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Culture of Empathy Builder:  Thomas H. Lee

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 "Thomas H. Lee is Chief Medical Officer for Press Ganey, where he leads development of strategies for measuring and improving quality of care. He is also a practicing internist/cardiologist at Brigham and Women's Hospital and part-time Professor at Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Public Health. Tom was previously Network President for Partners Healthcare System in Boston. He serves on the Editorial Board of The New England Journal of Medicine and is the author of four books, including An Epidemic of Empathy in Healthcare, due for release later this year. Tom holds a medical degree from Cornell University Medical College and a master’s degree in epidemiology from the Harvard School of Public Health. "



An Epidemic of Empathy in Healthcare
How to Deliver Compassionate, Connected Patient Care That Creates a Competitive Advantage

by Thomas H. Lee
McGraw-Hill Education, 2015, 224 pages,  Amazon


  • Acknowledgments vii

  • Introduction

  • 1  The Problem

  • 2  The Imperative

  • 3 The Response: Empathy

  • 4  Measurement

  • 5  Social Capital and Social Network Science Come of Age

  • 6  Changing Behavior and Creating the Epidemic

  • 7  Ten Key Steps Toward Higher-Value Empathic Healthcare

  • Notes

  • Index



How Social Network Science can Foster Empathy among MD’s
Dr. Thomas Lee, Chief Medical Officer of Press-Ganey, a company that surveys hospital patients, discusses his very recent book, AN EPIDEMIC OF EMPATHY IN HEALTHCARE: How to Deliver Compassionate, Connected Patient Care That Creates a Competitive Advantage (McGraw-Hill; November, 2015), and his work in improving the patient experience.

How to Spread Empathy in Healthcare
Lee T. Harvard Business Review. 2014.

The Word That Shall Not Be Spoken
Lee T. NEJM. 2013

"At a time when consumers are increasingly engaged in their healthcare decisions and providers are being called upon to deliver greater value, Press Ganey Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Thomas H. Lee, presents a path to patient-centered care in his new book, An Epidemic of Empathy in Healthcare: How to Deliver Compassionate Connected Patient Care That Creates a Competitive Advantage. The book, published by McGraw-Hill, will be available on Amazon and via select retailers on November 20."