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Project Description:
In public spaces and areas of potential conflict (protests etc) to hand out cards that offer free empathy. People can redeem their card on the spot to be heard by onsite listeners, or can give the card to someone else and offer empathy to them. The card explains the basics of empathy and how to practice empathy. Each card also has a unique tracking number that can be accessed on a website. As the card is passed, holders of the card can register their location, date and describe empathy experiences for former and future holders of the card to see where and how their act of empathy has carried on.



1. To create a culture of empathy that is traceable and trackable. As more people participate, there are more examples of this being a possible worldview, more people get on board.
2. Re-awaken and/or strengthen people's natural empathic ability.

3. Give people the experience of both sides of the human empathy dynamic.

4. Create more face to face, heart to heart, human connection that facilitates more dialogue, safety, freedom, and empathic action.

Ongoing Questions:

1. Strategies for the most viral effect?

2. How to insure a non presumptuous approach?






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Sending you 5 minutes of FREE EMPATHY and deep listening.

Here's 5 minutes of FREE EMPATHY and deep listening for you..