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Here is a sample video of one of the circles. Empathy Circle 2

Archived Videos
We have over 50 circle videos. Follow the link to see the videos for that particular circle.
    Circle 0 - Drop-in informational 
7+ videos
    Circle 1
5+ videos
    Circle 2  - This is our longest running circle and best to watch to get a better understanding of the process.
14+ videos
    Circle 6
10+ videos
    Empathy Circle 10 - 12 Steps for Compassion - Book Club
5+ videos
    Special Empathy Circles for Tragedies
Special circles addressing the grief and tragedy of difficult events like the Newtown School Shooting,
Boston Marathon bombing, etc
    Restorative Empathy Circles (REC)
Circles for do a wide variety of conflict resolution.
    Development Discussions& Various circles 3, 5 & 7  
6+ videos