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Culture of Empathy Builder:  Kevin Behan


Kevin Behan & Edwin Rutsch: How to Build a Culture of Empathy with Dogs

Kevin Behan is a dog trainer and has written articles about empathy in dogs. He is author of: Your Dog Is Your Mirror: The Emotional Capacity of Our Dogs and Ourselves. "canine cognition labs around the world are conducting experiments to elucidate how dogs have become so attuned to human beings that they seem to have developed a capacity for empathy. But is this kind of empathy a form of emotional contagion or a form of higher cognition? Or is it something else entirely?... "
Sub Conference: Animals & Nature




Kevin Behan & Edwin Rutsch: How to Build a Culture of Empathy with Dogs



  • 00:00 Introduction

  • (transcription pending)

  • (Video Transcriptions: If you would like to take empathic action and create a transcription of this video, check the volunteers page.  The transcriptions will make it easier for other viewers to quickly see the content of this video.)


Article: Empathy & Evolution: How Dogs Convert Stress Into Flow - Kevin Behan

Each small moment of emotional connection (i.e. “empathy”) between a dog and its owner may very well encapsulate the overarching mechanisms of evolution itself.