall Rosenberg - NVC - connecting with the heart of another

    • empathy is the doorway in

    • Rosenberg story of teaching unruly class

    • did teaching through empathy

  • found way to connect with daughter, with humor

    • didn't have to pretend about being the perfect parent

    • non judgmental



Scott Catamus and his Experiences with Empathy

Scott Catamus a Story of Empathy

Scott Catamus - Giraffe as Metaphor of Empathy

Christy Michaels - Empathy is Unbelievably Powerful