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Culture of Empathy Builder:   Arthur C. Bohart

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" I’m currently professor emeritus at both California State University Dominguez Hills and Saybrook University. I’m now mostly retired and sitting on my laurels, such as they are, while I write a psychological novel in which I can really say what I think about psychotherapy.


In my former life I published a number of books, including How Clients Make Therapy Work (with Karen Tallman), Empathy Reconsidered (with Leslie Greenberg), and, recently, Humanity’s Dark Side (with Barbara Held, Ed Mendelowitz, and Kirk Schneider). "





I. Introduction

  1. Empathy and Psychotherapy: An Introductory Overview 
    —Arthur C. Bohart and Leslie S. Greenberg

  2. Empathy: The Formative Years—Implications for Clinical Practice 
    —Norma Deitch Feshbach

II. Client-Centered Perspectives

  1. Empathy in Psychotherapy: A Vital Mechanism? Yes. Therapist's Conceit? All Too Often. By Itself Enough? No 
    —John Shlien

  2. Empathy From the Framework of Client-Centered Theory and the Rogerian Hypothesis 
    —Jerold D. Bozarth

  3. The Recovery of Empathy—Toward Others and Self 
    —Godfrey T. Barrett-Lennard

III. Experiential Perspectives

  1. Does Empathy Cure? A Theoretical Consideration of Empathy, Processing, and Personal Narrative 
    —Margaret S. Warner

  2. Empathic Resonance as a Source of Experience-Enhancing Interventions 
    —Greet Vanaerschot

  3. Varieties of Empathic Responding 
    —Leslie S. Greenberg and Robert Elliott

  4. Empathy as Therapist–Client Alignment 
    —Alvin R. Mahrer

IV. Psychoanalytic Perspectives

  1. Empathy: A Psychoanalytic Perspective 
    —Morris Eagle and David L. Wolitzky

  2. Empathy: Heinz Kohut's Contribution 
    —David S. MacIsaac

  3. Expanding Attunement: A Contribution to the Experience-Near Mode of Observation 
    —Crayton E. Rowe, Jr.

  4. Therapeutic Empathy: An Intersubjective Perspective 
    —Jeffrey L. Trop and Robert D. Stolorow

V. Other Recent Perspectives

  1. Relational Empathy: Beyond Modernist Egocentrism to Postmodern Holistic Contextualism 
    —Maureen O'Hara

  2. The Empathic Context in Psychotherapy With People of Color 
    —Adelbert H. Jenkins

  3. Relational Development Through Mutual Empathy 
    —Judith V. Jordan

  4. Validation and Psychotherapy 
    —Marsha M. Linehan

  5. Empathy and the Active Client: An Integrative, Cognitive–Experiential View 
    —Arthur C. Bohart and Karen Tallman

VI. Conclusions

  1. Empathy: Where Are We and Where Do We Go From Here? 
    —Arthur C. Bohart and Leslie S. Greenberg

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Client as active self healer and the role of empathy in the therapeutic relationship Art Bohart 



Art Bohart

Art Bohart in conversation with Pete Sanders. Art is Emeritus Professor, Californian State University, Dominguez Hills. He is co-author (with Karen Tallman) of How Clients Make Therapy Work: The process of active self-healing (American Psychological Association). In 2010 he updated and summarised this work in his chapter (again with Karen Tallman) in Person-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapies Work (PCCS Books).