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Culture of Empathy Builder:    Peter Sear


 Empathic Leadership
In Elite Sports and Everywhere

Peter Sear

Peter Sear is a psychologist, writer, and consultant. He gained his PhD from Loughborough University London, UK, with his thesis Understanding Empathic Leadership in Elite Sport. He also holds a master's degree in Jung and Post-Jungian Studies, a master's degree in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations, and a BSc in Psychology.  Peter is the Author of Empathic Leadership: Lessons from Elite Sport.


In this dialogue we review Peter's model of Empathic Leadership. The model has Self-Empathy at the core and includes, Empathic Communication, Empathic Accuracy, Developing Empathy, Person-Center Focus, Empathic Climates and Empathic Relationships.



Empathic Leadership: Lessons from Elite Sport
Empathic Leadership has become popular across industries including the challenging domain of elite sport. This book draws on the authors relevant research and experience, and incorporates the words of leaders of teams to help to explain how empathy can help leaders to be successful in their work.

Table of Contents

1. Self-Empathy
2. Empathic Communication
3. Empathic Relationships
4. Empathic Climates
5. Person-Centred Focus
6. Empathic Accuracy
7. Developing Empathy
8. Conclusion
9. Bonus Material