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International Online Conference on:
How Might We Build a Culture of Empathy?
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Index: Panel# 029

Philosophers Empathy Circle

For & Against Empathy  
Lori Gruen, Jesse Prinz and Edwin Rutsch

With David Hume looking over their shoulders, Edwin Rutsch facilitates a new way for philosophers to dialog with each other about their views. Instead of a competitive debate, they try to empathize with each others feelings, needs, points of view and understandings. Edwin facilitates this Philosophers Empathy Circle with Jesse Prinz who is 'against empathy' and Lori Gruen who is 'for empathy'. Check out this fascinating process and discussion. How will it end? Also, see how to hold an empathy circle of your own.


The School of Athens, by Raphael (Wikipedia)

Jesse Prinz is Distinguished Professor at City University of New York and
 author of 'The Emotional Construction of Morals'.
"empathy is prone to biases that render it potentially harmful...
I argue that, instead of empathy, moral judgments involve emotions
such as anger, disgust, guilt, and admiration. These, not empathy,
provide the sentimental foundation for morality."

Lori Gruen is Professor of Philosophy at Wesleyan University and
author of 'Entangled Empathy: From an Ethics of Justice to an Ethics of Empathy'

"Empathy is also something we are taught to "get over" or grow

out of. We learn to quash our caring reactions for others, and

our busy lives and immediate preoccupations provide

 excuses for not developing empathy."

"I feel we need to build a global culture of empathy.
 It's the only way humanity and the planet can survive."


Philosophers Empathy Circle For & Against Empathy: Lori Gruen, Jesse Prinz, Edwin Rutsch