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Oaklanders for Peace > Oaklanders for Peace: Meeting 3
   Community Dialogue/Peace Keeper Training
   September 16, 2010   6-9 pm  
   Bay Area Community Ministries


  Barack Obama Promotes a Culture of Empathy
Let us reject the impulse to harden ourselves to others’ suffering, and instead make a habit of empathy – of recognizing ourselves in each other and extending our compassion to those in need.  Let us resist prejudice, intolerance, and indifference in whatever forms they may take...I view that quality of empathy, of understanding and identifying with people's hopes and struggles as an essential ingredient for arriving at just decisions and outcomes....


Our first, in the series of City Wide Trainings took place Thursday,  9/16/10.  The response from the community was terrific. We would like to thank everyone who helped to make it possible and a special  thanks to Pastor Graves and The Bay Area Communities Ministries Church, for hosting the event.  


We hope you can join us at one of the upcoming sessions.  

Oakland Peace Keeper Training (2010-09-02)


Here is what some people had to say about the training:

"This group was great!!!  Keep up the great work!  This is the first time I have seen the community get a clear understanding about what has happened and what needs to happen.  Thank you!  What we need is more support just like we have here."  –Tracee



"The food was good; I had fun; I learned a lot, and now I know the true meaning of peace".  – Aseelah Bolden Mosley


"An outstanding gathering that is focused.  Let's keep this going after this issue"    


"I hope there is an opportunity to do these trainings with all the churches in the area"  -


"Powerful work".            "Keep it up".           "Well done and a great start."



  Some of the things the group expressed as needed before we can fully represent peacekeeping? 

  • (Youth) Community needs peace

  • Education for Youth

  • Employment – continuing employment

  • Financial freedom – community money

  • Jobs and housing

  • Police reform; Prison reform; A local hire policy

  • Connecting all of Oakland

The community dialogues build community and inspire civic participation in government; and the trainings promote resiliency, perspective, responsibility, healing, non-violent communication, restorative justice theories, and civic leadership.

Yours for a Better Oakland,

David Kant Wofford