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Join the International Conference on: How Might We Build a Culture of Empathy and Compassion?

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Empathic Design Conference
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   Design and Empathy


HCD Warm-Up Activities






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IDEO People


D.School  - staff

  • SF

    • Lakshmi Jayaraman

  • HCD Workshop team

    • IDEO.ORG PROJECT LEADS: Sean Hewens + Stacy Barnes

    • IDEO.ORG LEADERSHIP:  Jocelyn Wyatt + Patrice Martin

    • IDEO.ORG TEAM MEMBERS: Cris Valerio, Molly Norris, Matteo Signorini, Suzanne Boutilier + Jacqui Watts


    • +ACUMEN LEADERSHIP: Sasha Dichter

    • IDEO HELP FROM: Sandy Speicher, Elysa Fenenbock, Tiffany Chin + the rest of the Design Thinking for Educators team.

    • SPECIAL THANKS TO: Arlin Tao (d.light), Brent Davidson (ThinkImpact),  Emily Durfee (Sanergy), Justine Lai, Anita Chung, Jessica Qu, Alex Deng + Ferdinant Sonyuy\

    •  (+Acumen), Chris Metzler (Tilapia Film) + Nick Pearson (Jacaranda Health)