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Peace Alliance
Interviews video taped at the Peace Alliance fundraiser in Berkeley CA, October 23, 2010. 

Aaron Voldman Promotes Empathy at Peace Alliance - Berkeley - 2010-10-23

  • Introduction?

    • Executive Director of Student Peace Alliance

      • a movement for young people to advance peace building.

      • create a culture of peace

    • Proud to be in a country where the President notes the importance of empathy

    • What's critical about empathy is

      • we feel we're playing on the same team

      • we feel we are not alone

      • capacity to move beyond fear

    • Be empathetic, once we have that down, everything else will flow

  • How to build a Culture of Empathy?

    • need it in every facet of our life

      • business decisions

      • policy

      • change the systems

      • move beyond fault and blame

      • accountability and partnership

    • it's hard

    • lessons learned in the BePeace Program

      • experience in our inner empathy

    • I'm thrilled there's a documentary being made on empathy

  • Definition?

    • stand with each other challenges

    • being that person with that person

    • it's mysterious

  • Metaphor of empathy?

    • step into divine potential

    • we are one soul

    • empathy makes wonder and beauty possible

  • Justice, Peace and Empathy?

    • truth and reconciliation in South Africa

    • empathy allows us to recognize that the actors who have done things that are not appropriate are human beings

    • systems that hold people accountable but support empathy

  • More

    • empathy is the essential ingredient of the new peace building movement

    • accountability is important, yet empathy will transform human relationships

    • healing circles, sports, mentors, arts programs are the space where we can create empathy

    • leadership capacity need to embody empathy

Mike Robins Promotes Empathy at Peace Alliance - Berkeley - 2010-10-23

  • Introduction?

    • I'm Mike Robins, author, speaker, coach, volunteer for the Peace Alliance

    • Empathy is one of the most importance aspects of interpersonal relationships and life

    • I work on it in my own life

    • One of the thinks I like and respect about Barack Obama is his understanding of empathy

    • In his book talks about empathy

    • his mother would say, 'how would that make you feel'

      • I say it to my children

    • I appreciate we have a president that understands that

    • all of us can expand that

  • How to build a Culture of Empathy?

    • talk about it more

      • love that your taking about it and we're having this conversation

    • talk about it and teaching it

    • studying it more

    • how to increase emotional intelligence to expand empathy

    • continue working to the ideal

  • Definition?

    • put yourself in others shoes

    • not sympathy

    • relating to the other

    • I'm glad your talking about empathy, I don't think it gets talked about enough