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   Design and Empathy


HCD Warm-Up Activities






Empathy and HCD  >  3. Human Centered Design Process (overview)

 What Is Design Thinking?
"Design Thinking is a practical tool for integrating 21st century skills and an innovatorís mindset into the classroom, school and workplace. It demonstrates the direct connection between content students learn in class and what the world beyond their school will ask of them. Students are inspired. They take an active role in their own learning. Developed at the Stanford, Design Thinking is a methodology that teaches individuals new strategies to solve problems. The design process challenges students to combine empathy, ingenuity and rationality to meet user needs and create successful solutions with an innovatorís mindset."

Design & Thinking Movie - Kickstarter Teaser
A documentary trailer being made about Design Thinking

What is Design Thinking?  (School of Design Uni. Potsdam) Videos)
"Design Thinking is a new method for developing innovative ideas in all areas of life. Developed by David Kelley, the founder of the design agency IDEO, the concept is based on the conviction that true innovation can only take place when strong multi-disciplinary groups decide to create a common culture and then research the interface of differing opinions and perspectives."


Empathic design - Wikipedia

"Empathic design is a user-centered design approach that pays attention to the user's feelings toward a product. The empathic design process is sometimes mistakenly referred to as Empathetic design...Leonard and Rayport identify the five key steps in empathic design as

  1. Observation

  2. Capturing Data

  3. Reflection and Analysis

  4. Brainstorming for solutions

  5. Developing prototypes of possible solutions"



Aug 2013 School Wkshp Day 1 rev.pptx


Different Process Stages Names
Different Design Schools and organizations have different names for the stages. Of the design processes, I like the model best since it explicitly has the empathy stage. All the processes talk about empathy but has an explicit empathy step.

Design Process Steps Related to the Wheel of Empathy

Culture Of Empathy

An Empathic Dialog
Self- Empathy Mirrored Empathy Imaginative Empathy
 Empathic Creativity and Empathic Action

D.School - Stanford

Empathy Define Ideate Prototype Test
IDEO Social (HCD)




IDEO Education Discovery Interpretation  Ideation Experimentation Evolution
Acumen-IDEO Discover Ideate Prototype
Design For America Identify   Immerse  Reframe Ideate Build Test  Prove
D.School - Potsdam Understand Observe Point of View Ideate Prototype Test
 NVC? Observations, Feelings, Needs? Requests?




The Arc





Skill Level (

Skill Level Table

Nueva Design Institute Model



More Interesting Charts


 Empathic Centered Design, Human Centered Design (HCD) or Design Thinking Process is an exciting process that is centered around empathy.  It can be seen as the full cycle of empathy as we describe in the definition of empathy as the "Wheel of Empathy".