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Culture of Empathy Builder:  Minter Dial

Putting Empathy into
Business and Artificial Intelligence

Minter Dial

Minter Dial is a thought-leader, author, consultant and professional speaker. He is president and founder of Digitalproof Consultancy, a strategic firm providing digital and brand consulting to clients including Kering Group, Samsung, Google and L'Oreial.  Minter is author of, Heartificial Empathy, Putting Heart into Business and Artificial Intelligence. The objective of this book is to explore ways to increase empathy in business and machines.


For business, empathy may be the biggest untapped lever for productivity, customer fidelity and long-term profitability!

Source Wikipedia

Here are five of the best ways to strengthen your empathy muscle and abilities:

1. Listen. Practice active listening, by reformulating what you hear out loud...

2. Explore Differences....

3. Read Fiction...

4. Do Mindfulness...

5. Know Why....

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Heartificial Empathy, Putting Heart into Business and Artificial Intelligence

Heartificial Empathy looks at why and how brands should learn to flex their empathic muscle, as well as how to encode empathy in Artificial Intelligence.

This book is for any business executive looking to accelerate his/her digital transformation, upgrade customer centricity, improve customer service, drive innovation or hike employee engagement. It explores specific business cases and the prominent ethical questions, all the while providing practical advice and concrete tips. It also contains loads of extra resources.



Personal Tragedy Can Illuminate Business Empathy

Minter Dial, author of Heartificial Empathy, joins the Social Pros Podcast to discuss his new book and how AI helps businesses interact with more empathy.



Why Empathy Matters and How to Encourage More Empathic Living with Roman Krznaric  
Minter Dialogue with Roman Krznaric


Putting Heart Into Your Business: 'Heartificial Empathy' Author Minter Dial on Marketing Smarts [Podcast]

'Heartificial Empathy' author Minter Dial shares insights on increasing empathy in yourself, your company, and even in your machines.




What more empathy in business and artificial intelligence (AI) will look like – Interview with Minter Dial
February 8, 2019
Audio Player
"Today’s interview is with Minter Dial, keynote speaker and consultant on branding, new tech and digital transformation for blue chip companies, conferences and events around the world. Minter joins me today to talk about his new book: Heartificial Empathy, Putting Heart into Business and Artificial Intelligence, why the development of empathy is becoming so important, how we can develop it not only within ourselves but also the machines that we develop and what to watch out for when we do so."





How To Put Empathy into Business and AI

Empathy is one of the most untapped levers of productivity in business. For companies undergoing digital transformation and becoming more customer centric, it will be the new microprocessor for your organisation's operating system. We'll look at the major challenges, including ethical issues, related to embedding and encoding empathy into your organisation and Artificial Intelligence.


Heartificial Empathy Trailer by Minter Dial




How Empathy Can Help Drive Your Business with Michael Ventura, Author of Applied Empathy