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Empathy and HCD  >  2 Human Centered Design Organizations


Design at UC Berkeley 

  •  Decal

    CourseThreads  - Human-Centered Design

    • (video: introduction to Design Decal) (Video: Products of Empathy)

    • (Facebook CourseThreads)
      The Course Threads Program allows Berkeley undergraduates to explore intellectual themes that connect courses across departments and disciplines. Without creating new majors or minors, the program instead highlights connections between existing courses. Course Threads help students see the value in educational breadth while also pursuing a more in-depth and well-rounded knowledge on one particular topic. Following a thread is easy: simply sign up, enroll in at least 3 courses from the thread over the course of your study at Berkeley, and participate in at least one year-end symposium.


  • DFA BERKELEY -  (UC Berkeley)  (Facebook)  (Events)

    • DFA UC Berkeley This year, we started working in our permanent studio space at the Cal Design Lab. We love having a studio filled with prototyping materials and plenty of whiteboard space! We honed our surveying skills by going out into the community and interviewing the homeless. "We are an interdisciplinary group of thinkers, doers, and shakers. The DFA UC Berkeley studio thrives on diversity and collaboration. We welcome innovators and visionaries of all backgrounds. As a campus with a proven propensity for social change and community outreach, we strive to connect with those around us to redesign the world, globally. Through human-centered design, the DFA UC Berkeley studio embraces creativity and change, whilst staying true to our city’s activist roots. By working with students, faculty, and the greater community beyond the Berkeley campus, we envision our studio to simply make a difference."

    • Berkeley Innovation: Human-Centered Design Club at UC Berkeley (Facebook)
      "We're an undergraduate human-centered design group at the UC Berkeley. Our members come from a wide range of disciplines, but share a love of design thinking and innovation."


    Design + Engineering Collaborative!  - About  (facebook)
     The Collaborative is a hub for innovation, creating a framework that intrinsically brings creative, intelligent, talented people together. Thriving on direct collaboration and diverse skill-sets, we do stuff.

    • The Space  - The Bridges Room on UC Berkeley’s campus has been transformed into the Student Hub for Engineering and Design (SHED) - an ideal collaboration zone, a center for people to meet, think, share ideas, and create.

    • Meetings: Weekly creation meetings Wednesday at 8PM in the SHED/Bridges room right across from Kresge Library in Bechtel!

    • Jared Karp, President, Design Engineering Collaborative:

    • Kavi Reddy, Vice President, Design Engineering Collaborative:

    • DEC Presents: Extreme By Design Movie Night

    • Weekly creation meetings Wednesday at 8PM in the SHED/Bridges room right across from Kresge Library in Bechtel!


    • Epicenter - Stanford etc. Our Mission is to unleash the entrepreneurial potential of undergraduate engineering students across the United States to create bold innovators with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to contribute to economic and societal prosperity.

    •  HPI School of Design Thinking Germany -  (Facebook)

      • Introduction lecture The HPI School of Design Thinking in Potsdam is the first school for innovation in Europe, which is designed according to the famous at the Stanford University.

      • Semester Kick-Off, Inputs, D-Flect, Project-Presentations, Open House

    • NCIIA

      • With a membership of nearly 200 colleges and universities from all over the United States, the NCIIA engages more than 5,000 student and faculty innovators and entrepreneurs each year, helping them to bring their concepts to commercialization.

      • NCIIA is excited to host its 18th Annual Conference, Open 2014, March 21-22 at the San Jose Marriott in San Jose, California in collaboration with Epicenter and Stanford University.

    • More

      • Extreme by Design Movie Resouces
        Want to get started with Design Thinking? Here are some of the best resources on the web. Get excited, dive in and lead with empathy!

    • There are many Design Companies