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Culture of Empathy Builder:  Ryan Lo'Ree

Empathizing with Racism
Ryan Lo'Ree

(View Video On Facebook or On Youtube)

Ryan Lo'Ree, was once a right-wing extremist with the Rollingwood Skins, a Michigan-based offshoot of the largest Nazi movement in the United States. While in the organization, he moved up the ranks quickly to become Vice President. In his role, he was responsible for mainstreaming hate groups on social media. He went through a process of transformation and healing centered around trauma associated with sexual, physical and mental abuse he endured from male family members.  He now works with Light Upon Light as Interventionist and Program specialist, contributing to the organization's work on combating polarization, structural injustice, racism, hate, and violent extremism.

"To classify another human being as less than,
is the moment you lose your empathy
and the argument."


We discussed how to bring people out of extremism with empathy. Empathy does not mean you agree or disagree, or sympathize with someone. It means listening deeply and understanding. It means seeing the common humanity of each other, and that builds connection and healing. The act of empathy is transformational.



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Empathizing with Racism: Ryan Lo'Ree and Edwin Rutsch