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Culture of Empathy Builder: Dani Rius


Mindful Empathy

The Mindset of Success for Leaders


Dani Rius is the lead author of Mindful Empathy: The Mindset of Success for Leaders. Dani spent 15+ years in the corporate training industry, many years teaching Business English worldwide, and in the past 5 years was developing in personal resilience and productivity, communication and leadership coaching.  As a child of diplomats she traveled widely.  She developed her empathy to adapt to many different environments. She grew up learning empathy for others, but realized she needed to develop self-empathy. She now develops self-empathy through mindfulness exercises.


"Without empathy, we cannot get into other people's shoes to understand where they are coming from when they say or do things we do not expect. However, how to develop empathy?"






Mindful Empathy - The Mindset of Success for Leaders



Chapter 1: A Novel Pathway

Chapter 2: Stress in the Absence of Mindfulness

Chapter 3: Evolution of Intelligence

Chapter 4: The Neuroscience of Change: Neuroplasticity

Chapter 5: From Gratitude to Altruism to Happiness & Fulfillment

Chapter 6: The Business Case for Mindfulness and Empathy

Chapter 7: Our Personal Stories Chapter 8: The Drivers of Change

Chapter 9: Why Change? - The Purpose of Change

Chapter 10: Mindfully Developing Compassionate Empathy

Chapter 11: Why Leading with Mindfulness Works

Chapter 12: Develop Empathy and Grow Relationships

Chapter 13: Merging Mindfulness and Empathy

Chapter 14: Becoming a Mindfully Empathic Leader

Chapter 15: Mindful Empathy Fosters the Culture of a Successful Learning Organization

Chapter 16 - Mindful Empathy in Business & Enterprise

Chapter 17: Online Empathy & Social Media

Chapter 18 - Racism, Sexism, Ageism - (Combating the "- ism's")

Chapter 19 - Empathy Overload

Chapter 20: Making Sense of our Emotions

Chapter 21: Strategies to Enhance Mindful- Empathic Skills

Chapter 22: Next Steps to Becoming a Successful Future Proof Leader with Mindful Empathy Notes