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International Online Conference on:
How Might We Build a Culture of Empathy?
Permanently Ongoing

Index: Panel# 002-A: How does The No-Fault Zone Game teach and support creating a culture of empathy in schools?
Date:  April 2, 2012

Panel 2-A - Using the No-Fault Zone Game to Create a Culture of Empathy in Schools 


  Sura Hart    
    Sura Hart is an internationally recognized trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) and is the contact person for projects integrating NVC into U.S. schools. She designs and facilitates trainings and curricula for students, parents, teachers, and school administrators around the globe, and is a co-founder of the annual five-day NVC Institute for Educators: Teach for Life!  She is co-designer of The No Fault Zone Game® and co-director of The No-Fault Zone.
  Jared Finkelstein

Jared Finkelstein is a Collaborative Trainer with Bay Area Nonviolent Communication and a Certification Candidate with the Center for Nonviolent Communication.


Victoria Hodson

    Victoria Kindle Hodson, MA holds degrees in education and psychology and has been a classroom teacher in public, private, and Montessori schools—preschool through college. She is the co-founder and co-director of Kindle-Hart Communication and the LearningSuccess Institute. Victoria is an educator, author, consultant, curriculum developer, and co-designer of The No Fault Zone Game®, Ventura, CA.
  Tom Gostinger    
    Tom Gostinger works at Landmark Academy, a charter school in Kimball, Michigan.  He taught 5th grade for six years, holds a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership, and currently is the Assistant Administrator in the Middle/High school.
  Sophie B Langri    
    Sophie Langri, won the 2010 Quebec Y.M.C.A. Peace Prize for her work based on The No-Fault Zone Game and curriculum. She started out volunteering in a few classrooms at the K-6 school her children attend. She now has a full time position at the school teaching these empathic communication skills to all teachers and students, and has requests from other schools in the area to share The Game and curriculum with them.
  Edwin Rutsch
    Edwin Rutsch is founding director of the Center for Building a Culture of Empathy. See his full Bio here.




Discussion Transcript and Outline:

  • 00:00 Introduction

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