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International Online Conference on:
How Might We Build a Culture of Empathy and Compassion?
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Sub Conference: Empathy Pathologies:
 (Sociopathy, Psychopathy, Narcissism, Schizophrenia, Personality Disorders, etc.)

Study: Brain research shows psychopathic criminals do not lack empathy, but fail to use it automatically
Christian Keysers & Edwin Rutsch


Christian Keysers is professor and group leader of the Social Brain Lab at the University Medical Center Groningen in the Netherlands. The lab explores the biological nature and neuroscience of empathy. Christian is author of 'The Empathic Brain: How the Discovery of Mirror Neurons Changes our Understanding of Human Nature'.

Christian discusses his teams new findings.
"A brain imaging study in the Netherlands shows individuals with psychopathy have reduced empathy while witnessing the pains of others. When asked to empathize, however, they can activate their empathy." ScienceDaily . Sub Conferences: Science and
My Empathy Circle with a Narcissistic Psychopath.  Success! It worked to Foster Empathic Listening!
I've been developing an Empathy Circle process that is based on the empathic listening work of Carl Rogers. I've held hundreds of these small group empathic conversations that are the best process I've found for nurturing and practicing empathy. I've been wondering how this process would work with Narcissists and Psychopaths.  I lined up an Empathy Circle with Sam Vaknin, who is diagnosed as a narcissist with psychopathic tendencies.
Sub Conference: Pathologies: Psychopathy & Narcissism

 A Narcissistic Psychopath Responds to the Paul Bloom 'Against Empathy' article in the New Yorker.

Sam Vaknin interviewed and in dialog with Edwin Rutsch about the Paul Bloom article in The New Yorker: The Baby in the Well - The case against empathy. Sam Vaknin tested as a Narcissist with Psychopathic tendencies. Sam describes himself as a person devoid of empathy. He is author of Malignant Self Love: Narcissism Revisited.
Sub Conference: Pathologies

Tim McGregor: How to Build a Culture of Empathy with Sociopaths, Psychopaths, Narcissists

Tim McGregor has worked as a practitioner in the UK addiction treatment sector for over 20 years. Tim founded Substance Misuse Solutions Ltd, that involves consultancy work and commissioning advice on drug and alcohol treatment. He is coauthor with Jane McGregor of The Empathy Trap: Understanding Antisocial Personalities. Jane is a lecturer at the Institute of Mental Health, University of Nottingham, UK.

"Sociopathy affects an estimated 1-4% of the population, but not all sociopaths are cold-blooded murderers. They're best described as people without a conscience, who prey on those with high levels of empathy, but themselves lack any concern for others' feelings and show no remorse for their actions. Drawing on real life cases, The Empathy Trap explores this taboo subject and looks at how people can protect themselves against these arch-manipulators."
Sub Conference: Pathologies: Sociopathy

Abigail Marsh: Psychopathy, Fear & How to Build a Culture of Empathy

Abigail Marsh is a professor at Georgetown University. Her area of expertise includes social and affective neuroscience, particularly understanding emotions such as empathy and how they relate to aggression, altruism, violence and psychopathy. Her research is aimed at understanding aspects of human social interactions, emotional functioning, and empathy using cognitive neuroscience methods, with a particular focus on emotion and nonverbal communication. 

 Her research also includes studies with adolescents and adults that incorporate neuroimaging, cognitive and behavioral testing, and pharmacology techniques.  Abigail also teaches a course titled Empathy, Altruism, & Aggression.  The course addresses such questions as; Are humans innately selfish or empathic? What do we mean when we say empathy? Do selfish or empathic behaviors succeed best in the long term?  What is a psychopath?
Sub Conference: Science and Pathologies

Sam Vaknin: How to Build a Culture of Empathy with Psychopaths & Narcissists

Sam writes and speaks about psychopathy & narcissism. He's the author of Malignant Self Love: Narcissism Revisited.  He describes himself as a person devoid of empathy. "I do not possess empathy: I am a thrice-diagnosed psychopathic narcissist." Narcissists and psychopaths lack empathy. This deficiency renders them emotionally and cognitively crippled. They exploit, manipulate, and abuse other people because they are unable to relate to them otherwise.


He says there are two type of empathy, one is 'cold empathy', it's metaphorically like a library of books with no emotion. Psychopaths & Narcissists have this quality of empathy but do not see (or care) how their actions affect others.

Sub Conference: Pathologies: Psychopathy & Narcissism