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Join the International Conference on: How Might We Build a Culture of Empathy and Compassion?

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National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation (NCDD)
NorCal Regional Conference:
From Chaos to Collaboration: Making Tough Decisions Together
Friday, October 29, 2010 at De Anza College in Cupertino, CA
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Videos by Edwin Rutsch - Center for Building a Culture of Empathy

A short overview video of the conference.

Introduction: NCDD NorCal Conference: Making Tough Decisions...Together - Oct 29, 2010 on Youtube (4 min)

Introduction: NCDD NorCal Conference: Making Tough Decisions...Together - Oct 29, 2010 on Vimeo  (4 min)


Inspiring visions of public engagement (9:00 - 9:45) Conference Room B
Find out how two cities are incorporating the vision of sustainable community networks into the infrastructure of local
government. Cupertino Director of Parks and Recreation Mark Linder and San Francisco city administrator Daniel
Homsey share the impact of their block leader programs and neighborhood empowerment networks in their communities.

What brings you? (9:45 - 10:00) Conference Room B
Working with others you will articulate and focus your hopes and intentions so you can clearly identify and search out the
ideas, answers and resources you need to achieve your vision.

Moving from Challenge to Opportunity in Public Engagement (10:00 - 10:30) Conference Room B
First, you will hear from long time civic leaders Jim Keene of Palo Alto, Mark Linder of Cupertino, and Ed Everett of
Redwood City as they share the challenges they have faced as community leaders and the opportunities they discovered
to engage their communities and create better solutions.

Video: NCDD NorCal Conference: Moving from Challenge to Opportunity in Public Engagement

Break (10:30  10:45)

Moving from Challenge to Opportunity in Public Engagement, (11:00 - 11:30)
Then, you will work in small groups to explore the obstacles and challenges related to your goals, and explore how to flip them into opportunities. You will begin a personal roadmap to keep track of helpful tools, methods, people and ideas  gained during the day and your next steps.

Public Engagement: What Makes It the Real Thing? (11:30 - 12:00)
What is called "public participation" can  be anything form an angry town meeting to a fully collaborative problem-solving process that draws in a whole community. what is it that makes the difference.

Video: NCDD NorCal Conference: Public Engagement - What Makes It the Real Thing

Purpose Decides Process: Tools & Options for Public Engagement (1:00 - 2:20)  Conference Room B
Once you have a commitment to use a public process, the trick is to find or create just the right process to realize the goal. In this session we dig down to design when, who, how many, doing what, for how long, to arrive where?

Building Sustainable Community Networks: Collaboration & Partnerships (1:00 - 2:20) Fireside Room
Learn how to use public engagement to build ongoing community networks that can respond to a range of  issues and become the foundation for civic participation.

Video: NCDD NorCal Conference: Building Sustainable Community Networks


Online Tools of Public Engagement (2:30 - 3:50) Conference Room B
Learn when and how to incorporate online tools into your public engagement game plan as we review a few case studies.

Making Tough Decisions: Budget, Planning & Land Use (2:30 - 3:50) Fireside Room
Address the tough issues you face in your community with leaders who can shed light on the process.

Closing (4:00 - 4:30) Conference Room B
We end the day by capping off personal action plans, pointing out additional resources and looking at "where do we go.