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REC > Circle 1: Democrats and Republicans

Restorative Empathy Circle 1 with Democrats and Republicans

We hold Restorative Empathy Circles for individuals and groups that are in conflict. These groups can support a wide variety of conflicts
Restorative Empathy Circles with Democrats and Republicans bring the different political parties and political movements together.

This was our first Restorative Empathy Circle with Democrats and Republicans. We asked; what is your most important value and how did it become important to you, how does your value relate to empathy and how can we foster empathic connection and understanding across political lines?  There seemed to be a consensus about the importance of fostering empathy and compassion in society. We learned a lot about refining and developing the circle process for the next time. Unfortunately we had a bit of computer technical problems with Skype, audio, etc. 

Participants were;


Circle Video

Restorative Empathy Circle 1 with Democrats and Republicans  (2012-10-19)


Post Circle Video Follow-up

Follow-up - Jacob Hess


Follow-up - Phil Neisser